Venus Opposite Pluto – Death Of A Lover Or Spouse

woman-with-mourning-shawl-Van-Gogh-A client asked me if her husband were going to die.  She’d read somewhere that the Venus Pluto aspect in her chart, indicated such a thing.

I am pretty sure, Stephen Arroyo mentioned this possibility around Venus Pluto. I’m sorry I can’t reference the book. I read it twenty-five years ago, but I’m pretty sure he was specifically talking  about women with Venus opposing Pluto in their chart.  Arroyo was a great astrologer who only wrote about things he’d witnessed firsthand. I have seen the same thing he has.

I’m not talking about women who lose their husbands via age or natural causes. I’m talking about traumatic separation.  I’m talking about women who find their husband dead via suicide. I am talking about women who wake up one day to find that their husband is GONE, never to be heard from again.  I am talking about your love being obliterated.

I know a number of women and stories of women who have suffered such a thing. It’s my packed 8th house. One thing I have seen is that if the opposition is prominent (say, lying across the ascendant/descendant), it’s entirely possible this happen to a woman more than once!

Women who kill their husbands might have something like this in their chart as well.  Their spouses keep dying, yes?  But what’s important to know is that this is not the only way this aspect can manifest.

With Venus opposing Pluto, you’re guaranteed intensity in your interactions with others. Also, if you’re 40 or 50 years old and this has never happened, you’re probably at less risk than a girl of 20.

Also, some people suffer traumatic loss of a partner when they are extremely young.  Like a twin, whose twin dies as a baby.

People wonder if the transit (Pluto opposing natal Venus) puts a person at risk for this.  It does but it’s only one possibility of many. I can’t see living in fear, because you have something like this in your chart. There is nothing you can do about it.

If you wake up one morning and your husband is not in bed. And if you go in your backyard, open the shed and find him hanging, there is nothing you can do.

I know this for sure.  I was out with that couple, the night before the husband took his life. We said goodnight at midnight. My phone rang at 6 am, when his wife found him dead.  The woman had lost her first spouse to suicide, five years earlier.  Things like this get your attention.

There’s another point to make.  Jackie Kennedy lost her husband in a horribly traumatic way.  She does not have Venus aspecting Pluto. This just goes to show you there are mysteries in life..

Do you have Venus in aspect to Pluto in your chart? Have you ever suffered a traumatic separation from a loved one?

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  1. This is very interesting and helpful. I’m so glad you had this topic on the forum Elsa. In my situation it is like a death and very much a manipulation, especially in the year or two leading up as Pluto teased his DSC before it opposed Venus. It’s depressing to think that one person can be so brutal to another. Stronger…I guess so. We have to don’t we? Projection? Yes, most definitely. I could tell you things that Jung would find very interesting in the lead up to my bf’s “demise”.

  2. Pluto scorpio asc oppposed venus taurus descendant, experienced traumatic separation like divorce (all of sudden, after a great night with husband, in the afternoon, we fought that I just found out he’s cheating on me, he left and never came back), my fiancee passed away, and a bf passed away…
    You’re right about this “One thing I have seen is that if the opposition is prominent (say, lying across the ascendant/descendant), it’s entirely possible this happen to a woman more than once!”
    I am really afraid of having any relationship now, not ready for another heart attack, can’t endure anymore

      1. Dear Elsa, I’m okay now, thanks a lot, my divorce was happened this years, I got no idea where I got this power to move on so fast, and then I read some articles about Scorpio/Pluto rising who can heal themself very quick through transformation, now I know and aware that I’m “new” myself 😉

  3. I have venus opp pluto. in one significant relationship the person died suddenly, in another he left me very suddenly. Scared of any other relationships.

  4. Actually my mother died in 2008 was born 2/18/1963 in san diego at 444pm i added 45 days to her chart and got venus conjunct chiron opposite pluto and uranus…. her part of death at pisces 14°6 mars a quincunx venus node sesquisquare venus with aries in the 8th house and scorpio in the first… which was my first clue to death that year … suprisingly it all seems to fit together now..

  5. Natally, I have Venus in my 3rd (ruling my 4th and 9th), conjunct Mercury (ruler of my 5th and 8th) opposite Pluto in 9th (ruling my 10th) and have lost several people.

    I lost my mom in my teens, then my brother and then my sister. I lost my twin in utero, had a few miscarraiges, lost a romantic partner (he died in an accident) and also lost my boyfriend.

    yup, Venus opp pluto can be tough to deal with

    1. I really can’t believe it, I’m in shock. There is Venus Pluto opposition in my natal chart. After 4 years of our relationship, my boyfriend died by suicide. I was 22 years old. Astrology surprises more and more every day

  6. I’m concerned about a dear friend of mine after looking at her chart and hope some of you might be able to discern more about what these aspects may indicate.
    Natally, she has Venus in Cancer (18+d) in her 11th house to an exact conjunction with her anti-Vertex (Vertex in the 5th).Recently and for the next year and a half or so Pluto will be conjunct her Vertex with direct and retrograde motions. Her natal Pluto is at 17d Libra in her 2nd house. Also, in her Solar Arc chart Pluto will conjunct her IC within 1 to 2 years. All this seems attention worthy but I’m not sure what to really say about it. Again might any of you know what to anticipate? Thank you!!!

  7. In my synastry with my husband, his Venus sits exactly on my midheaven at 9 Pisces, tightly opposing my Pluto conjunct IC at 10 Virgo. Venus rules my Libra in 4th, though, where my sun sits. I already suspect I’m going to outlive him anyway with my 8th house Saturn conjunct South Node in Aquarius. I worry about it sometimes, but that Pluto has already caused me a lot of painful losses of family, both figurative and literal. In a way, I expect it. He’s a keeper, so I’m happy and grateful that we got to be together at all. Mostly I just try to treasure the time. Pluto comes for us all eventually.

  8. It’s timely to see this article pop up again. I got a chance to review my late grandmother’s chart. She had a tight orb Venus in Capricorn opposite Pluto in Cancer in her chart. Her story is one of tragedy and resilience. She was widowed twice during her lifetime, both times when she had preadolescent sons and then nearly lost her third common-law spouse after he was shot during an armed robbery. He survived but eventually left her for somebody else after 30 years. She stopped partaking in romance after that. But that’s hardly all of the story. She took many blows. But she always maintained her composure and dignity.

    She died a few months before her Uranus return and her Neptune opposition Neptune. She was sooo relieved to be set free from this plane of existence.

  9. Mary Shelley had transit Pluto opposite her Venus when her husband Percy Shelley died. My boyfriend died when transit Pluto squared my Venus.

  10. My marriage ended the day Tr Pluto trined my Pluto; Tr Pluto squared my Sun; Tr Saturn conjunct my Venus; Tr Mercury crossed my ASC; and Tr Mars trined my Vertex. That was some fated day! lol.

  11. i have the opposition. and, it’s complicated. lots of near misses. mother nearly died when i was five. best friend nearly died in her twenties. (illnesses.) spouse nearly died a few months post marriage. (accident.) a child i’m guardian of has leukemia… but will probably make it.
    moved across the continent, away from all my extended family at nine. that was traumatic.
    but those planets are also in aspect to eris, neptune, saturn, uranus, and asc. close to a six pointed star (fuzzy orbs.)

  12. Yes, I have (natal) Pluto (Leo) opposing Venus (Aquarius) and my boyfriend was killed in a car accident when I was 18.

  13. Wow. I had no idea. When I was younger, a lot of my boyfriends died right after we split up. Now that I’m 41, and for the past decade, I live with this intense fear that whenever my partner doesn’t call back or disappears for some reason, I immediately have an intense fear that they’re dead. Which can be excruciating even if it’s not real, and I’ve actually broken up with people when they do this ti me. Since they know how I feel about it. Also the main reason why I chose to not have kids, I think I wouldn’t be able to handle this fear if it were my child. If you have any advice reading all this, please share!! This really is an issue. Thank you!

      1. Yes, I was so shocked I forgot to mention it! Pluto in Libra in my 9th house conj. MC, opp. Venus and Mercury in Aries in my 3rd house. Saturn Rx in Leo 8th house, Sun in Pisces 3rd house, and Uranus in Scorpio 10th house. I have been reading about it all day! I don’t understand how it can be a good thing, how to make it work. I always assumed I was just plain unlucky in relationships. Shadow work is what I’m reading now. If you have ANY advice please let me know! Thank you!!

      2. Oh and Cancer Mars in the 7th house ??? I’ve been in a million relationships and they were all awful!! I’ve wanted it all my life and at 41 I think it’s time to give up ?

        1. Maybe it’s also my 12th house Neptune in Sag.,my imagination is too vivid. Which also makes me fall in love with potential mostly, ignore all red flags, and just go for it, as bad as it might look. Sorry for the overload of info! But reading other people’s comments really helped me, maybe this will help someone else too.

  14. I read this after all that’s been written about the upcoming 1/12/20 conjunction in Capricorn post. The 1/12 transit hits my family in a way that, to be perfectly honest scares me; me-4th, hubby exact on this DC and our daughter in her 8th. It’s as if it’s foretelling my hubby will die during the transit. I have Venus conjunct Pluto in my 12th and yes, I have suffered a traumatic loss when our son committed suicide 4 1/2 years ago. I want to scream to the universe “I’VE LOST ENOUGH”!

      1. S, Thanks for the interest and I tried but discovered charts aren’t allowed to be posted here. It will be what it will be

  15. Avatar
    Venus Opp Pluto Man

    I am a man and I was in relationship with someone who’d always shower me with gifts and through my own care for them I decided to reciprocate sexually. It wasn’t meant as manipulation. I eventually stopped although I developed feelings for them as there was a lot I convinced myself was wrong and I felt I was taking advantage. We remained friends for 3 years. 2018-2020. A few days ago they took their life. I received the phone alongside their parents. I hope i never feel this pain and guilt again. I think my love would have saved them.

    1. Sorry for your loss.Do u have Venus opposite Pluto ? I Do and I experienced death of partners after the Relationship is over in strange ways as this ..I’m left with questioning should I have stayed with them and it wouldn’t of happened. It’s happened about 3 times after I was no longer with the person ..suicide, drugs, dui accidents it’s always something to make me feel horribly wrong about it.

  16. Only two men I’ve ever loved comitted suicide. My boyfriend killed himself by smashing his car into the wall. I was sixteen. 15 years later, my first love, first friend, best friend and soulmate commited suicide by overdose. My sanity was at risk. It was 4 yours ago. I’ think I’m done with love for this lifetime. I have natal venus opposition pluto. Furthermore, twice in my life I ended up on the court and got police protection from the guy I went ONCE for a date…So, I think getting a dog and few more cats would be the best solution for this lifetime.

  17. Well, this happened to trigger a transit of my husband’s sister’s boyfriend yesterday morning. My husband’s sister died. She had had health problems but yesterday morning, she just didn’t wake up. Her boyfriend has Venus at 23* Capricorn. We are all in shock.

    1. Wanted to add here, that the boyfriend died April 9, 2022. He died two days after her birthday and the same way she died. Went to sleep and never woke up. He was 47. She was 41.

  18. Avatar
    Neptune Barbie

    The only person I could think of that lost their twin to death was Elvis. I looked up his chart, he has Venus @ 22 Cap, opposite Pluto @ 25 Cancer. Jesse was born first by 35 minutes, dead, identical twin. Interesting.

    1. This made me curious about how the new ‘Elvis’ film by Baz Luhrmann is currently being promoted globally, and those degrees in Cancer-Capricorn are currently being set off by transit involving Pluto, including the recent full moon.

      1. Avatar
        Neptune Barbie

        That movie is making millions and benefiting his Estate with all the renewed interest in his life. This is so interesting!

        1. hmm, Venus and Pluto, 2nd house and 8th house, and millions of dollars! Venus makes me think of stardom, his star quality too – resurrection in some ways and making a new audience all over again.

          1. Avatar
            Neptune Barbie

            You just can’t make it up! Who would’ve thought that Elvis, of all (dead) people, would be making a fame and money surge in 2022? No one. I would like to see the film, my mother was a HUGE Elvis fan and I grew up with his music.

    1. “One thing I have seen is that if the opposition is prominent (say, lying across the ascendant/descendant), it’s entirely possible this happen to a woman more than once!”

      hence me mentioning… because for it to happen twice, obliterated my heart

    2. If Pluto is conjunct your ascendant, it opposes your Venus-ruled 7th house so it would seem to be a thing. But I can’t say I have seen this in practice (consistently), like I have Venus opp Pluto.

      My daughter has Pluto rising in Scorpio and her losses are staggering… but she’s never lost a partner to death. Her experience seems typical in my experience. But here you are so clearly, it does happen. I’m sorry. 🙁

      1. yes, the only good thing about the first loss was I figured that was my big horrible event, so for it to happen again was shattering… couldn’t believe it.

        “Her experience seems typical in my experience.”

        you mean figurative death instead of literal death, or ?

            1. that makes sense (all the angles) – my family/foundation was never the same & so on…

              the first death happened when I was a teenager and I didn’t deal with it until I was out of the house… fell into a deep depression, had no authority other than my own teenage self… was abusing alcohol which got me thrown into jail –

              I just looked the other day to see my chart then and Saturn was on my MC.

              That was a terrible time of course, but the humiliation to my reputation woke me up. Took at least 5 years to normalize after that. I’d also gained a tremendous amt of weight from being unhealthy which took the rest of my 20s to normalize as well.

              pretty extreme stuff

  19. The Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter transit in Aug2020 inconjunct my Venus/Merc/Juno/Uranus when my husband died.

  20. This reminded me of the third wife of Jesse Livermore. She had been married 3 times before and all 3 of her husbands committed suicided.

    Unfortunately, Jesse Livermore, her fourth husband, had the same fate and shot himself in the cloak room of the Waldorf Astoria.

  21. A friend of mine has this aspect, and someone mentioned there being a possibility of more than one lover dying, if aspecting the ascendant. My friend has a 1st House Venus in Taurus, 7th house Pluto Scorpio. The father of her child(who’s 9 and has a 1st House Pluto Moon conjunction in Capricorn) commit suicide. Chiron in the 3rd, can be related to her younger brother dying when she was 4. Her Sun is at Pisces 29 degrees, conjunct the North Node, in the 12th House. She identifies with mental institutions. She owns her “crazy” – She will also tell you – she sees herself as a future Black Widow. She already assumes another lover will die. I’m and 8th house sun, and even i cant get that comfortable with death hanging around me like that. When me and her get together…..lights seriously flicker sometimes. She loves it and I wanna jump out of my skin.

    1. Loved all of this everyone. Thankyou all.
      Pluto opposed my Venus in 8th.2004.
      Almost died but nor quite(obviously) or I’d be a ghost writer.
      I’m also very sorry for all the trauma caused to you all. Now, I’m looking at Pluto opposing Venus coming on a coming birthday.Pluto will be opposing my Uranus natal with that Venus on it.
      And I guess that is answering another aspect coming by Solar Arc on my 25th wedding anniversary. Solar Arc Venus exact to the minute on Natal Pluto and S Arc Ceres 1 minute off natal Venus in 8th. Mmm.
      By the way, if you are lucky enough to get Pluto conjunct your Venus it absolutely means Money and Status for you. Plus obsessional love which maybe not so good. That is the opposite of Venus transit to Pluto me thinks.

      1. When pluto conjuncted the venus of a man I knew, his girlfriend died and he died a little over a year later just two days after her birthday.

  22. How does a Venus opposite retrograde Pluto affect a person’s relationship? Does it still cause death of a lover/spouse?

    I’ve Venus in Taurus; 2nd house opposite retrograde Pluto in Scorpio; 8th house. I’ve heard from my uncle who claims he can see a future that my husband will die after marriage in a car accident. However, I’m unmarried so that’s a mystery.

    My relationships so far though end abruptly. Im often left wondering what happened and why the relationship ended. Most of my partners left me suddenly and rest of the partners who didn’t leave me, I left them suddenly. Till today, I haven’t gotten to know the reason behind most of my partners have leaving me on short notice. Right after they leave, they’re never the same person I knew once.

    Recently, my upcoming engagement broke off abruptly due to partner’s mom’s disapproval of me. That ex says he’s suicidal now. He wanted to crash his car. Thankfully, he’s still Alive.

    1. All the things you list align with this aspect. It can cause the death of a lover but it can also signify a deeply transformative relationship / till death do we part.

  23. I have not lost a lover, divorced yes but wasn’t a sudden loss. But I lost my best friend from childhood from lymphoma when she was 27 and I was 26 years old. I lost a coworker also. She died that night after work to a brain aneurysm. I came in to work the next morning and found out. From then on, every time I come in to work in the morning I feel a little frightened that I might hear some bad news. She was the same age as me, just 40 years old.
    In 2016, my oldest sister, at 52, after many years of drug abuse and in very poor health died in a fire. She lit a cigarette while on an oxygen machine and started the fire that burned my 2nd oldest sisters house down.
    I have Libra SN in the 6th, Venus conjunct Mercury and Vesta in Pisces in the 11th, opposite PlutoR/UranusR in the 5th. I’m a Taurus rising conjunct Lilith. None of my relationships are easy. 🙁

  24. Yes my sons father died by suicide (my ex) it was very violent. I was separated at birth from my Mom for two months.She also never told my dad I was born, until 20 yrs later. He never knew actually.My uncle was murdered, oh my dad has links with the Military. I’ve got the Sun,Mars,Mercury and Venus all tightly conjunct in Aries all tighly opposite my Natal Pluto in Libra. I’ve alot more stories with these aspects. Not for the faint hearted 💔

  25. My husband will have progressed Venus oppose Pluto in a couple years. Venus rules his third and ninth.

    Will I die?
    Right now he experiencing transit Pluto oppose natal moon and he has developed a lot of health issues. It strange , two of his sisters are sick. One s liver is going bad. She has R arthritis and the drugs they give her destroying her living. She weighs only 100. She vastly underweight cause live does not synthesis the nutrients . She ghostly looking.

    Does Venus always represent female , wife.
    Or do rulerships come into play.
    Moon rules his 12th.

    He not doing the work Pluto oppose moon.

    It strange, I have Neptune conjoin sun. Moon and sun rule seventh His health issues just keep getting worse.

  26. My husband will have progressed Venus oppose puto in a couple years. He has Pluto sq Venus natally.
    Venus rules his third and eleventh houses. I have a feeling something traumatic happen.

    This man is walking trauma.
    I’ve never seen this. He hit by a car and three months later dad dies. He had chemo and last treatment mother died.

    Other things as well. I did a thread on Pluto Venus hard aspects and every person said they went into therapy and did crisis work or volunteer work.

    I wonder

  27. My partner has transit Pluto opposite Venus exact next month…to clarify…hopefully this doesn’t generally mean that one has to leave their partner to save their own life?

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