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It was my husband who asks this man about his chart. I was pretty sure he would be receptive to astrology due to the metaphysical bend of some of my husband’s family, but I was still not going to bring it up.

The reason was because this trip was not about me, it was about this blood tie.  But my husband brought it up; he had his complete birth data and of course the chart is extraordinary.

He’s a double Gemini with Mercury in the sign and he walks.  Funny.  But he also has Saturn and Uranus conjunct in Gemini, apart from his sun, moon, Mercury conjunction.  Most of this stuff is in the eccentric 11th house, with Jupiter exalted in Cancer.

He stayed with us two nights. We learned that he never plans ahead at all. This is why we did not know when he was coming, exactly. In fact, he was supposed to go to New York for his third stop but this changed to Anquilla by way of St Maartin, then to Quebec by way of New York.  In regards to traveling to  Canada, he was not sure if he wanted to fly or take a train.

He stated he never makes a final decision until the day of travel.  Instead he gets a hotel near the airport, wakes in the morning to decide where he’s going. This way he can drop the car and board the plane without any hassle.

You see Mars and Pluto in the early degrees of Leo; stationing Pluto in Aquarius was opposing.  But what you can’t see is he has Neptune at 27 Virgo, exactly square his Gemini moon.

Where is Neptune right now?  Stationing at 27 degrees.

I can’t say I understand all of this or even any of it, so it’s just like I said in the beginning. I’m trying to retain some of the benefits of this experience and see them shape my future. I hope this opportunity is transferable to you.  If not, at least this story broke up the monotony of the mainstream everything.

The end.


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  1. I love this guy. I just love this specific type of weirdo. I would love to know what he did/does to support himself financially.

    I would guess something highly technical. Or scientific.

  2. What a lovely, intriguing, surprising experience. I thought of the Peace Pilgrim connection before you said it. I can relate as a mid-late Taurus rising with Uranus finally in my first, like him.

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    Aquarius Lurker

    Love this true story so much. ‘Am I doing this wrong, and can I do more?’ ‘What am I projecting that I should be living?’ These are my takeaways for now. I also like that your grandfather Henry was right about so many things. Here’s yet more proof (as if you needed it)! Wow.

  4. A fascinating story. Fascinating man. Sometimes people appear just when we are ready.. I also am very interested in this man’s career /how he supported himself and the travels.You also mentioned he was on “business” at some point.Still working? Consulting? I wonder,too, how he impacted your husband’s day to day, if at all..I am sure the visit was something different for each of you..such a numinous visit!! So much unknown family history around me,I get worried someday I will get a phone call….. but your story makes me think it might be interesting…

  5. Wow. Thank you for sharing this! I get these moments sometimes where there’s a little reveal, a feeling, a knowing, that there’s so much more to this world than our modern everything. There’s a magic. This is one of those moments, your story.

  6. I enjoyed following this so much, [Uranus conjunct Jupiter in 5th house Libra?] loved the optimism, mystery, independent spirit and learning to push and exceed our individual barriers. Enlightening and hopeful to say the least. Good luck Elsa with your walking plans, they sound great, independence and adventure at your own pace.

  7. Really enjoyed this tale Elsa! I love family trees and was wondering did your husband know exactly what relative he was (3rd cousin for example)? I thought the story was going to be more about that side of things (you could say I got side trekked/tracked even tbough the original blog title says it all)!!!

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