Trying To Get Back To Your Heyday Or The Supposed Peak Of Your Life

I think it’s common that people have a great period in their life and then something shifts. They may feel nostalgic about that period and begin to idealize it. Next thing you know they’re doing anything and everything they can to recapture something that no longer exists.

It may be their youth or feelings of innocent love but it may also be something mundane. For example, I would like to go back in time to when I could be stopped at a red light and not have my picture, snapped by a traffic camera, incessantly.Β  I also don’t like being tracked!

You can make yourself absolutely miserable doing this and the astrology is very simple. Jupiter is planet associated with good fortune and Jupiter looks ahead. If I am to escape any of this, it will happen in the future, not the past.Β Β The way it was is guaranteed not to be the way it will be. It follows that if you’re trying to get back to something that’s done and gone, you’re going to fail.

However people who are willing to look ahead and innovate, have lots of opportunities. If you focus on the rear-view mirror, gazing back longingly at what was your heyday, you prevent yourself from living your heyday, circa NOW. This makes no sense to me.

Are you trying to get something back or get something going forward?

26 thoughts on “Trying To Get Back To Your Heyday Or The Supposed Peak Of Your Life”

  1. Moving forward. The youngins’ are poised to take over as I mature. I can feel it. I am resisting a bit as I not ready to be a Walmart Greeter just yet…

  2. Great point Elsa. Also a great little idea to carry around on a Monday morning in January πŸ™‚

    Dammit, I wanna *new* heyday.

  3. I am with Eva, I want *new* heyday also. But in a more mature, healthy fashion. With mature, healthy people. I am still transforming,with Pluto in my 6th house!

  4. Another great post. Thank you! I am dealing with someone who thinks that the past is what’s here now. It’s not.

    There’s nothing wrong with reliving moments you have control over, like maybe a trip or a food you ate or something. But to expect others to feel the same after all these years, after you’ve disappointed and lied to ’em, and so forth… What more can I say than you can’t control people and where they are now…

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever had a heyday!
    It’s either going to be in the future, or not at all, so what you are saying @Elsa is bang on & kinda comes naturally to me.
    There’s nowhere & nothing I wish to go back to.
    That’s good =)

  6. Avatar
    curious wanderer

    My heyday is now. There is something I miss, but it is something that never really existed (oh hi Venus/Neptune), so it is for me to find in my future.

    Going forward…

  7. For all the cancer in my chart, you’d think I was more nostalgic than I am. With all my cardinal and moon/jupiter (also in early cardinal) I’m always planning & moving forward. Then again, I’ve not felt like my ‘heyday’ has been reached either. It’s all circular and when one ‘heyday’ is over, I circle down and eventually back up for an new ‘heyday’. With lots of jupiter aspects and uranus in positive planentary aspects, I enjoy the change, though you may not see me that way (uranus is sq my asc/dsc).

  8. I had a heyday a few years ago and parts I miss a lot ($$ esp) The blind spot you have too is to forget the bad parts you no longer have either- I often forget this.

    A good idea for people thinking about this topic is: what parts can I recreate and solve permanently? In regards to money, that little taste I had of having almost all the disposable income I could want- my own money, managed how I want, to get what makes me happy and to share as I wish- makes me want to settle this issue in my life once and for all.

    I have transiting Saturn conj my 2nd H Libra Venus and my Scorp Sun and I have come to see some unpleasant truths about my circumstances. So contrary to my ideas of partnership, well-being, obligation- truths very distaseful to my Leo Jupiter.

    Getting to “rock solid” is my #1 goal for 2012 and forseeable future.

  9. Thank you for this!! I do tend to get very sentimental about the past, mostly where my daughter is concerned. This is a great reminder to me to stay focused. πŸ™‚

  10. “Are you trying to get something back or get something going forward?”

    Um… both? Which is probably why I’m making no headway. πŸ™‚

    Clue-by-four rcv’d. *baseball being hit sound, looks out of park* πŸ˜‰

  11. Excellent question. The full moon sheds such light on my 12H moon creating incredible night sight (dreams, shapes and shadows). I tend to be called back, back, down and deep naturally but was woken from a meditation with a word from my very long ancestral past.

    I have just revisted that word, that past and then came to visit here. The present is the Present. Sometimes, the looking back isn’t optional, but, the staying there is. We have two hula movements to describe this Jupiter action: i mua (forward), i hope (back). I love how the dance is always drawn i mua.

  12. Thank you for this post, Elsa. I have a big decision coming up and this is making me look at things completely differently.

  13. I’ve had more than one heyday, and there were times when I thought I’d never have another – but recur they did πŸ™‚
    In truth I probably won’t now (I’m in my mid sixties after all) but there are a few things about this I can tell you all:

    – if you had one in your youth, that’s no reason that high will never come again;
    – for some their heyday comes late in life;
    – every season has its gifts and and its painfulness, peculiar to that age: try to enjoy the gifts of each and you will be rewarded

  14. I had a heyday that was over-the-top amazing and could never be duplicated. Miracles happened. But yes I wish it for it back and haven’t been able to figure out yet how to move forward from scratch.

  15. I agree with Blessed Place. One of the things I love about Elsa is that she is always encouraging us to turn crap into gold. This post really reminds me of that message. I think that I am learning to use my “heyday” (the past is perception not reality!) to see what it is I like and don’t like about myself and my actions vis-a-vis my memory of the past. I have found it useful to apply the core beliefs / feelings etc of the times I felt the best to the present and future scenarios. Literally going back is a total waste of time so far as I am concerned.

  16. To quote McKenna, I don’t think I’ve ever had a heyday, or at least I didn’t feel it. So I don’t regret much (except my eyesight!)
    I feel better now than in my earlier days, guess I tend to forget some of the “bad” stuff.
    I’m still a dreamer, so hope I’ll be able to do things.

  17. Birth Juup in Sage in 2 but sane with Saturn in Cap (in 11, right now on my natal) so not so easy to plusnot wanting to skip over anything that needs to be dealt with

  18. To echo McKenna and Satsun, I haven’t had a heyday either… yet!

    There were a few memorable ‘good pieces’ here and there, and if I could recapture ~the essence~ of each of them, that would be swell.

    But my focus is very much in the here and now: the present, and the immediate future.

    Elsa said: “The way it was is guaranteed not to be the way it will be.” In my case, this is good, because the past was mostly bad to mediocre. I’m choosing to believe that better lies ahead.

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