Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: A General Update

It’s very interesting, the timing with my Pluto Moon transit. My daughter made it through the first second round of cuts trying to get into the national study which puts her into a very small minority… maybe about 5% of people applying.

Today I had a third interview, her doctor will also be interviewed and if that goes well, they will fly us in to interview us in person and if we get by that, she’s in.

So today’s interview was focused on her two hospitalizations last year. My daughter spent nearly a month in the hospital last year, divided into 2 stays about a month apart. My family was in acute crisis obviously and I had relive this to an extent in order to convey what was going on back then which was… grueling.

But I notice with Moon Pluto, no one can tell. The process is occurring on such an incredibly deep level, it’s unbeknownst to everyone but the highly sensitized. But anyway, what struck me was the timing.

Because I was rehashing this in order to move forward… soon. Soon, but not yet, as Pluto is still in its shadow, which means we are still re-tracing. And by the end of this year, I will pay the hospital the final installment on the $8500 bill, my share of the roughly $40,000 that was racked up and this will also signal the end. Get it? This is the final consolidation before we move forward into new realms. And I have to say, I’m ready. However…

I can see the grand design. Something this bad happens; it’s no surprise it takes a year to pay for it… and to be able to assimilate it well enough to communicate. In other words I could not have managed this interview six months ago. So that’s that. Textbook astrology, as always. And the universe with it’s infinite wisdom.

Have you ever been aware of a time in your life when you were crossing over like this? What happened?

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  1. I’m on the verge of a new chapter in my life right now… A lot of loose ends being tied up, have been going through the process of acknowledging the lessons I’ve learned over the past several years, many new beginnings right about to start… I can feel that they’re close, but they’re not quite ready yet. Wish I could tell you how it turns out, but I’m in the dark here too.

  2. I’ve been aware of it at different times in my life…most acutely when they told me I had cancer…my immediate family had taken off to live across the country just months before…I had no one to rely on, quite literally. My grandmother couldn’t take me in b/c she lived in a “seniors only” building; my aunt WOULDN’T take me in b/c of her rocky family situation. I tried living w/two friends, but that didn’t work out either. So, what do you do? You either sink or swim, right? Slept in my car for a few days, found a room to rent, & got the rest of my shit together. It was def. a turning point for me…and thank goodness for it! 🙂

  3. I have been on ‘the verge’ for about 6 years now. Everytime I thin a lesson has been learned I am given a new angle on it, thumped on the head, told that I still don’t get it. And I’m starting to think ‘the verge’ is my life. If I can get around that, I’ll be ok. If I can’t get around that, I’ll still be ok. Paradoxes.

    Best of luck to your daughter and to you Elsa!!!

  4. Pluto’s been approaching my MC for a while now in turn t-squaring my natal pluto and asc. I broke up with my long term partner and simultaneously my mum had a heart attack and i crashed. Couldn’t talk to anyone without crying, couldn’t sort my life out without well crying and completely understand the’assimilation before communication’ aspect. I guess it’s opened a deep wound as i’ve had all the hurts from my past coming up from my memory sewer to haunt me and i’ve never felt so alone. Got so bad i sought therapy which for me is a real last resort as i generally prefer self help. My natal pluto is part of a stellium involving the moon, jupiter & uranus (nodes & vertex too) and these all will be touched upon next year so it’ll be interesting to see what else Pluto has in store for me. Lots of new beginnings starting this coming year so its going to be a highly transformational period for me over the next few years..i just hope i dont spend it all crying as i’m getting pretty sick of it.
    Full of admiration for you Elsa, must be a hell of a time for you both and wish you loads of luck for the coming year..’lets hope it’s a good one, without any tears'(Lennon). And that goes to all of you who maybe going through similar crisis.. Wish you all Peace & Love x

  5. Ah, transitions. My ENTIRE life has been about transitions. With my Mercurial nature it’s okay. I’m good with it, but sometimes “The End” is about “letting go”. For me, right now – – it’s about letting go and closing the final chapter in a long and morbid story. What happens at the end? A new Beginning with new challenges and another story. What’s that called?

  6. Blessings to you and your daughter, Elsa. And good luck with the study.

    When Pluto squared my Moon, my mom was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia, aka CML, aka the kind you don’t want to have. She was facing a bone marrow transplant, a miserable and risky process. Her siblings, and my sister and I were tested for compatible tissue, and there were no matches. The doctors gave her 2-3 years. I remember the two of us bawling together in a hotel room, I think, tears that shook us both and would not stop, even though our relationship was not good at the time. That’s the defining moment to me, for my Pluto square Moon transit.

    That was in 1993. She ended up not doing the bone marrow transplant, opting instead for interferon therapy, which she did unusually well on for years. Just a few years ago, a miracle drug for CML came out, and now she’s in complete remission and still with us. We are the best of friends now.

    I wish you a happy ending like mine. xox and happy holidays!!

  7. I wish the best to you and your daughter. I hope one day soon all this will be behind you.

    All the Pluto stories here are very interesting, not to mention scary and mostly painful. Transformation or not, whatever you call it, I just don’t like this SOB.

  8. As a confimed crier, I pretty intrigued I couldn’t cry when my long-term partner almost died. I couldn’t cry for almost a year. I remember thinking: “What is wrong with me?”
    When I finally cried about how it was to almost lose the person I am closest to, I cried more than I ever had in my life.

    I have had a lot of deaths in my life, and funnily I found the near-death harder to take than the actual deaths.

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