Transits And A Wounded Scorpio Mars

Arrow TongueBefore I go off on a huge tangent I’m going to give you my point up front. With any luck it will loop back around and make sense. Transiting planets provide a certain energy. How that energy interacts with your personal chart is specific but by no means accurately predictable to any specific degree.

Sunday when Mercury was deep into its retrograde, several planets aspected my third house (Mercury/communication) Scorpio Mars, as well as my Saturn and Chiron. You’d expect limitation (Saturn) and an activation of my wounding (Chiron) in regard to communicating and my drive (Mars), and in hindsight you would be right. I decided to keep my damned mouth shut about things that were bothering me in my private life. Obviously it wasn’t the best day for me to air concerns. So I decided to bite my tongue. I meant to do this figuratively, of course, through my will, my free will, and I did.

Mid-day I also literally bit through the end of my tongue. There was blood and freaking out; it was all very dramatic. I wounded (Chiron) my tongue (weapon of my third house Mars) with my teeth (Saturn) and it was damned bloody (Scorpio)! I had tried to use the energy in a very academic way but that’s not how it turned out at the end of the day. It shattered my cardinal illusions of control, which in actuality were pretty snotty and full of hubris. Addithionally I thounded really thtupid for a whole day.

I guess I needed to be reminded (mercury retro) not to be so cocky (Mars, particularly in Scorpio), that my personal control is limited (Saturn). Guess I got my tongue slapped. Ensure’s not so bad; I can live with it.

Do you see the effect of transits? What’s your track record on using them for prediction?

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16 thoughts on “Transits And A Wounded Scorpio Mars”

  1. wow Satori!!

    I don’t use western astrology to predict the future, but more as like a tool for reflection to define what’s happening internally, and sometimes it seems to bring about a Jungian coincidence. Like a few days ago I was in an *extremely* dark mood and I felt like I couldn’t move. Looked at the chart, sure enough, Saturn on N. Mercury.

  2. Satori….that’s funny, but I am sure it wasn’t for you. On Saturday night I literally got laryngitis…so bad, I could not say a word and not til Monday night did my voice start to come back….now it is a deep, sexy voice and someone commented on it while I was on the phone today…..haha

    But, interestingly, it must have been a virus or something, because I hadn’t been yelling at anyone, in fact, I was alone most of the day and being quiet….makes so much sense that merc. was deep into its retro….I like that. Thank you!

  3. Definite occurrences I’ve noticed;

    Pluto hit natal saturn (11th house) and I lost all my “friends”, got into a nice little depression and consequently started doing badly in school (no more g/t classes for you! — my only escape, figures)
    -Glad that transit can’t happen again!

    Pluto hit natal uranus (11th) almost died a few times, modified my body, and went pretty far away to university.
    -That was a very interesting transit…kinda wish that could occur again

    Whenever transiting mercury hits natal uranus, I get intersting traffic ticket situations. And NOT fun-interesting either.
    -Thats about the only one I can check up on yearly and actually noticed that recently, I’ll need to lay low this year somehow.

    I’m Thorry about your tonue Thatori! =/ Great post as always though=)

  4. I notice –

    – the woman who participated in my first natal chart reading always complains about Facebook acting up on her when Mercury is retrograde

    – I got my ass kicked during my Saturn return – natal Saturn in the 1st so I did an overhaul on myself

    – Saturn transiting my 2nd is helping me recognize and utilize my resources

    I’m trying to see more all the time.

  5. dang satori that must have been painful as the dickens. Sorry.

    I can never predict transits but I have noticed that since t pluto has been on my asc, almost every time the transiting moon conjoins it I get a new griefbomb.

    I have a gemini moon and saturn in the 4th so sobbing is kind of a novelty & I can live with it. Still sucks though. I have to get dog food at Costco tomorrow haha.

  6. So, Satori, this post made me sit down and really look at my chart chronologically. First, I am a newbie at all of this. I have a basic understanding, but I’ve never really delved deep before. Reading this blog has changed that for me. Please though, understand that I’m in “uncharted” territory for me actually discussing my chart.
    I’ve read recently that my chart is a bucket shape, though with two planets in the “handle”. Moon, mars in Pisces. The rest of my planets line up from cancer to scorpio. Pluto is 28 Leo, Sun, 29, venus in Cancer. So I sat down with the ephemeris and charted my dates. I actually got to know Pluto a lot better–he really is a two steps forward, one step back kind of guy. In slow motion. Some of his interactions made sense with my memories, some didn’t.
    I am an old Deadhead. The music for me has been my refuge since I was in my 20’s. I became a “concert going” deadhead at 22, and probably have seen 2-300 shows, both Grateful Dead themselves, and offshoots. For me, they were/are a large part of my spiritual journey. They were the place where I go to go “home”, to find myself: “Oh yeah, that’s who I am!”
    I just found out that the final pass that Pluto made through the main body of my chart, that being conjuncting Saturn, came the day before the death of Jerry Garcia.
    That’s making me tremble

  7. it sounds like he was a Saturn figure for you. sometimes it can be really powerful to realize when we’re connected to people, and that it’s real.

  8. God, you gotta laugh! I just went back and for the first time looked at his chart–our venus’ are within two degrees of each other, and his saturn basically sits on my moon.
    Somewhat disquieting!
    We also share Pluto’s sitting right behind our suns, but his is 3 degrees apart, while mine is 1.

    And, why it’s real!

  9. Wasn’t it Lilly who predicted his own death on a certain day by something falling on his head? He decided to stay at home in bed to try and avoid this (obviously).. and a bookcase fell off the Wall, hit his head and killed him..

    .. or something like that.. was it Lilly?

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