What Astrological Aspects Are Good For Love Relationships

vintage zodiac plateDear Elsa,

Are there certain placements of Mars, Venus, Moon that are always good for relationship, or is it a matter of what works best with you?


Theoretically there are aspects that denote satisfaction in relationship but in practice this does not hold up. Have you ever heard the phrase, “He/She could mess up a wet dream”?

For some that is true.

For example, I have Venus sextile Mars in my chart. This is quite a blessing when it comes to being satisfied in relationship. So I can be satisfied. The satisfaction is pretty much handed to me, but I can also fire up Venus in Leo and make a bunch of drama; while I use my Mars to stir up trouble.

We’re like artists in a way. We’re given certain things to work with. What’s made of them is up to the individual.


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  1. anonymoushermit

    My sister had Venus trine Jupiter. She found love at about age 16, and married at about 20. She’s now in her 40’s! Love came pretty smoothly for her.

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