What To Expect When Saturn Transits Venus or Mars in Leo

leo womanI was talking to a client about transiting Saturn in Aquarius transiting opposite natal Venus and Mars in Leo. It’s a bit stupid, because I have Venus in Leo, myself.  I was so focused on this other chart I didn’t even think about this when I explained the effects.

If you’re having this transit now or next year, you’ll want to judge your own tastes (Venus) and/or tactics (Mars).  People get stuck. Especially the Fixed signs.  It behooves you to realize that what you value in relationship or other realms is going to change over time.

When I was a teenager, my dream man, had a truck with with an ATV loaded in the bed. Seriously! To be honest, this is still appealing but I’m a bit old for it! Can you imagine the state of my life if I had failed to download an update?

And what about your tactics?  Do you still make a dramatic scene to get your way?  Saturn will pressure you to check yourself.

Most people want to age gracefully.  These are the kind of transits that help you to do that.  This also relates:

Have You Outgrown The Role Of The Ingenue?

Is Saturn transiting your Venus or Mars in Leo? How’s it going?

12 thoughts on “What To Expect When Saturn Transits Venus or Mars in Leo”

  1. ugh..Saturn just finished up opposing my natal Leo sun and ascendant (all while squaring my natal 4th house scorpio moon/neptune) its heading for opposition to my Leo Venus then Uranus….Sigh I have been feeling old and eye baggy 🙁

  2. My husband has Venus and Mars conjunct in Leo. Late degrees, so he won’t have this transit til next year. I could call this aspect his “only child” aspect : )

  3. Mars in Leo here, Saturn transited twice, last January 2021 (and in June 2020).
    I totally updated my antics this last year!
    Apalling behaviour is met with regal pride and utter indiference now. Has worked every time!
    Before I was prone to dramatic scenes that, although fun, in the end ammounted to nothing lasting, they got the attention (equalling aprobation) and I only got more of the unkindness.

  4. Saturn is 1d away from opposing my Mars (and 3d away from opposing my Sun). I literally went from the horizon (Jupiter opposite) to feeling hemmed in. I have to hide my Leo at work. It’s not a fun time, but I’ll power through it.

  5. “Here I am, waiting for the thunder…” This is how I’m facing my tr. Saturn in opposition to my Venus/Mars Leo conjunction. Add Uranus and we have quite the quagmire, as my Moon in Scorpio gets into the mix (yeah, a Grand Cross is forming). Weirdly enough, the reality check offered by Saturn has made me bolder, being more than willing to speak up instead of being all sugar and spice and everything nice. Furthermore, it has helped me come to terms with the trauma of my former relationship and cheating on my abusive ex. I’m not getting old, this Venus in Leo is simply becoming more solid, so to speak, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  6. Saturn is squaring my moon in Scorpio and opposing my Jupiter in Leo at the moment. Uranus will be joining in the fun this year, but I’ve been feeling this fixed cross for a while already. I’m usually a quite imaginative, creative person and in touch with myself on an inner level. Right now I feel very exoteric. It’s like my inner voice has gone silent so my rational brain can take over. I feel unapologetically practical and mundane. Trouble is, the inner source I used to lean on to succeed in life (my intuition and irrational side has led me to wonderful, improbable things) is only offering radio silence right now, so I’m getting my ass handed to me a bit, though thankfully not in any unmanageable ways. There are always tasks and actions I can take to resolve things. I’ve been surprised at my ability to enjoy a positive attitude in spite of the continuous (though relatively minor) losses and disappointments. I think in the past I would have felt more discouraged but right now I just feel like okay “it’s fine, we’ll figure it out” and treat the mountains like molehills. The one thing I *am* looking forward to is the return of my joyful sense of faith, and my vibrant imagination / spiritual side coming back again. I do miss that!

    1. Silence? The weird thing is that my brain (Sun conj Mercury in Cancer) has been anything but silent… Could be the sextile with tr Uranus at work.

      1. yeah my brain is not silent either, lots of analysis / thinking going on…it’s more my intuition/inner voice that feels quieter than usual. It must be for a reason, perhaps to develop other faculties within myself that are more sense-based, exoteric, practical, etc. On Meyers Briggs I am an INFJ with a very strong intuition bend, and I think what’s going on is that my sensation function is being challenged to develop by these transits. My usual circumspect, inner perceptions of life are muted so that I have to look at what’s apparent and right in front of me instead. And I’m not so good at that because I normally tend to notice the subtleties and miss the obvious. That’s not working for me anymore, hence the update!

  7. I’m not really sure….
    I have a fresh realization that a guy I thought I was in love with back decades ago is kinda gross now. (Is that harsh?) The idea that I ever mourned this dude is a bit comical to me. My Aquarian moon opposes my natal 5th house Venus. Did I really have those “in love” feelings for him, or did other people want me to have them? Questioning everything I ever thought was true about myself these past few years.

  8. Saturn has transited Venus, is now transiting Sun and will transit Mars shortly.

    So, tactics and mate preferences? Tr. Saturn is in the 11th house. I don’t know if it is a ‘tactic’ but I did get upset about not being involved in a group recently and set up a firm boundary to handle this that I think is very effective. I basically don’t talk to a friend on the day that they are likely to meet said group, that is my boundary. It is not ideal but I got very emotional so it will have to do. ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’ sort of situation.

    Pluto wise, as it has entered my eleventh house just recently, I have had Plutonian insights into the relevant personalities that might take down the charge (Pluto in seventh natally!) But obviously I’m not secure enough in that to hear all about the parties and whatnot, so on the day of the week my friend is likely to meet this group I still keep quiet.

    Also, I had kind of had it with a long term friend, and sent him a message to say this when they tried to make contact, and then had to do a complete 180 when I found out things about a family member with which this friends informal friendly style (Jupiterian) is the only thing that seems to be able to reach said family member. This all seems very Venusian. I am in full charm mode when it comes to this situation.

    7 degrees until Saturn is opposing Mars. I’m sure that will be fun.

  9. Saturn is conjunct my 13 degrees mars in Aquarius right now. I’ve been feeling some arthritis and not getting a lot done physically but having a great time in the spiritual realm perhaps thanks to transiting Neptune Sextile my natal Venus.but my thinking and thoughts are pretty unfocused. Transiting mercury square my natal Venus. Mercury in opposition to my natal Neptune. It’s a good thing I’m retired.

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