Fight Like A Kangaroo!

I’m talking to the soldier here. It’s very obvious my Mercury (thoughts) are is conjunct Mars (sex and aggression).

“I realized something,” I said. “I get pretty stupid at times. Like when I am happy and having a lot of sex, I get positively docile. It’s as if I can’t think at all. No need! But just as soon as I feel threatened, you better look out! All the sudden my brain fires up and I become… well, I become freakishly brilliant. All the sudden I can think up, down into the ground, and next thing you know a persons is screwed, blued and tattooed. I have them wrapped up tight and this is all done before it’s even occurred to them I might rise from my slumber. That I might have any ability at all. But until I’m threatened? Nothing. I appear to be some kind of pure fool.”

“I’m not threatening you am I, P?”

“No, no. I just had this realization. The lights go very dim at times. So dim it’s easy to forget they can come on. I just appear to be stupid. Dumber than dumb. But when the lights come on the display is spectacular. So much it surprises me. It’s as if I have forgotten how well I can think if need be. But back me into a corner or threaten me in some way and you’ll find out. And I am pretty sure if people realized the level my mind functions at when under attack, they would never mess with me. So what kind of animal is that?” I asked. “What animal appears innocuous but if you piss them off they become freakishly keen?”

“Kangaroo,” he said.

“What? Kangaroo? I don’t want to be a kangaroo,” I said.

“Well that’s what animal does that. They’re just hanging out but if you piss one of them off, they’ll feet you.”

I laughed. “They’re plant eaters, right? And they’re peaceful unless… you mess with their babies or something?”

“Eucalyptus. But yeah. You sure don’t want to piss one of them off because if they get their feet going on you, you’re gonna to be hurtin’.”

Know any kangaroos?

10 thoughts on “Fight Like A Kangaroo!”

  1. I don’t know any kangaroos. Generally (to me) if someone seems dull-witted … then that is how they are when they have to defend themselves (dull-witted).

  2. oh heck yeah i’m the kangeroo.(geez, couldn’t this have been a cooler animal?!) people underestimate me to no end; heck, i look harmless enough and a little nuts to boot. lulls ’em into a false sense of security. it used to annoy me but i’ve come to realize it’s also a blessing.

  3. gah, that reminds me of the baby Kangaroo that beats the shit out of cocky Sylvester the cat in front of his son. Sylvester is convinced he’s a giant mouse and is going to edumacate his son…

  4. I remember you saying something about this story on the boards, and now here it is 🙂
    I loooove kangaroos, they’re my favorite animal so to me they’re absolutely cool. As for reacting like one…I have Mars in the 3rd and relate a little to becoming freakishly keen when I’m pissed off, especially when someone else is involved and I feel an overwhelming need to be protective. I don’t know if aspects to the Descendant mean much, but I’m pretty sure I have a Grand Water Trine which includes Mars and Pluto if you add in the Des. In any case, fighting for (or against?) the “other” feels like second nature to me.
    Other times I’m a mess – the only time I’m crying and sobbing with tears streaming down my face is when I’m furious (Pisces-Mars thing… just as people have said on that earlier thread for Mars ‘Round the Zodiac) and I come off as relentlessly explosive. (My Mars getting backup from a Scorpio-Pluto trine) I do relate to looking harmless and sweet, well, because I am 😉 It takes someone/something completely vicious to make my fangs come out.

  5. well, that’s kinda’ how badgers got their reputation….
    (an old family name.)
    but i’m not sure how fearsome i am, really.

  6. Kangaroos are actually grazers: they crop ground fodder, in a similar fashion to cows. Larger ones also eat shrubs, but they aren’t eucalyptus eating beasties.

    They’re very intelligent critters. Hearing booming roos in the forest hills is amazing – imagine the sound of a lawnmower starting up, deep the sound, and multiply the volume by ten 😀

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