Under The Scorpio Moon: Loss

Some of you know our family dog, Lucky aka Cluck and/or Clunk had to put to sleep last night. This is on the heels of other dog, Dora, passing a few months ago and this hit my son and I hard. Part of the reason is because the two dogs passed so close together but there is more to it than that.

In my son’s case, Lucky has been the family dog since before he was born. He’s been part of my son’s life from it’s inception so this is where he really learns that in life are not permanent.

I got hit from an especially cruel angle and did not expect it. Our dogs were incredibly old. Lucky, a large dog was at least 15 and Dora was almost 20. With dogs this age, you know this is coming but I did not realize I would tied Lucky’s passing with my daughter.

Lucky was my daughter’s dog. I got him for her when she was 2 1/2 years old and did not realize that on some level (for me) as long as he was here, she was here.

I don’t know that words to describe how I feel are necessary or even accessible. I do know that when I count the people and animals who live here, we are 1/3 wiped out and that astounds me.

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