Mars In Pisces – Deliberately Misleading

Mars in PiscesMars will ingress into Pisces this week.  I’ve already voiced my concern about retrograde Venus in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces over the next weeks: Warning – Love & Money Deception.

I don’t want to make people feel paranoid but there are some things I want to say about Mars in Pisces that may not be popular.

First, Mars is deliberate by it’s nature.  None of this, “Oops! Slipped on a banana peel and screwed your husband!” You can pretend that is how something like that happened. You may even convince yourself of it but it does not change the fact that at some point, there was a deliberate act – MARS.

I am not meaning to dog, Mars in Pisces. But Mars in Pisces does a lot more than just try to be sensitive and wonderful. For example, it’s misleading. Deliberately!  And I have an example of this…

Mars in Pisces is insanely seductive. I was sitting in a bar one time, out hunting love with my personal Mars in Libra. A man with Mars in Pisces sat next to me. He started chatting me up.

He also started blowing on me, on my neck, sort of. He was so subtle, I couldn’t be sure if was him or the ceiling fan, rotating slowly, way above our heads. I was transfixed.

I married this man, as a matter of fact. But I hope you get my point.  Mars in Pisces is up to something, just like any other Mars in the zodiac. It WANTS something.  And Mars is concerned with “ME” not “WE”.

I expect a lot of trickery to take place over these next weeks.  Again, you don’t have to be paranoid, but do keep in mind, the duality of Pisces (and Gemini), because there are going to be hijinks of kinds.

The man in the bar was not malicious. He provided me with a thrilling experience, which I appreciated, greatly.  But he had an agenda. He was out to conquer. I was his prey on the evening in question.

See how easy it is to lose sight of this?  It’s like being under a spell or affected by some really enjoyable drug.

Click the tag to better understand Mars in Pisces.  I also hope people with this placement or people who have dealt with Mars in Pisces might weigh in. But most of all, I hope people pay attention in the near term because it’s no fun waking up to realize you’ve been tricked.

What do you know about Mars in Pisces?

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  1. And with Mars conjuncting Neptune during his transit of Pisces – whew. There may also be a “from bad to worse” with COVID-19. Mars-Neptune is a classic infection signature; pile deliberate deception on top of that and, well….

    1. I’m interested in what you said abt mars and Neptune and infection, it rings true to me but could you elaborate a bit more? Thanks

  2. My husband has Mars in Gemini, tightly conjunct his MidHeaven … he’s tricky period! I need to be extra careful to use my spider senses as an antidote to the trickery, for both our sakes. It’s the Dual Nature of Gemini, thing … and Mars ingresses into his 6th House in Pisces, health issues are involved. Spider has already bitten him on the elbow; warning sign:)

  3. I know, Adriano Celentano has this aspect. His songs are wonderful. His cinema roles are great. Pisces are very talanted, Jupiter is second ruler. Lady Gaga has Jupiter in Pisces trining Pluto in Scorpio. Big talant. This is good sight on Pisces. Surely, bad sight exists too.

    1. This has been so helpful. Being trapped. I had to learn to take responsibility for my decisions that landed me in those situations. I could blame someone else, blame the situation, blame fate, blame bad luck, but really I walked into those situations.

      And sure as a younger person I played the get the man game, but then I had em, then what? Don’t kid yourself that mars in pisces has not experienced deception, like that aspect is some kind of master of the universe, free from being deceived. It’s a long hard road of learning the hard way, to move more slowly, question more closely, and mostly learning to use pisces intuition. To honor intuition against all the rules telling me that this is the way it is or that is the way it is supposed to be. Because it never is. Moving on intuition. Learning to honor that. So during mars transit I will be paying attention to trapped-ness. I know where I am feeling trapped right now, where I bought in, not knowing.

      And as a side note, it explains my 4th house mars in pisces. My mother was trapped. It made her angry sometimes. And I would berate her for it. Then just stop it I’d yell back. But I was talking to a friend about this last evening, our mothers lived in a different time with less choices. Her mother told her ‘I was born too late for women’s lib, but you were not. Make use of your opportunities, don’t waste them.’

      So take a lesson from mars transit through Pisces, slow it down and pay attention to what you are doing. Oh, and there will be those trappers who will be very frustrated, and there will be controllers who can be very dangerous when they can’t make the kill. But trust me, once they anhilated me, they were gone. Mission accomplished. And there I was in fetal position having to deal with it on my own. Very helpful write Elsa.

      1. And a whole lotta truth and wisdom in your Post :- validated by
        a fellow Mars in Pisces.
        ( loved the May 11th post..! haha! :} )

  4. By what I have read/observed, this can be tricky energy. Beautiful, if directed positively. I know of 2 Neptune square Mars entities which tend to live in denial and fantasy land. Unfortunately, they can be passive aggressive and quite deceptive. I don’t know of anyone with pure, untainted mars in Pisces. I’d imagine them to have the potential to be good swimmers & dancers.

  5. Mars in Gemini, in 12th house, opposed by Neptune, conjunct Mercury, trined by Pluto. Sobriety and honesty is life goals…some day, sigh.

        1. I have a natal mars retrograde in Pisces. I’ve struggled most of my adult life to “get it”; the wafty energy and changing situations.
          I’ve come to believe the best way for me to get anything done, or reach any goal, is to pray first and let go of the outcome to God, feeling His love, and making His delight my ultimate goal. There’s no other direct-conquer way I can enjoy the journey, long term.
          And with Mercury opposite in Virgo, I’ve seen chatter and critical thoughts tend to keep me from accomplishing anything. I don’t even discuss my work now, until it’s finished. It’s counter culture and counter intuitive to vision boards, accountability groups and “step/goal” methods, but it’s finally starting to work with long term accomplishments. ♥️

          1. I get what you are saying about getting things done. Say for example, I am going to prep my garden space. If I plan, plan, plan, I get way overwelmed by all the details (bad Virgo, bad Virgo, but you should see me haul ass on details in my 10th house profession :D) and I won’t get it done. So I always revert back to something Elsa wrote, even though it is most likely not the context she meant. She wrote, ‘sometimes it’s enough just to show up.’ It works for me. I just go to that garden space and start doing it and voila I create a garden. I don’t do the God thing, but I am always finding my way. It’s the only way. I just show up to the location of the task or job, and take it from there. And I also understand the not discussing your work, it seems to suck the energy out of the actual creation.

            1. It’s definitely a “God thing” to put one of His seeds in the ground and grow food or herbs or beautiful flowers or whatever.

              1. Do you mean to mock me? To belittle me? Is the smile supposed to throw me off?
                I remember when you first got here. I thought something had changed in you.
                I was trying to be nice. I’ll go back to ignoring you now, as I have for what? Going on a decade? You carry on with your bad self.

  6. Yeap, Mars in Pisces, 2nd house. I’ve been warned about it’s placement and have instinctively known it’s not good for me. Honestly, when Neptune makes aspects to it I try to lay low and not say much or make decisions. I’ll most definitely return and read this article more times. It’s something I need to understand more. Thanks, Elsa.

  7. My wife and I both have Mars in Pisces and I also have Venus in close conjunction there with Mars. It’s kind of delicious but also, as you say, seductive, seductable and sometimes misleading. Its easy to fool yourself about something and that something is almost always ‘Love’. Mars in Pisces is a way of getting your own way by getting other people to want what you want so it doesn’t look like its you! On the other hand, at its best, it’s also subtle, nuanced and a way of being non confrontational. Luckily, in my chart, Venus in Pisces is in charge, so Mars usually behaves itself!

  8. Reading this makes me wonder about my 9th house Mars and the relationship to the opposite 3rd; I’ve been deceived a lot!!! And also, referring to a previous comment, while it sure helps to be attentive and aware, victim blaming is total BS.

      1. In fact, when thinking about all the other signs Mars could be in, I’ve come back to thinking its ok being in a relationship where you both have it! So,
        Mars in Aries, selfish, always out for themselves
        Mars in Taurus, inflexible, stubborn,’do it my way’, there is no alternative
        Mars in Gemini, totally changeable, scattered energies, cant stick at any course of action for more than 5 seconds
        Mars in Cancer, ridiculously sensitive, blames everyone else for what they do
        Mars in Leo, not the leader they like to think they are, they grab power from others and pretend it’s theirs
        Mars in Virgo, rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic
        Mars in Libra, dunno, cant decide, maybe you can help me
        Mars in Scorpio, is that a knife in your hand?
        Mars in Sag, come back here and listen to what I’m saying!
        Mars in Capricorn, for gods sake relax and get off my case
        Mars in Aquarius, I have no idea why you think you’re doing the right thing and wont listen to anyone else
        So, Mars in Pisces, just make amazing love to me for hours on end, please…. Not so bad really!

        1. Pretty negative view on Mars’ positions overall here 🙂 And again, victim blaming. It’s interesting how a lot of people don’t even realize they do it. Or maybe don’t care. An important element in deception is self-deception, of course, but it’s also simply being human and not being able to be aware of every single aspect of who we are, who we are not, and what our blind spots are. It’s also mostly impossible to know in every single instant, with every connection and relationship and person if they intent do deceive.
          Relationship of planets in opposing signs, virgo-pisces, I was wondering how a Mars in Virgo may affect what’s happening in or through Pisces.

  9. Mars transit through Pisces past experiences: Pisces rules my 7th house, when the transit of Mars has crossed my descendant (11 Pisces) – ALWAYS there has been an encounter with a male either personally or professionally that has tried to take advantage or make aggressive moves. Because my natal Mars is 15 Gemini in the 10th house this aspect is underscored significantly.
    As Elsa says, “knowledge is power”. That’s what I love about astrology!
    Thanks Elsa!

  10. I see a lot of people trying to force their own sensitivity about issues on to others. And it’s really annoying because they are really aggressive about it. They keep saying the wool is being pulled over our eyes by fear-mongering, yet they are delivering their messages in quite the fear-mongering way. I am trying really hard to sit back and to be honest I just wish everybody would take a chill pill. If you don’t have a plan of action, stop complaining! (I am not speaking to anyone on the platform btw).

    1. Sounds like a cancerian thing to do. The thing is people will open their mouth and flap it. Getting them to shut up isn’t going to happen. I think it’s ok for you to complain if it helps. State your own case too. Suppressing feelings is harmful.

  11. My SO has Mars (& Venus), in Pisces in the 12th.
    Seductive for sure, I definitely feel a pull to fall into line with his vision & for what he wants. Tenaciousness isn’t apparent at first glance. Tough exterior hides kind sensitivity, senses moods and reads people really well, holds himself back; viscerally responsive to haunting melancholic music. Altogether rather lovely.

  12. You know, I’ve always “blamed” Gemini types for lying and misinformation in my Life. ( south node) But this article reminds me my own moon and Mars in Pisces gives me unlimited access to fantasy and self deception. I “knew” about this, but conveniently forgot. ? seems like Neptune moving in makes a great environment for creative endeavors- but a dicey time for relationships and facts.?

  13. I have natal mars in Pisces second house square my natal stellium in the 5th house Uranus Venus and Saturn. I felt trapped from the day I was born. I am 77 and still feel trapped.

    1. The trapped thing can get real out of whack. It takes transcendence. I have been at points where I have felt that being in a human body on the planet is being trapped. Trapped in this existence. Now that could lead one down a dark trail to suicide or something, but if I was to believe in being trapped in a body and all that, and if I did opt out, I would probably just have to re-incarnate and do it all over again. I just focus on the joy. If people can’t figure me out, oh well. I mean what’s the point of that anyway. Those people should be figuring themselves out.

  14. So that got me wondering about my neptune in Libra being conjuncted by another’s Mars. Same energy. But in Libra. Also, My Pisces Jupiter conjunct His Pisces moon?
    Is this apples and oranges or two really different fruits?
    I’m thinking it may be the same train just a different track?

  15. So that got me wondering about my neptune in Libra being conjuncted by another’s Mars. Same energy. But in Libra. Also, My Pisces Jupiter conjunct His Pisces moon?
    Is this apples and oranges or two really different fruits?
    I’m thinking it may be the same train just a different track?

  16. Mars is about to conjunct my Moon. I am feeling hardcore motivated to protect my emotional space, and home base right now.

  17. Damn,someone’s onto us Mars Pisceans – and we’d been getting away with it for so long ?‍♀️ ?

  18. Hi Elsa. I’m not expecting you to post this but saw that you had removed a jokey post I’d written. I have since read the previous posts in more detail and seen that my post was really bad timing and I wanted to tell you how genuinely sorry I am. No disrespect was intended and I wouldn’t have written it if I’d seen the previous post. My intention was just that you’d highlighted a different side to Mars Pisces than is usual. Many thanks for all your amazing work. I really appreciate it and am so sorry that something I’ve written has come across as hurtful to you.

      1. Ah,it certainly is! I’m so relieved. My head’s all over the place since receiving an intense call from a person from the past. Astrology is real!

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