Astrology, Testosterone and Mars Energy: Are Women Jackals Too?

For the 57% of you who think men are jackals, do you think women are jackals too?

In other words is jackal-like behavior a function of Mars energy which we all have?

Or is it an effect of a higher level of testosterone in men?


15 thoughts on “Astrology, Testosterone and Mars Energy: Are Women Jackals Too?”

  1. Does anybody even know what ‘like a jackal’ means? Did I miss the definition? I take from the context it isn’t a good thing and is lower than a human is supposed to be .. but animals in reality are more complex than stereotypes give them credit for. They aren’t just humpers and eaters. It’s possibly insulting animals to say scummy men or women are like them.

  2. Chris R – I never applied a judgment to “jackal” behavior. I think it is normal in nature and to me judging it would be akin to judging rain or the color green.

  3. I voted no before – sorry if I shouldn’t be commenting here. I think there are plenty of women out there who don’t give a damn about breaking up someone else’s relationship. I think they even look at it as a challenge, just like the men who engage in this behavior. Men who cheat on their wives, women who cheat on their husbands, it’s all the same to me – no-one is “making” them do it.

  4. For me jackalism doesn’t depend on the gender. I think the notion “men are jackals” is just a way women express their disappointment with certain attitudes of men. In other languages there are even harder expressions, and men have their way to express their disappointment too, like “women are bitches”.
    These generalizations are especially negative when parents talk to kids with reference to the other parent. It makes it hard for their grown up children to find someone who’s not a jackal, or not a bitch – because “they all are the same”.

  5. I did something today in a ‘fit’ of frustration and vindictiveness (probably hitting the wrong target) that I’m still trying to reconcile to myself. It was a base act – which is what jackals do.

    I’m critical of myself. Another person might excuse it as a Bitchy women coming at you claws out .

    – Surprised myself. Learned anyone is probably capable of any act under duress.

  6. I’ve seen women move in “for the kill” like that. I’d say the behavior is no less Mars-y, but it’s not restricted to men.

  7. I think that all people can be jackals. Men may be driven by their Mars… but I think that women can be driven by their Venus. My Venus is in Aries which is ruled by Mars. I think that I can very much be a “jackal” if the mood strikes.

  8. Here Dina:

    This came from the tradition that the jackal will sometimes lead a lion to its prey.

    The same word is sometimes used to describe the behavior of persons who try to scavenge scraps from the misfortunes of others; for example, by looting a village from which its inhabitants have fled because of a disaster

  9. tan – Thanks for more info— sending all this to HQ and the Mechanic and hopefully we’ll have this fixed soon.

    Sorry for the trouble everyone! 🙁

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