The Upside Of A Giant Psychological Problem

Pluto dark backgroundI have a client who is working on a longstanding problem that causes him a serious problem on a nearly a daily basis.  I am not exaggerating. This is due a “psychological cowlick“.

Basically, stimulus comes in via some kind of social interaction. The information swirls around in his personal blender and he invariably comes up with this answer – “xyz”.

Compare to a woman who thinks every man wants to screw with her.  If she tells you something like this, each day, every day, you’re going to wonder.

I’m pretty sure this particular client will resolve this due to his drive and ambition.  If he’s able, it will change his life, entirely, simply because the negative affect of this is so pervasive!

The man got the problem from childhood conditioning and it’s easy to see how. The dad’s chart is epic.  He’s got a Taurus moon conjunct a Taurus rising, square sun in Leo and Jupiter in Aquarius.  Everything is conjunct the angles so we’re looking at Fixed Control.

Very few would thrive in dad’s kingdom.  The client also has a brain injury, so he’s got to fight that as well, to get around this.  Still, he can do this. I mention this because being “neurodiverse” is common today, and should be acknowledged.

I’m writing to inspire him (and others like him). I want this man, free, as his chart is easily as powerful as his father’s.  He’s just got to break the cords that bind him.

These cords as described by my grandfather in 1956. I offer this as a mental picture which may help.

“…The smoking habit is like tying a wicked giant with cord string. Every time you bind him with another string he has less chance to escape. One string does not make much difference (like one more cigarette) but when enough of them are applied he is helpless to break them. It is the same with cigarettes, one does not seem important, but each one binds the person that much tighter, and every day it becomes increasingly harder for him to break the habit. Cigarettes not only take a lot of money, they are bound to affect the health in time.”

This may also help.

Can You Overcome An Abusive Childhood?

When you take something like this on; try to extricate your very life from some destructive or malignant system, it can get really dark.  Like, oh my God, why did I open up this can of worms? It might feel like this:

Pluto And The Breaking Down, Rotting Person In Process Of Transformation

If  you’re  bound, or stuck on a track, not of your own design, it’s worth the effort to break out.

Shock everyone and heal! Pluto in Aquarius.

2 thoughts on “The Upside Of A Giant Psychological Problem”

  1. It’s so funny, just yesterday I thought about your Pluto post with the Exorcist pic. Thought about how you’ve said that transformation is not pretty and it can be very disgusting at a point, or repulsive was the word.

    I thought it because I saw my BF being massively hairwire triggered this week (probably due to Mars/Chiron). His reaction was amped up and charged!
    We’ve been going almost full circle these days, as he is acting (is my suspicion) like me. I am starting to act like him in a conflict.
    Isn’t that an interesting thing, in a relationship? I find to be so. It’s like the roles are reversed after enough years of therapy and trauma transformation from one partner (me) and him now having the space to react… And acting out his wounds, thus becoming “me” – or a version of me, to a point. I have seen it on more than one occasion. Perhaps it’s a bit like clay?

    Ok, well, that’s sidestepping the topic for this post.

    I have a major Scorpio stellium with Jupiter in the mix myself. Aquarius Ascendant and Pluto about to knock on my front door. At last!

    So yes, I think this guy will be able to do it. I had an abusive childhood too, and I have closed off last year in regards to my alcoholic abusive dad for good in 2023. With Pluto in the mix, I expect/ hope to start my “cutting of rotten meat” process to liberate myself a bit … Soon. And hopefully I won’t have to cut off a lot of dead meat as I feel like I have almost none left thanks to the Pluto/Cap journey in my 12th house… (Scorpio is my 10th house…)

    Uranus close to MC, in Sag.
    Uranus sextiles my Ascendant.

    This would probably be interesting, and if I am being stripped from dead excess meat, at least it will benefit me in some unusual ways!

  2. Reading this on the 22nd. All those planets in earth signs kicked my butt. I felt suicidal over the course of two days. All because I was resisting “what is”. I knew I was coming out of it after two things occurred. One was my young dog, a cow dog with triple energy, rolled her neck into some literal bull shit, (my neighbors have their bulls in the pasture below my house) then came and sat down with me on the couch where I was bemoaning my life and current circumstances. I was mad but it was funny at the same time. We both got showers out of that deal. Next, I started thinking that maybe I needed to check myself into a nursing home just so I could get some rest. This too, was hilarious, especially since I was also thinking this was somehow a step up from offing myself earlier in the day. All of this “thinking” is familiar to me. I’ve dealt with such darkness since I was a teen, and that was a LONG time ago. It’s familiar territory, not pleasant by any means, but familiar. I know what NOT to do, while tracking around in my muddy mind. The cool thing is that I will always work my way back up to the top of it, having snagged an insight into myself that could hardly happen otherwise. This week it was about how I have managed to hide various talents and capabilities from “the outside world” in favor of keeping a “safe place” in obscurity. Pluto is sitting right on the bottom of my chart and my natal Chiron. This wound has plagued me my whole life. It’s my achilles heal. Like a chain around my leg that I put there. A short leash. I’m afraid of “going too far”. I know there’s more to glean out of this and for sure I will dig it out into the open. I’m just amazed at how extreme this past week felt compared to today, which was a pretty good day, all things considered. Whew! And just to clarify, I’m not in any danger of self harm, so no need to talk me off the ledge. I’ve had to tame my edgy self often enough I know where to aim all the emotion and weirdness and I have loved ones who depend upon me to get this right. And I am, and do. My daughter will be 38 on the 28th and my grand daughter has a tournament so I’m sticking around for the goodness of it all. No worries. Hello, Pluto in Aquarius!

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