Venus In The Natal Chart Shows How You Love

Venus and TaurusI explained to a young, male client how the gal he’s interested in has different views on love and relationship.

“There are people out there who say they married their best friend,” I said. The girl he likes has Venus in Aquarius.

“That’s how they see their husband. I hear this all the time. They married their best friend and they’re happy with it. It’s what they want.”


“Yes and people are individuals. They see relationships in different lights. If the two of you married, she’d see you as her best friend. You’d see her as an asset. A possession, even. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean that you’d see your wife as something of value.”

My client has Venus in Taurus with Pluto in Scorpio involved. He did not deny this.

“These things are not incompatible. I’m just saying, she’s not you and she’s not going to see things the way you do. She wants to marry her friend and if you ask me, you’re him.”

How do you view love and partnering? Where’s your Venus?

83 thoughts on “Venus In The Natal Chart Shows How You Love”

  1. My Venus in cancer c Uranus
    My hubs Sun and Uranus in cancer
    His Venus in Gemini
    My Sun in Gemini
    Both have Mercury in cancer
    We can converse nonstop for days without a break tho we’ve learned to take them
    We’ve been thru it but we’re meant to be.
    Best friends. Spiritually beneficial.

  2. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    My Venus is in Sagittarius
    Husband is a Sagittarius Rising
    His Venus is in Aquarius
    I am an Aquarius Rising

    Alot of humor, like 14-year-old teenage blurt, blunt, ridiculous humor…
    And when shit gets hard, at the very base of our relationship, we are solid loving friends who still grab each other’s ass every so often. 😉

    Not sure of the significance of the astrological placements, but it works for us.

  3. I have Venus at 0 degree Libra with a 2 degree Libra Jupiter and 3 degree Libra Ascendant. I should be all about the love and relationship, right? Wrong! Lots of relationships but none of them stuck. I finally figured out I’m better off alone and I really enjoy my times of solitude. Turns out that my 0 Venus, 2 Jupiter and 3 Ascendant are conjunct that 2 Libra Super Galactic Center and it’s kind of an insatiable black hole where relationships are concerned. This is a really great article by Phillip Sedgwick going in-depth on the Super Galactic Center and 2 degree Venus Libra.

  4. Aw that is so romantic!

    Venus in Gemini – I want to laugh and talk and go on drives. Husband is Cancer Venus and is conj. my Sun.

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