Turn My Back For 90 Seconds And Someone Shot My Kid

All these planets in Aries and Mars in Pisces… and someone just shot my kid with a BB gun right under my nose.

Yep, we had a new kid over here today, it’s Spring Break. Nice enough kid, what do I know?

6:00 rolled around, time for me to take Quirky Aquarian home, I asked the new kid if he needed a ride somewhere.

“I have my bike,” he said. Earlier, my son had introduced me and I shook the kid’s hand.

“Okay,” I said.

I went into the garage, Quirk and my son got in the car. They ride in the back seat together and when we drop, Quirk, Vid moves to the front. I noticed his cheeks were flushed and I mean they were red.

“What happened? You guys fighting again?” Quirk and Vid get into skirmishes but rarely serious.

“No, I’ll show you when we get home.”

At home I had to dog him about it. “Show me what?”

He finally lifted his shirt and he’s got a mark like nothing I’d ever seen before. “What is that?”

He explained the kid shot him with a BB gun. As details emerge, I find that the kid (about 9 years old), grabbed Vid, stuck the gun in his side and fired. This happened in the 90 seconds it took for me to walk through the kitchen and into the garage while the 3 kids went out the front and 2 of them met me at the car.

I called the soldier for instructions on how to handle this. I was so grateful I could because you know what? This stuff is beyond my comprehension.

Vid has an ice pack, if that were a different gun, he’d be dead.

59 thoughts on “Turn My Back For 90 Seconds And Someone Shot My Kid”

  1. Well, you know what I think.. everyone who makes and sells guns ought to be in jail.

    They aren’t good things.

    Sorry to hear this Elsa.

  2. Rob- your opening comment re: Elsa’s child getting shot:

    “Haha this made me smile.”

    No further comment needed.

    “However, I’m assuming (since Elsa says she is big on manners) that she wouldn’t go about trying to inform other parents how to raise their children. It’s just not a thing to do.”

    Oh, really?? That’s quite an assumption; you think a kid’s being shot at by another kid is unmentionable?? Your kid is endangering my kid’s life and you think it’s an ETIQUETTE matter?

    Were the tables turned, I wonder how long it would be until Elsa’s house was besieged.

    “I said that to hold their hand in every life exchange they have – whether positive, negative or neutral – is to deny them the chance to grow up.”

    Your open-minded philosophy does not apply. A 9 yr. old boy who is shot deserves hand holding and more; a clear understanding that it was wrong and that there is NO excuse for what that kid did.

    9 yr. olds don’t need their character built by being victims of violence.

    I don’t believe we will agree on this Rob, so perhaps we should let it rest.

  3. Avatar

    This boggles my mind. Hugs and sympathy to both you and Vid. I just cannot wrap my head around this. I grew up with BB guns, and shotguns and rifles for that matter. Everyone would “take” a deer or two or more off of their land every fall. Rural – hunting culture. Kids, including girls, were allowed BB guns pretty often and pretty freely. However, it NEVER came into the house. It was NEVER pointed at a dog, human, cat or farm animal or you would be in DEEP SHIT with both mom and dad. It just wasn’t considered. Birds, squirrels, rats, pop cans etc. were all open for shooting at but you just didn’t cross those lines or you were in trouble with a capital T. To hear of a kid with it in a home, much less using it point blank on another kid just – well seems to be as mind boggling as kids with real guns. Wow. So sad to hear of this.

    And I must say that while I am old enough to have a child that age I am not from the older generations like my grandparents who are usually saying this “cannot imagine in my day” Boy something changed and fast at that…

  4. Geezus, Elsa. I am just seeing this!

    I’m going to go catch up on the update you posted, but I’m so sorry this happened to Vid. wtf?

  5. Good grief. None of this has anything to do with stars or planets or houses or signs of the zodiac. It’s got to do with lousy parenting. There are, out there, “parents” who buy their kids things that, when misused, can cause serious damage or injury. It’s very simple: don’t buy your kid a BB gun or pellet gun or airsoft gun, even, if you’re not prepared to teach them proper, responsible use of it. And if you even *think* your child will disregard any instruction you give him/her, DON’T GIVE THE LITTLE SOCIOPATH A GUN!!!

    I’d have taken up the issue with the little delinquent’s parents. Shooting your son (or anyone’s kid or pet or even squirrels and birds) is unacceptable behavior. If he’ll do that, what else will he do???

  6. My best friends ex gave her three sons BB guns. Against her wishes. Since she didn’t want them at the house they were kept at his parents house.

    They ended up shooting the windows out of some cars next door at a “used car lot” that was actually a junkyard with good intentions of resale only in the owners deluded mind. Between walking to their grandparents after school until she got home from work.

    Anyhow, she had to replace all those windows, a single mom who worked in a restaurant. While it was the right thing to do, it was very hard financially. And did irresponsible, boneheaded dad help? NO.

  7. That is very sad ma’am. I’m only 17 so i can’t very much relate unfortunately. But I just felt like I had to say sorry….

  8. I just ran across this, eight years later. My son is in college now, home for a visit. He did indeed grow up to be a great young man! 🙂

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