Tips For Surviving Pluto’s Transit Through Capricorn Redux

SkyPie asked in regards to nailing down the four things mentioned in Astrology Today – Quelling Fears that will shore up a person’s sense of security:

“Any suggestions on how to do that?”


– My name is Elsa P, I stand for this and this and this. (1st house)
– These are the people in my family / clan / bunker – where I reside (4th house)
– This is the person(s) I am partnered with. (7th house – this means personal and business)
– This is my career (10th house)

If you can define these things you will find yourself very shored up. If one corner goes south on you, rely on the other 3 until you can establish nail that corner back down.

I am sorry if this sound grim but we are talking about a Pluto transit over the angles of the natural chart. This is not insignificant! These are the Cardinal houses and they are going to require your attention. There has been a paradigm shift, see?

The 7th house denotes your “open enemies”. Who are your enemies? You don’t have any? Are you sure about that?

Personally, I have all these areas down and you see and hear it on this blog every day. I am with this man. I am partnered with HQ (and the Mechanic – they are twins so one person – sort of). If you threaten my family, I will take this action. These are the people in my family and we live in this house which I am now paying mind…

Let’s see what else…

“Get married, Elsa!”
(7th house)

I will or I will not but I will be with this man, regardless.

“I am a troll who is going to threaten you career and cause you problems…” (10th house)

Like hell you are…

I can tell you unequivocally that I feel very fortified. Every day I invest in my physical body (1st house), my family (4th house), my partner (7th house) and my career (10th house).

This is not because it come natural to do so. It is because I am an astrologer, Pluto is in Capricorn and I pay attention.

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  1. Great post! I feel pretty solid in all of those houses except the 1st. The girls at the shop are talking about some sort of weight loss/health program so I guess that area is going to be be addressed next.

  2. Sorry if this is a stupid question. Should we keep an extra eye on the 10th house and Saturn while Pluto is in Capricorn? Like make sure we don’t overwork etc.

  3. Tam… I don’t think so but I am not sure what you mean. When a planet goes over the angle it is going to impact all four houses and the empowered / powerful person (Pluto) is going to be the one with these areas defined (Capricorn) with BOUNDARIES.

    This is my premise here.

    For example if I do not defend this blog it will be overrun by trolls and various other dipshits. If I DO defend it, I will have the best change of surviving and so I defend it…

  4. You’ve been putting out some powerful posts lately, Elsa…thank you, from the bottom of my heart! This one has really hit home.

  5. Thank you Elsa.

    To be specific what I meant is what exactly in those houses do you look at to get the answers? Can you give a specific example?

    Also, I have zero planets in house one, four, seven what impact in keeping with the subject matter of this thread does that hold?

  6. SkyPie – it is simpler than what you are thinking.

    It does not relate to any individual chart, I am talking about the natural zodiac and suggesting if you shore up / define and defend those 4 areas you will become very empowered.

  7. Thanks Elsa! I think what I meant 😉 was to be careful of the negative qualities of Capricorn in terms of the four houses. I’ve been in a fog for two weeks thanks for bearing with me!

  8. I have never belonged to anyone, anything nor any place. I have far too many interests to settle on one career (I never understood why there is so much focus on choosing ONE thing to do in life). Having strong idealistic beliefs and thoughts it seems I have been defending them as well as people my whole life.

    I guess it just isn’t within me to do those things. Now whether or not that is good or bad for me in my life…well there can be much beauty to be found in sorrow if one stops laughing long enough to find it.

  9. Elsa, I like this and I think other people will too. Do you mind if I convert this into a tarot spread and post it on another forum? Credit will be given, as will a link to this post, and I can post a link to the spread on here too.

  10. “This is not because it come natural to do so. It is because I am an astrologer, Pluto is in Capricorn and I pay attention.”

    ooooh, that gave me chills. thank you (for the advice and the chills)!

  11. Pluto in Cap is over the second half of my 4th. Yes I am in the process of redefining my family and home, both the physical place, the likely new additions and about how to see my siblings more often. Even my ex-stepdaughter and her kids. I really want to gather everyone around me and cook and drink and celebrate. I want everyone to find a place at my table and refuge under my roof if necessary.

    It’s kinda like my life went from my childhood home, very rooted, to a period of rootlessness (despite marriage and motherhood) and now I’m ready to do it for the rest of my life. Weird. I never felt like I could go home again, but now I feel like I am doing just that.

    **secret little pixie tears**

  12. I’m back. Just read your entry Furiana, nice connect ….thanks. Elsa, may I share this post and link to it as the Makua O`o Hawaiian life tool on this day of Huna (secrets, and prayers).

  13. Skypie just a thought, re non-definition. eg with the 1st
    ‘I stand for freedom to make my own choices’
    or the 10th:
    ‘This is my career: ebbing and flowing and taking me where it may’

    As for the 4th, well we all come from a set of parents…this is one thing I am sure about it life;)

    Personally I tend to view this kinds of posts in a metaphorical way rather than literally, but as an artist I was born bent in this direction, lol

  14. I was trying to say my view is that life is never shored up. To shore up areas in one’s life is to stop evolving. But that is just my opinion, of course.

    Kashmiri, I think it, too.

  15. Jennifer great npr link & analogy of resetting the button: Pluto loves that! my angles are all at early cardinal signs…

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