Trekking Through Life With Brazil Nuts

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We got home late. We showed our guest where he would be staying; told him to make himself at home and we all turned in.  If there was a core reason he’d come all this way, it had not been revealed. At this point I surmised there was no bomb to be dropped.

He did reveal he was well traveled and well educated, formally and otherwise. He knew a good deal about a good deal of things, people and places.  He was candid about his worldview and talked about it a lot, but he was just as interested to swap their family stories. He also asked us both a lot of questions and listened to our answers, intently.  He was abundantly engaged, if that makes sense to you.

For me, this was a little bit like when I first met my husband. I was a teenager from the desert; he was a teenager who had lived in four countries and spoke several languages.  It isn’t that I felt small. I never feel small. This is a 9th house thing. Sometimes you’re the student; other times the teacher. I’m very comfortable with this.  I love new information, especially when it’s unusual and flowing straight from the horse’s mouth.

Had I thought about it, I probably could have discerned his chart to some degree but I didn’t think about it. I did not expect to get his birth data and I had no intention of trying.

This may surprise you, but I have not angled for a person’s birth data in nearly thirty years.  This is because I don’t need it for me. I need it if I want to help them.  This was not that kind of situation but let’s get back to breakfast.

I woke up to have coffee as always. He woke shortly after I did; it was early.  I think I said, “there’s coffee”. I figured I’d let him have some before hitting him up about breakfast. I was really surprised when he grabbed a cup from the drying map next to the sink and filled it with tap water before putting it in the microwave.

brazil nuts

I said nothing.  What is there to say?  He waited for the water to heat and then brought the cup to the kitchen table where people gather in our house. I noticed he had his backpack. He starting pulling Whole Foods bags from it.  Clearly this was to be his breakfast.

Well, jeez. Does it get any easier than this? It was obvious he’d done this before and this is when the story began to come together.

He had a variety of fruit, each type in it’s own bag. He also had a bag of Brazil nuts. He counted seven of them and put the rest away, explaining he eats seven Brazil nuts a day and had for more than thirty years. I kept my mouth shut at that point, but do you know who else did this?  Henry!

Do you know who else did not drink coffee?  Henry.
Ate fruit for breakfast? Henry.

I don’t like Brazil nuts.  I eat almonds but I began to wonder if I should give them another go.  Saturn is in Pisces, right?  This was like my grandfather flowing around me; sitting there with my cup of stiff black coffee.  Am I doing this wrong?

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  1. Thru my travels I have started using my mister coffee grinder to grind 3 Tbsp of Sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds and microshave 3-4 Brazil nuts. mix together an taken three times a day. Sunflower seeds convert V-B to activate Sunflower seeds to open red blood cells to minerals. Brazil nuts are a over all good Blacknut cornucopia.

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