People Who Treat Their Partners Like Crap And Then Pine For Them When They Are Gone…

venus tempts marsFrom 2008.  This was before we got married…

“He’d take you back in a minute,” the soldier said.

“You’ve to be kidding me. You think that? I don’t think you’re right.”

“Bullllllllshit! He’d take you back in a half a minute. One second, he’d take you back.”

“That is hard for me to believe.”

“It’s the truth. So would any other man who has ever known you for that matter.”

I shook my head. ‘That is a pretty spectacular thing to say. I don’t know how to believe that could be true.”

“It is true.”

“Why do they treat you like crap when you’re with them then?”

“Don’t know, P. I don’t know but I do know he’d take you back with no question.”

We got off the phone and it occurred to me he was probably right. I don’t care how this sounds. I just have pain. But I think this is common so I want to know about it.

If you are the type who treats good people / partners like crap until you force them out the door and regret it… why?

Why do you do it… and where is your Venus?

pictured: Venus, Mars and Cupid. School of Fontainebleau, cica 1550

52 thoughts on “People Who Treat Their Partners Like Crap And Then Pine For Them When They Are Gone…”

  1. Venus in the 6th house sextile Moon. I never treated anyone I loved like shit. But maybe I am too serious and plain speaking when I express what I feel.

    Exes coming back? I had this experience. I never took them back. It was really hard for me when breaking up. Often they told me I treated them bad. And I had a hard time blaming myself and thinking if they were right or what. Why did they came back if I was sooooo bad????

    @paixguerre, in my case both. I had relationships with big age gaps. One was older with 7 years, one was younger 9 years. This younger one told me I treat him bad while he did things like asking his sister to cook something and put an ingredient to it that cause my food allergy to appear. You see, he was “just curious” if I really had that allergy or am I just make it up.

  2. Maybe the reason some people treat their partners like crap and then pine for them when they are gone is because they miss treating them like crap?

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