I’m Scared Of My Pluto Transit

Hi Elsa,

Let’s just say a person – namely me – has had Neptune transiting his 12th house in Aquarius for years. And Neptune wreaked havoc on my life…you cannot begin to imagine. In years to come Pluto will leave my 11th house and go into the 12th.

I have a very strong Pluto natally (in Scorp, 8th house, part of t-square, aspecting almost all planets). Will I have to go through what I went through with Neptune again?

If you paid your debts, karma or whatever and a planet makes a frightening transit, will nothing bad happen?


Hi Unnerved. You did not send your chart data. I’ll take this a philosophical question.

First, I don’t think we can define just exactly what our “dues to pay” are. Some people have more to pay than others, that’s for sure.

Next, a person’s ability to learn from their experience is more predictive of how they’ll fare when faced with a challenge in the future.

I am also not sure you have the cause of your problems identified correctly.  Neptune’s transit through it’s own house is not inherently bad.  It’s hard to read you own chart, especially if you’re a novice.

Your specific questions:

Will I have to go through what I went through with Neptune again?

I doubt you will go through the same thing with one transit as you did with the last. First, these are different planets. But you’re also in a different stage of life now, then you were during the Neptune transit.

If you paid your debts, karma or whatever and a planet makes a frightening transit, will nothing bad happen?

I’m sorry, but I think something bad can happen to anyone at anytime, regardless of how good or even great they might be. Think of these kids shot dead at school, or a child who grows up in an abusive home.

Take the latter example, because in that scenario, the child survives.  Does having suffered at the hands of their parents clear them of “karma” for the rest of their life? How about if they live to be ninety years old?

I don’t think the way you are seeing this is going to help you.  My first guess is that this is a Saturn problem; think “fear” and “control”.

You could address this by looking at and accepting the fact you made it through the Neptune transit. Why in the world would you not make it through the Pluto transit, seeing as you are older, wiser and more experienced.

Last,  I’d compare this to being afraid you might have cancer or some other deadly disease. Before you get too worried, make sure you’ve been properly diagnosed.

Good luck!

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5 thoughts on “I’m Scared Of My Pluto Transit”

  1. I can understand the worry because astrology says Pluto destroys and completely annihilates (and IF you survive you come out stronger). But there’s no guarantee we’ll survive. I just had Pluto cross my IC and I thought the stress of it would kill me, literally. I also had Saturn transit my 1st house. Next year I’ve got Saturn crossing my IC. I read astrological advice about making sure your life is how it should be prior to a Saturn transit, but there’s no way I could have avoided what happend (flu then a year to get better) when Saturn went through my 1st H. It seems like some things we just gotta bare…

  2. anonymoushermit

    It’s hard to surrender (12th house). It’s easier said than done. Pluto transits push you to accept things as they are, it’s less painful that way. But easier said than done.

  3. As someone having had Pluto cross that threshold since 2008 I think surrender is the hardest part initially. Capricorn is a harsh sign to work with in that regard. But literally, anything that “undo” you is hard to work with, as the forces outside and inside are prone to pulling all of you apart. Even if you’re having a relatively OK fair childhood or life, things will start to be torn apart in order to be released and transformed. That’s the part of Pluto no one can control, but we can control how we react to it.

    In my transit I have learned to “Let go and let God”. Or Pluto in this case. I know I can’t put up a fight against him. It’s the hard lessons of life (Capricorn) and the willpower/nimbleness to find footing even on harsh ground full of rocks.
    It’s like an underwater earth quake – you can’t always see it, but the tsunamies it creates can be devestating. Try being a mountain goat underwater – it’s sorta like that I guess?

    Pluto touched my Moon in this transit – in a square. It attracted a lot of power struggle into my life. I was also very much isolated and alone. It made me realize I was stronger than I thought, to sit with the loneliness and just let it be a part of me. In the end I came out stronger, I found gold. But it wasn’t fun and it certainly wasn’t something one does in a heartbeat. It took 1-2 years or more.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with Anette. Pluto’s energy is slow and powerful. The transparency that shows up once one goes through a transit of Pluto transforms one to a new level. I have just gone through a transit of Pluto to my Chiron over a couple of years. Old woulds that have long been buried and not even in my consciousness have been brought to light and I feel such a freedom. Too much to explain here, but the revealing of such a wound has transported me to a new height of awareness. Yes, I have gone through months and months of inner turmoil, however, being on the other side of this is exactly the strength I needed to acquire as Pluto approaches my Venus. I know this may have some uncomfortable moments, but overall I am so grateful for these transits. I would suggest, let go of fear and go deep inside, which is what Pluto is about, and let the magic happen. There is no escape with Pluto, and the rewards are worth it. I am grateful for this experience and now look at it as a gift from the Universe.

  5. Pluto crossed into my 8th house in 2008, and it has been transforming me as well as society. Thus far, I feel my personal transformation has been 100% positive….Natally, I have Pluto in Leo in the 3d house, loosely conjunct Saturn, which obviously rules my 8th house…Now Saturn is joining the party.

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