“Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon” – What Is Your Idea Of Heaven?

sun-moon2.jpgsatori writes on the Astrology and Happiness – Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon” theme:

I like those hypothetical questions about being stranded on a desert island:  what would you take, who would you take, etc.  Today I realized that I like that because I just really love the idea of being stranded on a desert island.  That’s my idea of heaven– surrounded by water (Pisces), no need to worry about my commitments (Capricorn).  I guess my Pisces assumes that the necessities would take care of themselves and my Cap relishes the imagined opportunity to release control.

I suppose I see that as the embodiment of expressing one’s luminaries, of living your sun, satisfying your moon:  figuring out your vision of heaven and implementing it in little ways as often as you can.

Today I made a pot of coffee and let my son go off all day with the car. Close enough to heaven on a rainy day.

What is your idea of heaven?  Does it express your Sun and Moon?

13 thoughts on ““Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon” – What Is Your Idea Of Heaven?”

  1. It’s a beach house, somewhere on the New England coast. It would be open and airy, large enough for my critters (cats and kids), but with enough private space for me. I’d need a big, soft bed with a view of the ocean, so I can curl up and read my books.

    Sun Leo, Moon Libra.

  2. A farm. With the whole nine yards. Pigs and goats, and cats ect… There would be a peach and cherry trees, a big garden. And of course my man would be there. And no computer glitches… the net would always work like a charm.

    Sun Scorpio, Moon Taurus

  3. My idea of Heaven is …epic. As in, food appears whenever I need it, but I don’t have to worry about weight gain. I get to be an elvin princess on a quest of some sort. I have my soul mate by my side and never want for love, but there’s excitement, adventure, work with my hands, swordplay, exploding volcanos, etc etc.

    I only ever wanted to live in an epic. The idea of just floating around in a pillowed sky for all eternity sounds boring as hell.

    Taurus sun, Pisces moon.

  4. Lis, I have Libra moon too. I used to live in such a place. It was beyond a dream. I could cry thinking about it. But it was with a man and we’re no longer together. I’m about to go back to that place (though not that exact house) for the first time in five years on my own. Coastal, very northern Maine, tons of amazing beauty.

    That’s pretty much the dream – that and a garden, a hubby, a kid, a house made of lots of natural materials, and a connection to my family and friends, and my writing. Um. Yeah. That’s all 🙂

  5. Oh yeah, I almost forgot.!.. No roosters!! There are about a million of them where I am living and they are soooo damn irritating, they are going off CockOdoodl doo….

  6. the coast of northern california.
    dense forests on craggy mountains right up next to the ocean. very few people.

    i’d just need to make sure i had food. and good company every once in awhile, as i get a little loopy if left to myself for too long (by which i mean, no physical human contact for six weeks straight a very disjointed wyrdling makes.)

  7. hm. i’m not sure what’s altogether aries about that (i may be blind- i often am about such things!) but i think it suits aquarius quite nicely.

  8. I want lexie’s dream! Two thumbs up for the exploding volcanos…but I’d add in a nice, airy studio somewhere in the mountains (above the lava flow line, of course) where I could retreat for a couple of months each year and do nothing but paint, sculpt, and spend days at a time in bed with my sweetie…eating non-fattening General Tso’s chicken by the bucket.

    Pisces Sun, Cap Moon

  9. I’d design and build it myself.. just so, with sturdy bookshelves and clean, open, functional spaces, and there’d be trees and water and sunshine, and perhaps a solar panel, and then I’d fill it with food and people of the sort who accept you just as you are.

    virgo sun, virgo moon

  10. IC/4th House Sun , and 3rd House Moon, in Libra. My idea of Heaven is settling down in a beautiful Home with an artsy husband and our kids.
    Simple as.

  11. I’ve always loved the idea of living on an island, but would never do so because I feel too hemmed in – water on all sides. Need to know there is a road ahead should I choose to get on it. My dream space would be a spacious home with plenty of private space that I can retreat to and write my little heart out or veg in front of a fireplace (or TV) in the winter and on a balcony in the summer. Lots of room for the grands to run and play and a pond out in the yard (fish would be nice). Lots of space to sit back and enjoy the family (and close the door when necessary). Fire inside and water outside – Sun in Scorpio; Moon in Sagittarius.

  12. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Working hard and saving as much money as possible. And then traveling and doing whatever I want, because I deserve it. 😉
    Cap Sun
    Taurus Moon
    Sagittarius Venus (had to add Her, she’s important to me)

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