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I had a phenomenal experience last weekend. I want to share it but how to approach it has eluded me.  It’s that, but also Neptune is stationing right now; the energy is very strong. I’ve been trying to mull everything and also absorb it before it dissipates.  I’ll get started on this now.

Two weeks ago, we learned that a blood relative of my husband wanted to come see us.  My husband had never met the man, nor did he especially even know who he was. He was coming from Australia, so straight away it was weird.

We were told he would be visiting us in Denver. He would be there on business?  Information was cloudy.

We moved from Denver nearly ten years ago. Due to this, we thought whatever this was, wouldn’t be, but we quickly learned this man was going to change his plans. He was coming to see us, period. We didn’t know when, but it would be in the next week.

I’m always up for anything interesting. This was that and then some.  Information trickled in each day.

We learned he was going to visit other family in two other states, in some random order for some unknown reason.  Are you curious yet?  I was! I was a little over-curious and very grateful we did not have long to wait.

In the next days there was nothing to do beyond watch my husband place the man. Uncle, cousin, what?  We learned he was born in Bethlehem, hmm?

Not that this fact meant anything to me outside of whoever and whatever, this person was operating way outside my purview.  We started to hear from him, or rather my husband did.  Another thing odd, his phone calls and texts could not be returned?

This was the case and I can’t tell you more because it wasn’t my phone, my problem, my business. At this point, I didn’t really want to probe. I felt the situation was safe, like God was setting something up. I only had to allow it unfold.  We learned the intention was to meet us for dinner. Curious!

It was a perfect situation though.  I did not have to cook or particularly clean the house or anything.  How much trouble would you go to in this circumstance?  I had the feeling he had everything handled. All I had to do is how up at dinner, sometime in the next week. My curiosity would be satisfied along with my appetite.

Eventually the day came.  The man called my husband and said he needed to find accommodations. You know me.  “Tell him he can stay here!” I volunteered.  My husband extended the invitation; the man said that we should meet and see if we like each other. I guffawed at that.

I work with quite a few Australians. It’s very common I say things, like, “I don’t mean to be offensive but…”  Most of them reply, something along the lines of, “Say whatever you want. I’m Australian!”  This also makes me laugh. It’s like you have to dress up for some people, dress down for others, but some just let you breathe. The comment he made is intelligent, you have to admit.

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6 thoughts on “Trekking Through Life”

  1. Wow, I can’t wait to here the rest. In the mean time could you clarify this:
    “In the next days there was nothing to do beyond watch my husband place the man. Uncle, cousin, what? We learned he was both in Bethlehem, hmm?

    Who was in Bethlehem?

    Thanks and getting the popcorn 🙂

  2. If you couldn’t call back or text him because his number wasn’t visible, perhaps he was using a prepaid disposable phone?

    1. Avatar
      Aquarius Lurker

      When I was following this story, I was thinking maybe the mystery person is under witness protection and that somehow you’re not allowed to correspond so freely with them… Don’t call me, I’ll call you kind of thing. Me & my imagination!

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