The Bug Zapper Composite Chart

bug zapper “The people in your life just don’t seem to comprehend what is going on with us,” I said. “I don’t think they know this can happen to you.”

“No they don’t”

“Right. There are only two exceptions that I know of. Everyone seems dumbfounded. All kinds of things they are not expecting, happen.”

“Yeah, you and I together are like a bug zapper. You know those things that are lit up and zap bugs? People are attracted but if you get too close you’ll get zapped. zzzt!”

“It’s true. Fried to a crisp.”

Mars in Leo, conjunct Uranus.

Are you aware of the third entity that is independent from the two halves that is created in your relationship (and shown by the composite chart?)

8 thoughts on “The Bug Zapper Composite Chart”

  1. I love the way the Composite describes the relationship. And like John Townley says, they are more accurate the longer the relationship lasts.

    My Aries & I have Sun/Venus conjunct in Cappy in the 12th with Jupiter in Cappy conjunct the Aquarius ASC on the 12th House side. Mars is trine the Moon & sextile the Sun, Saturn is sextile the Moon & trine the Sun. Uranus is in the 6th and really doesn’t aspect much of anything . . . We do have a Sun/Moon/Neptune T-square that I swear has keep us in love more than anything! (6th – 12th axis sq 9th)

    More than anything the Composite chart describes how much our relationship grounds both of us as neither of us have planets in Earth in our natal charts. Within a little over a year after we became a couple, we moved into the house where we still live 16 yrs later . . . in the country. Among other things we have run a small truck garden together for most of that time. 🙂

  2. Oh, yes! We’re very much a public couple, and we attend lots of events together. We’re acquainted with many more people as a couple instead of separately, and we constantly get comments about “how good we look together.” There doesn’t seem to be pressure for us to be “on” when we’re out; we sparkle together, that’s just what happens naturally, and people respond to that. We have the Sun, Venus and Mercury in our composite 10th, Aquarius.

    However, home is where the heart is for us, and we cozy up very much to our Moon in the 4th, Leo. Juno’s there, too, wink-wink nudge-nudge.

    Mars, Pluto and Uranus in our 5th pose some challenges to how we express affection… and that damned Neptune in our 7th… oh well, I guess I’ll enjoy the mirage while it lasts.

  3. And that Scorpio descendant! A rich, unspoken undercurrent of manipulation, withholding, jealousy, hot sex, I mean, we’re living French cinema here.

  4. At the risk of sounding like a weirdo, I’d say the 3rd entity is God. And neither of us are religious.
    12th House Sun (Pisces)
    9th House Moon (Sagittarius)
    Uranus & Pluto opposed Ascendant

    The only thing that has stayed the same in this relationship since it began 6 years ago is that we are still deeply in love. Life, and our personal selves have been revolutionized, thanks to Pluto sweeping through Sagittarius and cleaning us up individually something nice.

  5. I have very little sense of us together as a couple, indicated by the presence of Neptune in the 1st house, conjunct the Sagittarius ascendant. I have no idea how people see us, and everyone seems to see something different. There are also quite a few Uranus aspects making a bit of a muck of things. What I get most is the impression that we need to give each other lots of space to be ourselves and also we shouldn’t have a sense of boundaries holding us in: whatever we do, we should do, and not try to rein the other in.

    Despite the fact that I cannot hold the whole of our relationship in my mind, there is a sense of him being part of me, which sounds sort of naive but it doesn’t feel like it’s a new part of me, it just feels like it was something that was always there and now I have a person walking around encapsulating it. I don’t really have any idea what aspect would indicate that feeling.

  6. Our composite is very beautiful to look at but quite intense to live with. It has a grand trine inc the moon which forms 2 kites (the peaks of which trine), an envelope and a grand square inc venus and they all interlink. So mars is rising and we flare up alot but it trines moon/merc in 8th and chiron in 4th so making up (out) is divine. Where there is a challenge (square/opp) theres a helpful aspect (trine/sextile)to get us thru it. I used to worry about the grand square particularly as venus is involved but as we’ve grown together, it seems to work more on a social level, saturns opposition in 7th seems to build boundaries with others rather than between us which for us, both being loners in our own ways, is not too bad a thing. There is an 8th house theme to our r’ship which on an intimate level (emotionally aswell as sexually) just keeps bringing us closer and seems to generate a magnetic force between us..sometimes just going to the kitchen leads one of us to follow on a few minutes later and we joke that the magnet has been activated. Uranus is involved in all configs so out of the blue flare ups do happen but we both have moon/ura in our own charts so need this and it seems to stop things getting stale.

  7. What blows my mind the most is how a relationship can appear at a time when its composite is heavily transited. Comps are likely to be transited at times of the people meeting in general but when a lot of action is happening, these relationships are definitely a third entity that HAPPENS to us, there is no choice but to experience it. Have you experienced that?

  8. Third identity
    I realize and also other.
    Jealousy comes from all sides
    It can be as destructive, if not ponder and
    remove obstacles, If you watch a beautiful garden do not tread on, take a picture in your mind and enjoy it forever.
    I’ll Try to understand the transits, I do not see clearly, Mars is too long.
    Thanks to everyone, Elsa P is just beautiful.
    He he he
    looking can be a big sin
    Watch out!!

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