Uranus in Taurus Transit To Natal Pluto: Wake Up To The Shadowy Machinations

joan crawfordI feel compelled to look into things that have previously been hidden from me – sort of. All my life, various things have struck me as wrong or off. I’ve ranted on this blog over the years. I’ll give you an example.

When my son was eleven or so, he had a running buddy, the Quirky Aquarian.  These boys met in 4th grade and were very close through most of high school. Like brothers, they spent twelve hours a day together. In whatever case, we were at the mall and they wanted to wear this OBEY clothing. I was absolutely taken aback.  Who the hell would want to wear a label like that?

I refused to buy OBEY anything. I told my son he would have to use his own money to buy anything in that line. It just struck me as wrong. I questioned the boys, especially the Aquarian. “How can you even think of wearing that? You want to be obedient? To who?” The concept made my skin crawl.

So now, Uranus in Taurus is trining my natal Pluto. I can see the machinations behind all this stuff… the programming. I can see through the veneer of the people, the actors, the commentators, the radio personalities. I can see the depth of the deception; I can see it naked, basically.  Thanks to the trine aspect, it’s not that horrifying.

cary grantIt’s liberating (Uranus) because so much of this stuff, I could sense, anyway. Like I know something is off and I say so but I don’t know why it’s off and no one believes me or they think I am weird or whatever.  Because of this, it would go no further.

It’s not like someone would refute me and I would think I was crazy. Off is off.  But having no one to discuss things with, the puzzle remained unsolved.

I thought about the real boomers – the Pluto in Leo people. Presumably, they would have a different reaction to what Uranus in Taurus is currently unearthing.  It would jolt them, plus these are Fixed signs. They’re stubborn. It’s very hard to tell them something new.

In contrast, Pluto in Virgo is a natural investigator. This seems the group equipped to comb through these things and figure them out. Uranus in Taurus provides the support necessary to contend with it all.

Does any of this ring a bell?

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  1. Took an entry level position in a service company in an industry where I had 40 years experience in mid-June. Sipped at the kool-aid while they explained their collaborative and positive corporate culture and heard the tinkling of nearby wind chimes…by August the starting bell was all I could hear. I took off running. October came with the realization that I was essentially ghosted by the manager and running a race with myself! Hell’s Bells! Crazy from running in circles. The holidays brought scheduling madness but all a sudden a realization that what was “ off” wasn’t me.?Cue the church bells!!! After my obligations to them fulfilled to overflowing, my last day was March 26. I banged the gong myself! Faith restored and unfettered by confusion and delusion. Thanks Elsa for ALL the heads-ups!

  2. Pluto in Virgo conjunct North Node in Virgo, with Mercury in Play. Natural investigator for this generation is an appropriate description.

  3. Shepard Fairey designed the Obey line to be ironic. “Over the years Shepard Fairey has transformed into one of the most well-known muralist /street artists in the world. His signature propaganda inspired design posters, murals stickers and clothing has continually combined social activism with the OBEY brand even before it was a commercial enterprise. The irony of the brand; “Obey”, is that Shepard has changed the meaning behind the word (at least where the brand and his work is concerned) to support more rebellious acts such as questioning how the world works rather than submitting or obeying what society tells us to think or do.”

    1. Thanks for this Sheila. I had a feeling it was meant tongue in cheek or even to be funny because people can be such sheep, Lemmings etc.

      I have Pluto and Moon in Virgo and Mercury trine Uranus.

  4. I currently have Uranus trining Pluto/Uranus and my Mars/Venus/Sun. I also have Pluto conjuncting natal Mercury. The worms are crawling! It’s funny I always sensed something squirming underneath. Now I’m seeing multiple layers interspersed with a thin layer of truth to throw you off lol

    I am worried about assuming the squirm because someone or something is weird or anomalous.

  5. I often wonder what happened to Quirky. I enjoyed hearing about his Latino/Mexicanisms and interactions with your family . . . Do you mind me asking whether their friendship lasted?

    1. They went to different high schools and drifted apart some. Vid tried to reconnect and maintain a connection periodically but Q was lukewarm. The last contact, they spoke and made arrangements to meet. Quirky stood Vid up. This was within the last few months. After that, it’s dead unless Quirky were too make some move. It’s a shame, really. But they did take different paths. Vid is 100% against drugs for example. This makes him a social outsider in a way. No clue what his motivation is. He’s a man now. I don’t probe. But I always supported that relationship and feel it’s a loss.

      1. Thank you for the update. Sadly I can’t say I’m surprised by Quirky’s behaviour. I’m trying to remember if it was one particular story or several that you shared on the blog that made me think he would likely be uncommitted/unfaithful in a friendship. Unfaithful is probably too strong a word but that’s what kept popping into my head . . . It may have something to do with one of your stories where you were saying he reminded you and your husband of the John Travolta character in Saturday Night Fever lol!

        1. Yeah, he was exactly like that. Insane charisma. He was with the same girl for several years but when that blew, he became a stud… probably not just in his own mind. Typical IG. Million selfies with minor angle change. A series of cars. He always liked mine and I think he got one of his own at some point.

          Stated goal was to be married and have a business and a baby by the time he was 21. He’s 21 now. I think he has the business. Not sure about the rest.

          There was also the time my son was shot (grazed), and Quirky got involved at some level, with street racing. Some of the cars were stolen. Then one night, police came. Cars scattered; one of them hit a man, a dad, and he was killed.

          My son wasn’t there. Quirky could have been an innocent bystander… probably was. But by then, my son decided to pursue good grades and an engineering degree. You can see why they drifted.

          But when I look at their pictures, they were each other’s entire childhood so I’m sad about it and probably always will be. He was at our house, seven days a week for five years. He was also a lot of fun and a good kid. We all loved him. What can I say?

          1. Very interesting and at the same time sad. Forgive me if I have the details wrong as my memory may fail me but I think it was a story about Quirky asking your husband to be his confirmation sponsor or something similar. i.e. some sort of significant rite of passage in his/his culture’s eyes. When you husband declined (for good reason), but nonetheless my thought was “he’s going to disconnect from this family now.”

            Has me wondering . . . if confirmations take place around 14 years of age, is there something else at around 21? I was raised catholic and I don’t think there is unless if you have a child then you ask someone to be your child’s godparent and then they officially become part of your family in that way . . . anyway, if he’s Aquarian he’s also ruled by Saturn so this 21 year may be significant in terms of revisiting your family in some way? Anyway, I hope he finds his way back into your family in whatever form it may be. Also, you mentioned the 4th grade. In the US does that mean they were 7 or 8? Just wondering if there’s some sort of Saturnian cycle taking place with him and your family. No obligation to respond. Just writing my thoughts out loud. . . .

            1. Yes, my husband was driving a truck at the time and could not be at all the things to do that.
              Vid started school a year early so he was 8 and Q would have been 9. It was a Saturn thing for my son, who has Saturn sq his sun. They are 21 now so this was the Saturn sq to that time. He was rejected and I do think he’s letting go.
              There are also social forces at play. Much has been orchestrated to divide people by race. It’s all so stupid. You should have and keep your friends, no matter what their race or color.

  6. I’m a boomer..pluto in Leo. I have venus in Taurus. Today my husband helped me with booth at a flea market. I sold an antique vase, had it so long I wasn’t sure where it came from. My husband saw it and said he remembered buying it at a thrift store in Tucson in 1975. I think at least 30 or more people picked it up and looked at it or touched it and finally someone bought it. We sat there talking about the memories it brought back and how that vase was with us through 5 moves without us even seeing it. I asked him if he was ok selling and he said yes, No problem at all. We are starting to let go of our stuff. We have the memories and that’s all we need.

  7. Have Virgo Pluto trine Merc in Capricorn, Moon opposite Pluto, and Sun inconjunct Pluto. Aquarian with Jupiter in scorpio. Not much gets past me, the good and the bad. I see things I don’t want to see, yet compelled to go deeper, and call out what I see, then they pull the ‘crazy’ card, or try to gaslight.
    When I was younger would become psychologically distressed by my going down the rabbit hole, it’s a bit better now as I accept that we are all light and shadow, and that there is a reason for everything. I do get upset when others refuse to lift their game, or have to play dumb to survive.

  8. Rings a bell for me too. Transit Uranus is trine my natal Pluto in Virgo (conjunct my natal Uranus), and my Capricorn Midheaven too. My Pluto/Uranus is also sextile my stellium in Scorpio, and opposite my Pisces Moon. I cannot help myself, I always see/investigate what is underneath, and I am always aware of people’s motives. I like this part of myself, it feels powerful, and I can see things other people don’t. This forum is the only place I say things like this though, because I like being under the radar.

  9. I have Pluto/Uranus in Virgo, 12th house. Pluto quincunxes Mercury in Aquarius and Venus in Aries. Pluto opposes Chiron in Pisces almost exactly. So Pluto at the pointy end of a Yod. I’d often felt things were ‘off’ throughout my life, but it wasn’t until transit Pluto hit 0 degrees Sagittarius and triggered my natal T-square (Mars/Sun in Pisces, Moon in Gemini, Uranus in Virgo) that I began to investigate myself via astrology. Many things changed for me but one of the most important and beneficial things was developing a strong trust in the feelings, random thoughts, bells ringing and intuitions that my 12th house inhabitants blew my way. I also chatted less and started a journal recording and analysing my dreams which started to flood my sleep (9th house Moon square Uranus). I found this thread today after searching for info as Uranus in Taurus is square natal Mercury, just been trining natal Pluto. I too usually keep quiet about what I see and pick up, unless I know a person really well. Glad I found this forum.

  10. I wish I could shut up for my own good, but Mercury/ Pluto won’t allow it, nor will Aries rising. Aquarius sun, moon, Venus won’t either. I have now accepted the fact that some people are asked to do this ( Saturn in Sagitarius won’t let me speak until I am sure) I have been rejected in many situations due to my direct perceptions and am much better at using the velvet glove, in later years. Uranus not happy with that approach, as, yes the urge to shock can be irresistible.

    1. I can relate to Uranus wanting to shock, but have learnt to hold back in certain situations. I’m not a meek and mild Piscean – I speak up and take action when I see problems especially at work and issues with neighbours etc. I often keep quiet about my observations of people I know socially, depending on my relationship with them. When I started looking at myself of course I began to see my friends differently and many of them were left behind. One didn’t like my interest in astrology and was very rude about it! I let go of a lot of people as I realised it was me that was changing and I couldn’t expect them to change with me. Astrology helped me understand this was part of my process, and to deal with the anger I felt towards some people. Keeping a journal gave me a place to express my feelings without starting a fire. It’s hard facing one’s own shadows and those of others – life will change. I was very lonely for quite a while, but I emerged a much stronger person, determined not to tolerate selfish and uncaring behaviour from people who call themselves ‘friends’.

      1. I try to keep my interest in astrology to myself also, Claire – if only they knew what a wonderful tool for self awareness, and understanding of circumstances, it often provides. I hope you find good and compatible company.

  11. Thanks for your kind wishes Jac. It all happened a few years ago now, so it’s been interesting to reflect on that time and how much I learnt. These days my social circle is much smaller but consists of people I trust.

  12. Yes Elsa it does ring a bell,and Taurus can change!.
    With Uranus in Taurus,its been a 150 degree change for me.

    There are many reasons why too.
    I have a Leo Ascendant,with Conjuct Uranus at Mid heaven, plus Pluto.
    My Mercury conjunct Mars in Ninth house Jupiter,makes me a researcher extraordinairé .
    I m like a hound,and once I smell blood i wont give up.

    Yes I can see through BS at at 50 paces.
    And I can smell a lie ,with a blindfold.
    No kidding.

    But I have changed in terms of being the good guy,and people taking advantage of me.
    I radically changed with Uranus.
    I speak my mind rather bluntly, though I try to smoothen my edges,I fail miserably.

    With leo ,uranus,mercury its rather blunt speech.
    People do think i m the crazy conspiracy theorist, and I am a bit more clued in to what’s going on.
    Which my own contemporaries cant see now.

    But that’s okay with me.

    And I ve learnt to back off and let it go.
    It used to be so important for everyone to be on the same page as me.
    Now I don’t care a whit.
    I realize I ll find my own soul group in time.
    Reading books like the Celestine Prophecy put it in perspective for me.
    Thank you,this post was on point.

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