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Our guest likes to walk.  Apparently he really likes to walk and he’s done so all over the world. I am talking about walking from London to Rome. His longest walk was about 2600 miles. It’s hard to fathom that, but it he brought it down to earth.

We were outside when he unstrapped his trekking poles from his backpack to demonstrate his technique. Click, click, click, he walked up the drive, before offering us the chance to try it.  He had the best equipment, obviously.  He also had this down to a science.

He carries a light backpack when he walks. He brings two pairs of pants which can be converted to shorts. The material is light and dries quickly for when he’s caught in the rain.  He’s got a light jacket. He sleeps, wherever. Convents, people’s houses, someone’s tent, whatever he can find. He carries his nuts and some fruit and some rope.

peace pilgrimThe rope serves if his backpack breaks or if he’s carrying something additional, he can secure it to his backpack. At times he’s got to rappel over a cliff on his route so he used the rope in these instances as well. He can walk 20-22 miles a day with the sticks, on average.

“Have you ever heard of Peace Pilgrim?” I asked.  “I met her.”

“No, I’ve not heard of her,” he said.

“She walked over sixty thousand miles in her life.”

“Sixty-thousand! Then I’m a beginner!”

I laughed at that. Have you ever walked twenty miles in a day? I have.  I used to go on the Walk-a-thons with, Henry, when I was a kid. It’s not easy to do and if you ever do it, you probably would not want to wake up and do it again the next day. It’s an astounding feat and he’s nowhere near retired from this.

So how do feel after reading this? How did I feel?

I feel I could do better. Much better. I feel I’ve been provided with an example of a person who can do anything they want. They choose to share freely and cause no one any problems.  Why can’t I do this?  Shouldn’t I be doing this?

I’m not saying I run around causing people problems because I most certainly do not.  But I could a lot better – A LOT.  I mean, it’s my life.  And the fact is, I like people like this.

My lumbar spine scolosisI got some trekking poles. As most know, I have terrific back problems. I can barely walk, a lot of the time, When I experimented with his sticks, using them made a huge difference. If you want to shriek in pain every time you put your foot down and something reduces this feeling, it’s gets your attention. I decided to buy the poles, train with them, hopefully become proficient and gain strength and just in general, go full weirdo.

I mean, do I want to ride a mower over to my neighbors or so I want to walk with sticks? It’s better for me to walk. It’s better for me to drink less coffee.   Will I fit in? No.  But maybe it’s time I live my 7th house Uranus instead of projecting it.

Walking with sticks, using a walker, using a wheelchair.  There’s really no question is there? I’ve set a goal to stay upright and walk with sticks as needed, when and if necessary. I’m also going to use them to walk for exercise, with the hope I’ll get stronger over time.

I particularly like how they allow me to retain my posture.  You have to bend over a walker and I really don’t like it.  I think these things are becoming popular, and the aging population may be one of the reasons.

Can you imagine these long walks with no distractions? In my case, it’s exertion that makes the ideas flow. I want that. I have to make a break here and it’s hard to do.

It’s hard to do because of Saturn in Pisces.  Resolve dissolves, but this can also be transcended so this is where I’m at and what I’m doing.  If you can hitchhike on this, please do.

It’s like, Henry, climbing his favorite mountain in his eighties.  It can’t be easy but that’s not the point.

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15 thoughts on “Trekking Through Life – I’m A Beginner”

  1. Maybe it’s time I live my 7th house Uranus instead of projecting it.

    Needed that piece….. again. Thanks for repeating

    Thank You

  2. Thank you for sharing these experiences, reflections and decisions, Elsa.

    It all seems a bit mind-blowing.I wish you well with your sticks and walking and living goals.

    1. You’re welcome. I’m mind blown myself though I can’t describe exactly how or why.

      I wish I could share the dialogue but unfortunately, I can’t. Suffice to say is spanned the globe.

      I did ask what business he is on. He’s selling a private island and resort for a friend as a favor. It’s very connector-ish. 🙂

  3. Fascinated! Want to try it! My 7th house Uranus loves this idea. Are they ski poles? What do you call them?

    1. Trekking poles or walking sticks.
      They are pretty damned handy.
      The tips can be changed out for snow, rocks, etc.
      Very lightweight and collapsible.

      He told me his were very expensive but they hooked to his backpack, maybe 15″ long when folded.

  4. Wonderful story Elsa. Seems like you made life changing decision. Walking sticks are really taking off recently. There are walking protests going on in my city and I’m seeing lot of people in their seventies and eighties with sticks. I’m fascinated they care enough and are willing to come and walk for a good cause.
    I’m in my late forties and slowly facing akes and pains of getting older. Haven’t been working out for years and decided it’s time, but I was never a fan of exercise. But I’m walking and started swimming wich is my favorit thing in the world.

    1. Thanks! A lot of people are getting on a health kick which is one of the reasons I decided to post this. He’s an old man and I crippled af. Let this wipe away your excuses. 🙂

  5. Funny thing happened last night! I just broke one of my bottom front teeth off at the gum line! Saturn is squaring my Libra sun. Libra sun natal opposition to Jupiter in Aries. So today’s charges were 2,000+for extraction, bone scraping, bone graft, implant nub to come in two weeks!

  6. This is very coincidental for me. My dad left an extra wading staff (it’s for fly fishing but basically the same idea as a walking stick) at my house, and I pulled it out for my mom to use the other night when my whole family was over. She has bad knees. I wanted everyone to come on a walk with me. I have a regular loop that I walk daily, and we all walked it together after we finished dinner. My mom really liked it and has been using it on more walks. Now after reading this, I just recommended she get a pair of poles and try walking with two! I’ve been walking 1 mile every day for the past month since I quit cannabis. I suppose I could start increasing my distance!

  7. In need of a new knee but I’ve been putting it off, and I still walk with my dog as I can. This year I decided to try my cane when I walk and it has helped a lot. Bought a pretty one so I’m styling. Brazo’s walking sticks (and canes) if anyone wants an interesting one.

  8. I am very excited about my new exercise program and even more so now. When I retire my husband and I are going to do the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

  9. After hiking down into Mesa Verde N.P. (not difficult) I ran into a retired woman and we talked…Her son had walked from the US Midwest down to the bottom tip of South America in a period of 9 months..He was now married and had kids..I observed that he had some great stories to tell to them, and maybe his grandkids, when they were older……

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