Under The Scorpio Moon: Loss

Some of you know our family dog, Lucky aka Cluck and/or Clunk had to put to sleep last night. This is on the heels of other dog, Dora, passing a few months ago and this hit my son and I hard. Part of the reason is because the two dogs passed so close together but there is more to it than that.

In my son’s case, Lucky has been the family dog since before he was born. He’s been part of my son’s life from it’s inception so this is where he really learns that in life are not permanent.

I got hit from an especially cruel angle and did not expect it. Our dogs were incredibly old. Lucky, a large dog was at least 15 and Dora was almost 20. With dogs this age, you know this is coming but I did not realize I would tied Lucky’s passing with my daughter.

Lucky was my daughter’s dog. I got him for her when she was 2 1/2 years old and did not realize that on some level (for me) as long as he was here, she was here.

I don’t know that words to describe how I feel are necessary or even accessible. I do know that when I count the people and animals who live here, we are 1/3 wiped out and that astounds me.

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  1. Oh my Lord, NO words are necessary…

    All I can say is ((((Elsa and family))))

    How Lucky you were to have loving, devoted companions in your Lives….

    ::Bowing my head to the Love and Comfort you had::

  2. My heart goes with you, Elsa. That’s what usually happens with dogs in old age, and with people as well. If one leaves the other follows. Name of my horse is Lucky. Was Dora Jack Russell? I am not very good in dog bread but she looks like our two dogs and they are Jack Russell. It’s time for you to get another dog that will beat the grief.

  3. Thanks, everyone.

    zavela, my husband found Dora homeless on a remote beach in Puerto Rico or she found him. She was bald except for a strip of hair down her back, she was starving, she had mange and she’d been hit by a car and who knows what else. He was in the military and one of the medics nursed her back to health and he smuggled her home where she kept everyone entertained for about 18 years. 🙂

  4. Zavela, Dora reminded me of a Jack Russell as well. We had a family Jack Russell that lived to be 22. Those little dogs have a lot of life and are really quirky.

  5. Awww, I’m sorry. 🙁 Losing a beloved pet is always hard, no matter how old one is. Hugs to you and your family.

    I used to have a dog named Lucky, too — she was my brother’s dog originally but became really attached to my mom.

  6. Now he’s up in Heaven… being ignored by Dora, cause SHE is busy hanging out with God =)
    What will she have thought when she saw him up there??
    I’m really sorry this has happened Elsa. You should rest easy that both your dogs had wonderful lives with you guys. You are also all so brave to let them go, when they needed to.
    You healed much for them & I’m thinking they for you.
    I wish all of you Peace.

  7. So sorry Elsa. It must be so difficult to not only loose both your four legged family members, but to also be reminded of the loss of your daughter. Sending comforting hugs to you, the Soldier and Vid.

  8. I was not aware you lost your daughter. To lose a child, can’t imagine much worse:( I am so sorry. Her dog has joined her, in that higher place. Sorry for all your losses. My husband just lost his boss/coworker/friend a few days ago. Death is heavy. Stay strong!

  9. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve now lost both dogs…losing one is hard, but two…and with the connection for/to your kids…I’m just sorry.

  10. Deepest sympathy sent to your family , only animal people understand the loss of a loyal loving pet. I really feel that you see them again in a better place ,they never leave your memory and will watch over you .

  11. ((((Elsa, Vid, & the Soldier))))

    they might be back one day.. I had a ghost dog that slept with me at the foot of my bed.. it was weird b/c I’d always feel warm pressure on my feet at night and I had a friend come over who confided that she could “see things” I asked her if anyone/thing was in our apartment and she said -yes, 2 spirits but one wasn’t a person..
    immediately I knew one was my ghost dog which she confirmed =) ~the other spirit was a nosy man who apparently would go through our things when we weren’t around..? -she was/is a very good friend of mine and I saw no reason for her to make this up…

    anyway, my cat would ALWAYS run back and forth around the house as if he was chasing something!! and now when we moved 2 the suburbs when i let him out he goes after the dogs in the neighborhood terrorizing them!

    (((ELSA))) I hope someday you’ll see your doggies again and that they find their way back home 😉

  12. I had to put down my two cats this year (aged 14 and 19) within two months of each other. I know this is hard. My house feels very empty now. I’m sure yours does as well. I’m so sorry.

    (((Elsa, the Soldier and Vid)))

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