Under The Scorpio Moon: The Creeping Dread

I woke up this morning with what I call the creeping dread.  Sure enough, the Moon is in Scorpio aspecting Pluto and planets in Pisces. That ought to do it, eh?

The creeping dread is familiar enough but with Mars and Neptune aspecting my natal Uranus, I want nothing to do with it.  I want to detach, have space, etc. which is hard to accomplish when the dread is inside me.

As for real life events that would give rise to these feelings, they exist.

If you know this feeling, tell me what brings it up inside of you?

15 thoughts on “Under The Scorpio Moon: The Creeping Dread”

  1. I woke up with that, too, so I was fascinated to see this post.

    It started with a creeping dread that some writing I’ve been doing will be junked (almost a hundred pages of it) because my co-writer is angry with me about something small. And then moved on to being worried about a friend in Christchurch. And then being concerned about my very young daughter’s emotional distance since she returned from a weekend visit with the in-laws. She just doesn’t seem like herself.

    Creeping dread. Worry. Pit of the stomach blech.

  2. thanks that was the word l was looking for ‘the creeping dread’ l woke up feeling the same 🙂 life events can make you feel like this l guess and the darker things inside that surface…difficult to put into words but after posting my panic here on the boards l went out had my meeting and l calmed myself down. l came back with inspiration!!!
    l went and bought myself some lavender oil and some nice things and l am planning to have dinner with my ‘creeping dread’ feeling tonight! yes detaching from it would be nice but nah it’s my lunar b-day

  3. I woke up feeling it, too, only this time, it was an urgency in my chest- I tried to stay still, and let my dog stay asleep on my lap, but I couldn’t.

  4. I get it often and I hate it. But I’m just far enough in my asto-education that I’m observing different transits and stuff and how they affect me, so I can’t pinpoint the astrology yet. Right now I’m getting trampled by Neptune, Saturn and Pluto so it could be any number of things.

  5. @ Salali “it was an urgency in my chest” I freakin jumped out of bed this morning. ox says “what the hell is on fire?” because it woke him with a start..usually i kind of faaaaall out real slowly. This morning it was like someone shot the start pistol..BAM

  6. I couldn’t even stay asleep last night because of the creeping dread.. yawn. At least today is my Friday and I can just chillax!

  7. I recognise that feeling ..and its very different than saturn-related fear.
    If I remember correctly, I only had that during the night (or before I sleep when my mind was in a ”relax mode”).

    I am glad that it doesnt happen very often. In fact it didnt happen for monthss

  8. @Caroline .. that first line, ditto.

    My brother begins radiation-chemo therapy for throat cancer tomorrow, checks in this morning…dread thoughts come up…he’s still my little brother at 60 and i wish i could be there. stuff comes up, and up.

  9. Thinking about losing my job/job hunting does it for me. Also, thinking about 2011 in general. I spent most of the month of January feeling like that.

  10. Mokihana, I wish you and your brother love and healing.

    Scorpio Moon, here. I could seldom distinguish life without the “creeping dread” until after my Chiron return. Today I feel it, again. It has been a while and for this I am grateful. I certainly do not feel fit for human consumption (or company).

  11. If you know this feeling, tell me what brings it up inside of you?

    What brings it up for me is when there is this ‘knowing’ that I’m going to ‘have’ to dig deep to accomplish something unavoidable.

    It’s a process of looking for an escape, seeing none, and accepting the fact, then finding the strength to get ‘er done.

  12. Damn this top makes me wish I hadn’t stopped keeping a daily journal like I had done daily until the later part of last decade Not only is great for helping you not second guess what your experiences and feelings were at a certain point and time but I would LOVE to flip to this date in a notebook (blush) or my still sometimes utilized Live Journal
    …see what I was feeling in regards to the aforementioned dread.

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