The World, Post Pluto’s Transit Through Capricorn

pluto symbolPluto will turn direct in Capricorn in October, 2023. It will ingress into Aquarius, turning retrograde at two degrees in May of 2024.

Pluto will reach Capricorn, mid-July, 2024. It will sit at 29 degrees, through the end of November, 2024. At that point if will leave the sign, not to return for more than 200 years.

I’ve written about what I expect to see as this transit wrap up…

Pluto Retrograde In Capricorn 2023 – Get Real – Consolidate Losses & Gains (updated)

But what about the future? What do you expect to the world to be like, post this transit?

Bleak? Relieved? Hurt? Healed? Something else?


2 thoughts on “The World, Post Pluto’s Transit Through Capricorn”

  1. I see a lot of old men in the family and other places passing these days, and I guess it’s Capricorn Pluto’s way of wrapping things up before going full throttle into the visionary future.

    Trump was arrested (had the – from his own POV – the worst chart ever if he wanted to get off of this sinking ship called his life as he know it), and I am pretty sure Putin will feel this shift too. He will probably go underground, he’s a former KGB after all …

    As Aquarius is on Uranus’s hometurf I expect to see quite the upheavel and shocks going off, once Pluto get his butt into Aquarius territory for real. Think of the time Uranus was in Aries, never before or after did the world see such an amount of stuff with an “i” in front of it…

    But Pluto is also about transformation, so perhaps old and buried stuff will return, and companies re-emerge on new grounds and with new management values (since Uranus is in Taurus still)

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