Venus Saturn Wedding: Appropriate Dress

My Sister's WeddingAh yes, the royal wedding. I’m not a fashionista nor am I terribly interested in weddings in general, still I clicked some links today to see what the women were wearing. I’m not an expert but I know my two rules: no one but the bride wears white, and don’t dress like you’re going out to work the pole afterward. But you know who looked great today? Everyone middle-aged and older. In my opinion, the older they were the better they dressed. That is so Venus Saturn.

Young Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie looked so awful they might have been caricatures of Cinderella’s stepsisters. The Prime Minister’s wife went bare-headed, no hat, even the horses wore hats. What the hell? It’s like going without pants. “Oh, I’m so over the pants thing. I think I just won’t wear pants today.” No naked heads at a royal wedding please. Perhaps the Saturn Venus opposition really hit something personal in her chart and it resulted in no (Saturn) hat (Aries Venus).

I don’t mean to bash her at all. It’s just interesting, the anomaly. Heaven knows I can barely make the grade in wedding dressing myself. At my sister’s chi-chi wedding I truly looked like some sort of nervous, ill-shod gnome. That’s what I do. I make the bride look even better. See what I did there? It was very Aries Venus; I made it all about me.

Do you feel comfortable dressing for weddings? What’s the astrology?

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  1. I think that pretty much everyone looked ridiculous, I kind of liked Queen Victoria of Sweden’s outfit (I like peach :/) and Posh’s. Also all of the old women in the big picture. A lot of the other people looked like the Fanta chicks. Hats are not an excuse for people to dress like they’re in the space age.

  2. Ugh. Most of them looked like they were going out for a night on the town. And black at a wedding?!
    I liked Princess Letizia’s ensemble – for a young woman. I’m with you, Satori: let the bride shine, it’s her day.

  3. You know my mother taught me the proper procedure on what to wear at a wedding. Keep it simple, never wear white or black, wear a warm colour to celebrate the wedding and always wear a hate.

    Well at least the Bride looked good 🙂

  4. That was meant to have a question mark at the end.

    Though, apparently yellow (flowers) means hate, at least that’s what I learned from Kate and Leopold. So, queen’s outfit..

  5. Beatrice and Eugenie are their mother’s daughters – they have zilch taste, and always look absolutely dreadful! You keep thinking they will get it at some point, but no sign so far…

    I agree Sam Cameron should have worn a hat. Some women went to the other extreme and tried much too hard, but I didn’t watch them all going into the Abbey so missed most of the fashion. Some of the hats I could see were well OTT, inc Camilla’s.

  6. Joss Stone looked awesome.

    I hated the beige/tan hats….gross! Here is a chance to go out looking good and you choose beige?

  7. Yes, formal dressing comes just natural for me. Much more so than so called casual dressing, actually. Not only weddings – although I know just what I would have worn for The Royal Wedding – but other occasions too. Courtesy of Sun Libra, Capricorn Moon, I suppose.

  8. “However, in Europe at the time of the introduction of these roses, the color yellow carried much more negative overtones. Consequently, yellow roses were long used as a symbol for jealousy and dying love. As time went on, however, the more universal meanings connected with the color yellow have come to prevail and entwine themselves with the yellow rose.”

    It’s revisionist 🙂

  9. With Moon conjunct Uranus on MC, this marriage will stay with the public…and maybe bring something new to all of us, a new model of transcending….polarity..duality…a futuristic love?

  10. @Rachel… it was? I hadn’t realised that! Well if it were me, there is NO WAY I’d be starting something like that under a VOC.

  11. Ooh is that the Princess Royal in that gorgeous violet print coat? I love it! (second picture down, on the right) Also in the same picture, that pink suit with the hat – brilliant and beautifully appropriate.

    And yes, I know how to dress for weddings and funerals. Doesn’t mean I always *have* the clothes, but for an important occasion I will *get* them!

  12. Not wearing white a rule? In the States, maybe, but not in England where it’s actually the CUSTOM for the Bridesmaids to wear white. ALL the Bridesmaids — those little girls aren’t Flower Girls as that’s not a custom they have either. They’re Bridesmaids as well.

    So even if YOU found it inappropriate, it made perfect sense to them.

    Now, as for dressing like they’re pole dancing later? Well, they ARE royals, after all, so … :^)

  13. let’s face it; there are no rules for anything anymore. people do as they please, everywhere, in everything. I have capricorn and I favor tradition, and order.

    I was actually aware that Pippa wearing white, as part of the bridal party, was very traditional.

  14. I can’t help but dress up a little weird. Not gauche or informal but my weird is sometimes a conversation piece that makes ease for the other invitees who are at the Other table setting and too shy to socialize and not much into drinking enough to remedy that. I’m never so weird as to detract from the bride. And its accidentally offbeat stuff that I saw in a thrift store or garage sale to make sacrificing usual ease of worn out jeans and t shirts or mens tank undershirts (summer version) a little more palatable. I stick out worse in outfits nd hair styles appropriate to my age and background than I do n quirky or avant-garde looks. My hole life has been like that. Aquarius arc/Venus in Libra in 8th. Some of my setups have had prop)r mistake me for following the goth look. But I’m just a night worker so I rarely tan and hidden in that dark yarn is always something glittery or shiny. I haven’t been to a wedding in a while. Hope I didn’t jinx myself there. My weight is so…..flux n malicious I might wear a Burka now.

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