Taurus And Their Food

My husband on the phone:

“I’m done with my dinner,” he said.

“What did you have?”

He rattled off the menu.

“How do you feel?”

“Oh, I’m semi-full, I guess.”

I laughed. “Didn’t get quite enough, huh?”

“Well, no. You know how I like to eat, P. Dang. They gave me a full dinner so that means I’m semi-full.”

2 thoughts on “Taurus And Their Food”

  1. How funny!! My Taurus friend goes through food like it’s a Chinese buffet. Yanno, you eat to the gills and are hungry an hour later? Yup, that’s him!!

  2. Has he tried the low-carbs diet or Carb-addicts diet? Lotsa food!

    Sounds like he’s active enough to burn it all off – and that’s great, but what fun is it to eat and not be full??

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