How Will Capricorn Fare With Pluto In Capricorn?

I had another gal write, a Capricorn. She wanted to know what Capricorns can expect from Pluto’s transit through their sign and I think Capricorn can expect excellent results provided…

Provided they are a half-way decent Capricorns!

By that I mean that you act with some degree of integrity. You should have some humility about you and some decent boundaries. You should be willing to work, taking responsibility and running your own life not other peoples. You should be setting an example, showing up even when it’s hard and for Godsakes, not be whining as if this is going to kill you when it’s not. Class, man! Class like a goat going up a mountain.

Do you hear that goat complaining? Skinny legs and all, he/she is on her way and if you cultivate this image you are going to be not only okay, but empowered with Pluto in Capricorn. You are going to be a goat on steroids but if you are going to stand at the bottom of the hill and whine, well then to hell with you. As Capricorns, we are supposed to ascend. What is a non-climbing mountain goat good for anyway?

The Capricorns that will get creamed with Pluto in Cap are those whose public image does not match their behind closed doors dealings and I will give you an early play on this.

The genealogy guy mailed people who commented on my blog to say I was a rascal who does not pay my bills. Well guess what? I am not a rascal and I do pay my bills so his threats fall to ground without harming me but what if the allegations were true?

If the allegations where true, Elsa takes a fall obviously. Capricorns concerned about Pluto’s transit through their own sign need only keep their nose reasonably clean and most of us do, given our fear.

Also keep in mind, Pluto’s energy is far more compatible with Capricorn than it is with Sagittarius. A John Prine song comes to mind:

“That’s the way that the world goes ’round
You’re up one day, the next you’re down
It’s a half-an-inch of water and you think you’re gonna drown
That’s the way that the world goes ’round”
Bottom line, Capricorn is not afraid of the dark. Come on now. Having planned for doom for our entire life, I would say we’re equipped.”

Anyone else with thoughts on Pluto’s transit through Capricorn?

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  1. I’m really looking forward to this shift. I have a full tenth house so I can relate to the Capricorn thing and I have lots of people around me with Capricorn. I’m used to things being challenging so I’m happy to take it on and use that power for good.

  2. I was wondering how it would affect me seeing that I have a big stellium in capricorn in my 12th house, so possibly things are going to try and surface that I would like to keep secret to me. It’s a bit scary.

  3. Does this count for Moon in Cap people? Is this why I had a fit (literally, crying and all!) yesterday when my husband begged me for the umpteenth time not to cut my hair when I really, really want to?? Is this why I want my nosed pierced, my hair cut, and new tattoo (all at once!!)?? I just feel like breaking free. Free of what other people want me to be.

    P.S. Elsa, this blog, I’ve only been reading for a few months now has made me look at myself and others in a completely different way. In a blog conversation on a previous post someone advised another to dig deep intheir chart to basically “find themselves”. I’ve been digging deep and I can’t believe how much is coming to the surface. Thank you so much for this gift that you share with us.

  4. Even though I’ve nothing in Capricorn natally, my progressed chart is currently heavy to Capricorn including the Sun, Moon & Mars. I welcome the shift! It’s time for practical solutions and implementing thoughtful plans step by step. Go Capricorn!! 🙂

    Excellent post, Elsa!

  5. Thank you for your reply, Elsa, you rock! I will tack up your post for the next 12 years as a gentle reminder. NO WHINING! OK, so I realize I signed up for this contract and it may seem like it really sucks at times, so I’m going to keep reminding myself that when struggles (S#&*T) happens it’s an opportunity for me to change and grow and emerge into an even more beautiful and loving being than I already am.

  6. Thanks for the comforting words, Elsa… my dear mother, soon to be 64, is a Jan. 10 Cappy/Cancer Moon, and with all she’s cheerfully (well, not all THAT cheerfully) but dutifully endured, she has some well-deserved rewards coming her way. I can feel it.

    Last year, she confided in me that she had wanted to run off to San Francisco in the 60s to be a hippie. This simply was not done in the West Texas town in which she was raised and spent these 64 long years in. I see her breaking free of her Baptist, bleached hair, big-purse, big-hair life and leaving town, really living, for once. At least, that’s my fantasy.

  7. i cant wait 4 pluto transit……i hav cap rising plus mars n neptune in cap. planning for ur doom ur entire life isnt easy…..but it has its benefits!! im sure my fellow caps wil agree.

  8. I was born 3 14 1958 @ 3:41 a.m. Jan 25th pluto will move into my 12th house. My rising sign is capricorn. My mars is in the 1st house of capricorn and my moon is in capricorn in the 12th house of my natal chart.Any ideas on what I can expect starting in 2008?

  9. I’m excited and only looking towards the payoff as Pluto will promise a more intended version of myself. With Pluto spending 11 degrees in the 5th(intercepted) in Cap before moving into my 6th house to meet Mercury 14 cap and then my sun 26 cap I intend to look after my health and once and for all make my business work for ME. At the moment though I’m having a midlife 42yrs stab at my life long dream, entertainment (which that nasty Saturn self doubting, self sabotaging, success later in life mumbo jumbo, had me in and out of the industry like well, I wont say) all good with pluto now in the 5th and a natal Leo rising. Who knows Saturn in virgo also intercepted in the first and crossing natal pluto/uranus 18/19 conj should stir my life up real good. Capricorn will always survive… God Help Me… Lucky we have integrity…

  10. Elsa asked:

    “What is a non-climbing mountain goat good for anyway?”

    uuuuu….redneck BBQ??? At least where I come from!

  11. Avatar
    misty opportunity

    You totally nailed that reading. Thank you for knowing your stuff, sharing with us, and excellent writing also. I am blessed fortunate to have read that posting on this Pluto thru Capricorn transit. I have the power of the realization to actualize it, not miss the opportunity.
    ehah hummm

  12. Great. Perfect. Go Cap! my little cappy self turned my life upsidedown this year (yet again); moved houses, moved jobs, moved states, decided to keep being a poor student for a few more years and started an excellerated post grad law degree and law masters this year. I really feel this is the next big stage of my life, huge things are gunna take place in a whole new area, and knowing pluto is around til 2024(??) helps me think long term. I wonder where I’ll be when Pluto’s moving away…..
    Cap sun, Gem rising, Virgo moon

  13. Would a Capricorn to Pluto transit be more effective on a bigger scale (societies,governments), than on a personal, individual level? I had a mental image of a field being harvested by a sickle and I compared it to people’s freedom (in every sense) being dictated by those in positions of authority. Not to be too political, but like capitalism moving towards socialism or even communism. It feels lik it’s time for everyone to try and climb the mountain and those who can’t make the climb will be claimed by the sickle. Accelerated Darwinism and so forth. Am I way off base or over-analyzing this? Just a thought…

  14. Mike F – I don’t think you’re off base outside of the idea anything like that occurring would not have impact personally. Anything with Pluto is going to pervasive and affect you on levels (deep) where you didn’t even know you had levels.

  15. I am actually looking forward to it….me and my Cappy Sun, Merc, Jup, Saturn stellium. Life truly is an adventure!

  16. life has not been this bad for the past ten years! Pluto has been very trying! job refusals, bad finances, cannot even pay for the university I got admission in! hope things will pick up once this is over…This little goat is tuck in the mid way and does not know how to climb up or down!

  17. Forge on little goat forge on. Try to pay for school as you go. Do not go into debt to attend. This old goat also facing challenges. I am not sure if I am too old to come out of Pluto in Cap alive or if I have one more act left in me. You will become stronger after this forging ahead. Like steel. Godspeed.

  18. I faced terrible financial losses as soon as Pluto entered into Capricorn and I almost lost focus on everything but after a little research and reading I realized that I have to take stand in life and move forward with this fact that it is going to stay there till 2023. Nonetheless, life is not that difficult anymore but very challenging and hope is there, remember hope is always there…

    This article gives me more hope and courage to live a better and happy life.

  19. Pluto has destroyed every aspect of my life. I have lost my career, my relationships, my home, my health, my looks, my sex life, all my belongings, my sanity and my will to live. I cannot see a way to survive this evil little planet for another day, let alone until 2023. I wish I had not been born a capricorn. I have always been hardworking and generous so why the torture? Charlotte

    1. Hi. I am still a Capricorn and surprisingly still alive. Desperately trying to salvage something from the Pluto wreckage. Running on empty after surviving loss upon loss plus terrible health problems. Not sure if I’ll make it up the final mountain but determined to give it my best shot. Born on 2nd Jan 1955. Does anyone have any idea if I stand a chance of claiming my life back. Hell came to earth in 2008. Xxxxx

      1. Charlotte – hugs – also a Cappy and totally over the whole Pluto thing since 2008. It hasn’t been an easy time. Sure feels like being constantly put through the rinse cycle. Am buoyed by the pending arrival of a new Saturn cycle from December 20th 2017; the chance to lay foundations for 3 years to start a new 30-year cycle. The Pluto thing for early Jan Caps has been wreaking havoc as you know. As a mid Jan Cap, I understand from more astrologically-minded friends it’ll likely be our turn in the new 2-3 years for the butt-kicking that Pluto seems to enjoy delivering. Now we’re almost at the halfway point of this Pluto business, have decided to stop fighting it; listen to the internal dialogue, slow down and make life adjustments where necessary, and roll with the Pluto thing that forces you to confront the stuff I don’t want to. Have also lost my career, relationships, friends and interests and am hoping that with the grief over some of the losses, and as sad as they are, that space is being made for the new interests, habits, focal points, and people in my life. Wishing you well. Please, as Dory says ‘just keep swimming, just keep swimming’ or climbing or whatever works xxx Party time booked for December 20th and November 19th, 2024 when Pluto finally departs. Have said to my Aquarian friends ‘good luck with that’ – they’ll need it! They don’t get it … yet(!)

  20. Dear Charlotte,
    I am so sorry about your challenges. I am also a Cappy. Might you be going through a Saturn return? In any event, Saturn has eked his way through Scorpio for the last few years, overturning every little nasty thing thing in it’s path as well uncovering jewels and gold. Our choice.
    Hang in there. Get professional help if you are depressed. Ask for support and comfort wherever you can get it, and all the best to you!

  21. Pluto is like an elephant in the room – I’d prefer an elephant. Will have an epic party when Pluto sods off – it can’t sod off soon enough, said the impatient Capricorn.

  22. i’m reminded of this pluto capricorn for another ten years, all the businesses going down, and economy taking a harsh hit, and anyone with capricorn. this is a great topic and post!

  23. Oh Elsa I do like your writing. I am married to a Capricorn and this week I said to him. I am so tired of being the couple that has everything bad happening to them! Heaven help us we are survivors but this is getting ridiculous.
    Capricorn and Virgo climbing mountains and rolling down them. Bruised but never beaten.

  24. The Capricorns I know IRL seem to be getting crushed now. It’s like they’re being chased by demons or something. Damn, I’ve never seen anything like it! ?

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