4 thoughts on “Capricorn!”

  1. I have to say, I may not be a Capricorn, but I have been feeling more and more like these goat-pictures every day. Just…..keep…….going………:)

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    I love Cappy’s and I understand them. When they get working I get painting and when they are ready for me I am ready for them. As long as they don’t cheat, which most of them don’t. I have had 7 relationships in my life span and each and every man has had Cappy in his chart. When they’re down I make good food or bake and give them a back rub. They don’t have to say much as I just know what they are thinking. I have Moon Trine Venus. I am a Taurus Asc. & Moon, Mars, Jupiter & Mercury. Maybe its because I am also a lot of earth. Dunno! I just love them Cappy’s!

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