Venus Conjunct Mercury In Gemini, Then Cancer – June 2024

venus Mercury conjunctionVenus is currently conjunct Mercury in Gemini. It’s bringing people good news! Even better, this conjunction will be maintained for the next two weeks.

On June 17th, both planets will ingress into Cancer.  The conjunction will hold up until around, June 21st. Virgo and Gemini are definitely benefitting.

This is light and fluffy at the moment. It will be interesting to see how it shifts on the 17th.

Can you see this energy operating in your life?

12 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Mercury In Gemini, Then Cancer – June 2024”

  1. Yes.. but vaguely! It’s somewhere there, trying to peak its head out but, honestly, it’s getting its @ss kicked by Saturn in Pisces which is meeeean . I mean, Pisces can be seriously mean but in roundabout ways, you’re going down on your knees by some invisible ninja move.. Well, mostly, in my case, it’s by getting my energy drained. but I was thinking about Pisces as having a forceful side while watching a video on surfing (ahem).
    At the same time today I had to give in and stop denying the other mean thing happening with Mars and Pluto, which is also hitting hard, as Pluto has dug its heels deep within me while Mars will soon b conjunct my chiron.. Rage is what I’m getting, not just mine, but from all around and it’s the taurus kind, the raging bull kind.. pfff
    (Taking deep breaths and keeping it moving)

    Hope everyone is doing their bestest

    ps to add: At the same time I keep having multiple realisations about various blind spots… could that b Saturn as well? not sure . . it all reminds me that native american(?) tale with the two wolves we keep inside and which one we’re feeding

    1. “At the same time I keep having multiple realisations about various blind spots… could that b Saturn as well? ”

      Yes, it could be. It’s like the veil lifts, and there’s the bit you need. 🙂

      1. yes, yes it feels like that! I keep trying to figure out how come I haven’t paid that much attention before and I come up with realising that I have seen these things in the past only they are too difficult to sort out and process through analytical thought so I left them aside to focus on more concrete stuff and then promptly forgot them . . they are still foggy and unclear but I’m looking into other ways of keeping them closer to my vision field . . I do believe that pisces/neptune stuff is about letting go . . maybe cycles of grasping and letting go, riding the wave and letting it go where it needs to, without strictly following up

  2. Still waiting @Elsa for the good news…any good news would be welcomed! I have Juno in Gemini in the 7th House (that’s a marriage type Asteroid). Not that I’m waiting for any proposals, of marriage or otherwise. There certainly is lots of tension there though.

  3. Question! Does this apply to Gemini ascendant? Or anywhere you have a Gemini placement? I am Gemini ascendent, so this would be awesome 🙂

  4. Definitely been some life Changing events taken place over here lol but I’m leaning more towards what Dora is describing. No longer fighting though just accepting understanding and Allowing the Universe to do ITS job!! Mantra for June everything is Always working out for me, as long as My intentions are Pure. My Saturn is in Gemini ♊️ and is retrograde in the 3rd house. I’m growing in Communication! I think 🤔 haha, Stop and Communicate MAN thats a toughy for me. I was taught not to speak unless spoken to, it’s taken me years to grow passed that pattern of what I say doesn’t matter bull shit but
    NOW using my Aries Rising I’m like Shiiit I don’t think so Buddy LOL thank goodness for the air energy ♎️💖🙏🏼it’s about time ✨💖 All in Love

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