Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Trauma – Specialists, Audiophiles, Bliss, Death

In regards to assimilating trauma / Pluto transits – shell writes on Will It Take 10 Years To Assimilate:

“Is that kind of like when something happens in your life that is painful, and you think you’ve learned a lesson and will be better equipped to handle it the next time around; yet when it happens again, it still hurts like hell and you have a brain fart as to how to handle it productively? And the second time around, you have baggage from the first time which only adds to the backache? Yeah, I could see how maturity would be the only thing to help. But that only goes so far, huh?”

shell – That is not what I meant but I think this is interesting. Being thoroughly familiar with trauma of most kinds I do understand it’s nuance and fact is you do build up a tolerance to whatever it is that is happening.

For example if you are a battered woman you do in fact get used to getting beaten but if you ever manage to stop the beatings… if you get away for a few months and then one way or the other find yourself back in a situation where you are being beaten again, I think the effects can be worse than ever.

It’s sort of like an alcoholic. They get sober but God forbid if they start drinking again the problem becomes worse than ever. So I think is akin to what you are talking about but I am talking about something else with this second go-round Pluto transit.

Pluto transits by their nature are unfathomable so if you happen to have one (a big one, like Pluto transiting in hard aspect to one of your personal planets) when you are a child you are going to play hell trying to understand and cope with it. You will do it of course (in most cases) but as far as being able to have any kind of perspective on your experience, well it’s not going to be possible.

This would be especially true with a transit from Pluto to the Moon when both planets are by their nature is very yin, internal, and personal because chances are no one is going to know what is going on.

So you get through the period and over the course of whatever number of years (15-20 in my case) you assimilate your experience. And then here comes the second transit which absolutely relates to the first and I guess where I differ from shell’s characterization is with the word “baggage”.

I do not feel burdened by baggage in any way shape or form. What I feel is keen and sophisticated. I feel like a specialist but you know what they say – Ignorance is bliss! I have never heard anyone say “Being a specialist is bliss” have you? ::smiles:: So this is what I meant. I can put such a fine point on trauma… well I may very well be world class on this front and I can give you an Aquarian analogy.

My ex-husband, Shack Man was an audiophile and I have found many with Aquarius Moons to be. He had a stereo that was out of this world and guess how he bought his couch? He bought it by EAR height. That’s right. He wanted his ear at the exact level of the speakers so when he went couch shopping his brother went with him, tape measure in hand. He proceeded to sit on couches and have his ear height measured until BINGO!

So this is how it is for us specialists. We’re into our thing in ways normal people would never imagine and no matter how we may to try to tell you, we can never do more than scratch the surface which is why I am beginning to really embrace the idea of multiple lives.

Besides the soldier’s experience (it’s coming and it’s compelling) it just makes sense to me because I know how much I have to say or to write and I will never ever get it done so what? The knowledge dies with me? Somehow I doubt that. I probably be back. I’ll just get born and start talking all over again as if I never stopped in the first place.

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  1. I am having a Pluto transit right now (Pluto conjunct Neptune in Sag, two Februarys ago through Dec 2008). I must say that I REALLY do not enjoy it– all my ideals about relationships and love have been smashed to bits– but I do feel just like you said Elsa, much wiser and more sophisticated and able to handle just about anything in this arena. It doesn’t compare to your experience, but Pluto transits are just no fun in any case. Valuable… like an operation without anesthetic that saves your life. :-p

  2. I was initially horrified to learn that I was going through a Pluto Moon transit, but when I realised that it explained the really hard time I was having, and that it would pass, I was thankful.

    I’m hoping that the worst of it is over with. Oh god, I really really hope the worst is over! No more please!

  3. Thank you for explaining in more detail. And I love your analogy/metaphors, they help me understand better.
    I think that’s why I’ve never been interested in learning how to see transits and all that jazz in my chart. To a certain extent, ignorrance IS bliss, at least for me. If I knew when Pluto would be transiting my moon, or any other tough transit, I’d be a basket case. In my own mind of course. I’d slap on my smile to hide it.
    I guess half of that comes from fear, and the other half is my love for a good, soul-stripping, unexpected challenge.
    I mean, even though I have my extreme downs (moon sq saturn), I prefer to tackle them as they come…surprise attack and all.
    I admire your (and everyone else’s) ability to face these things knowingly and with so much tenacity and courage.

  4. Wow. Shaina.

    Wait. Am I having a pluto transit? It sure feels like it – “everything smashed to bits” – I mean, not in a material way – just in a very internal way. I’m lost, but know that I’ll find home soon – just not the one I used to know. And I’m trying to hang on (like Dorothy hanging on when her house is about to uproot and fly away). And next thing you know, she’s following the yellow brick road.

    Jan. 8, 1972, 8:41 am edison, nj (middlesex county)

  5. hm. my transiting pluto to moon square in my early teens gave me my baby sister and then my best friend. (at the points it hit exact.)
    and absolute collapse of my relationship with my mother. for both reasons. how interesting….

  6. Shell– glad you liked it. I had to find some way to articulate the situation besides “!*#&*$^&$$&^@$*$!”

    doublecappy — I don’t want to step on Elsa’s toes here since it is her astrology blog and she knows exactly one million times more than I do. 😉 Also, she probably has better software. I just use the free stuff. But yep– looks like since March of this year you’ve been going into a Pluto square Pluto transit for the next 2.5 years. But you have some good Jupiter transits to get you through at least the first third of it! Wow, good luck, sugar!

  7. Just for the record, when I say “Pluto transit” at least at this magnitude, I am talking about a Pluto transit to a PERSONAL planet.

    1. ALL planets are “personal” ! AS IF you don’t feel a “non-personal” transit” ?! LOL.
      I really HATE the “non-personal” concept. ALL PLANETS are personal. They all affect you.
      None of it is any less “personal”.

  8. Ah. That is a good point, Elsa.

    I should have mentioned that my Neptune is conjunct my sun and Jupiter. Thus an outer planet transit conjunct Pluto has had very personal effects for me.

    Still, it wouldn’t compare to a direct transit to the moon, or any other direct transit to a personal planet.

  9. Shell – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars for sure.
    Some people would say Jupiter and Saturn as well.

    Uranus, Neptune and Pluto move slowly and are considered “generational”.

  10. Elsa, I think you’ll continue talking in the in-between time from death to rebirth, too! LOL…

    doublecappy (or anyone else), if you are having pluto transit your personal planets, actually hanging on is NOT what you wanna do if you’re hoping to make it easier. it’s letting go. you try to hang on to what’s leaving, you’ll get battered like hell and still end up losing whatever you’re trying to grasp anyway. you let the void come, process the pain, and have faith it will be refilled with what’s right for you now.

  11. I have Pluto opp moon right now and while its not been fun its not been awful. Most certainly not to the extend that I thought it would be. However, it’s only at first pass, now that Pluto has gone retrograde I still have 2 more passes to go. During the opposition to my moon though, Pluto is also trining my Venus- I wonder if this softens the blow a bit. I guess time will tell.
    This is similar to when I think back to a couple years ago when Pluto was opp my sun- again not fun times, but not nearly as awful as I think everyone makes it out to be. Then again, that may just be my chart…

  12. This is such a great piece, so much to chew on. 😀
    I’ve had a few pluto transits to personal planets.

    Love how you claim this as specialist knowledge.

  13. What a good evolution piece, and redux, Elsa. Pluto is part of a stellium in my 7th and 8th H along with Mars and Saturn so from this vantage(your blog post) I was born with having to forge that sharp edge, over and over … The Specialist … I love that approach. Looking back at the transits over the years, Pluto has squared and conjucted all my personal planets; and is parked over my Moon in the 12 H. I ought to be a diamond by the time I’m done, sharp enough to cut glass in the dark.

  14. I’ve been going through this ‘honing’ with a couple of bad transits back to back — Pluto sq Sun, then Neptune sq Moon, on top of Uranus transiting my Sun and Asc. I had a reading with Elsa somewhere in the middle of this about two years ago, and she said I would have a completely different life soon. I didn’t believe her. I couldn’t imagine. Now I am in a completely different life. Wretching, but somehow it’s in a good way. And it’s now as though it had to happen this way. So hard to explain. Taking good out of destruction. Prying, excavating, transforming. How long does Pluto’s work go on after it stops looking/pointing at you? And I don’t know what’s worse, Pluto’s work or Neptune beating up my moon… and yet, I’m still ok.

  15. ~Elsa, in reference to multiple lives, this is the only answer I ever got for how and why I’ve been able to do so many things without really practicing.

    Trauma carries resonances and we carry these resonances with us, as I guess is called “baggage” and I agree with you – our baggage has made us what we are and there is nothing ‘wrong’ with either it or us.

    I share with you a ‘theory’ I’ve been researching and collecting data on for over two decades in explanation of what you have observed. This theory has to do with ‘karma’, what it is and how to neutralize it.

    After the initial trauma, the mental and emotional pain of that trauma, of being a “Victim” of it, remains. This is an emotional and mental resonance or wounding, a radiation of a very particular wavelength, very much like a magnetic field in quantum physics where the expectations of the observer are what determines Reality called into manifestation.

    This would magnetize like situations and experiences to be attracted. No matter where we move, there we are, sending out transmissions mentally and emotionally of particular wavelengths. Our outer wounds may have healed but our inner ones haven’t.

    And it will happen over and over no matter how calloused and resilient we become. We make the same mistakes over and over because they always show up wearing a different mask. Looking beneath the mask is Pluto’s territory. We’re simply afraid of what we might find, that’s all. The purpose of “Darkness” is to hide something, something our separative egos don’t want us to see or look at.

    We have to love ourselves enough to want to. That, and believe in Forgiveness, because we’re only allowed to see, what we can mentally and emotionally cope with seeing.

    btw…a tidbit my teacher once shared with me is:

    Get too close to an Aquarian moon and they’ll run away. There are a some Aquarians that are afraid of Intimacy and run away into their heads in order to avoid dealing with emotions.

  16. Revisited this post to tie together to integrate your post today (Dec 23, 2013) about the cardinal grand cross which includes Pluto. A deep and hidden emotional attachment (my 12th house moon) is being battered with the current grand cross. Rereading the comments and your post I know what the attachment is and the solution is to let it go … easy? Not so much. But, woosh … best let go and let god. Geez.

  17. Pluto will be transiting to my natal moon in 8th house in next 7 years. At that time, saturn will square my Mother’s sun and my Mother will also have her second saturn return. I feel like my heart is crushed when I think something may happen to her at that time, because I’ve read somewhere that pluto transition to natal moon causes intense emotion and the relationship with the mother will undergo transformation. I’m so scared. If I may, may I ask if anyone of you experienced pluto transition to natal moon in 8th house, how were your experiences like? Thank you…xx

  18. I will be having Pluto conjunct my moon in Capricorn at 17/18 in the next year or so…my moon is also in the 8th house…I would love to know what I can expect.

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