Saturn Neptune: Rejection For Reasons Unknown

I have a strong Saturn Neptune signature in my chart and I love the topic. If you wonder if you have this as well consider these markers: Saturn in Pisces, Neptune in Capricorn, Saturn in aspect to Neptune, Neptune in the 10th house or conjunct the MC. Saturn in the 12th house.  Today I have a new angle… deprivation (Saturn) with no basis (Neptune).

It’s prom season and I was telling my husband I never went to a prom though I was invited. I had a high school boyfriend, hard core. We were voted most likely to marry and he asked me to go to the prom but my father said no because we could not afford a dress.

My boyfriend offered to buy me a dress and everything else I needed.  He was a Leo so very much wanted to be seen at the prom. He was working so he could afford this but my father still said I couldn’t go.

My father did this both years (Junior-Senior prom) and I was at a loss as to how to explain this to my boyfriend. It just had to be a mystery.

Some years later I met my husband when I was 17. I refused to marry him when I was 18 and the reason why had to be obscured.

“How come you don’t want to marry me?” he asked, 20 years old at the time.

“Because Tucson is an Estes home town,” I explained, infamously and with a straight-face.

He accepted this, what choice did he have?

To this day there are questions I am simply not going to answer and things that are inexplicable from my perspective. For example, I went on dates with my high school boyfriend all the time. Why not the prom?

That’s Saturn Neptune for you.  Can you add examples?

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  1. I have this, and the deprivation is often surrounding family, out and in with the tide (Saturn sq moon). It’s never been particularly apparent why or related to my behavior.

    Also a lot like my life growing up. I wasn’t allowed to date generally, but I was inexplicably allowed to go to prom. Ha!

  2. “See, THAT is the Lo I like.”
    “Well, she asked what you had to offer and I said “She has a good heart.”
    “I love you when…”

    The Ex: 4th/Nep. in Sag/21deg. squaring 1st/Saturn in Virgo/27deg. The combo rang in at 5deg.50a (whatever the a means)

    Funny enough, Nep. also squared a Virgo Moon and Mars both in the 1st too- while it sextiled a 6th house Aq. Venus!

    Though confused the feelings about it all were good?! Eh. Who knows. I don’t care and maybe it’s that which matters ; )

  3. I have Saturn in Pisces in the 10th house, with a trine between Saturn & Neptune.

    I have suffered a lot of rejection. Which in the long run has proved to be a blessing, because I was spared further abuse from the trolls.

    The trolls think I’m stupid, but I’m standing there looking straight through them.

  4. My hubby has Saturn Pisces 10th. There’s one example I can think of that’s related to the topic. Busted his butt going back to college. He double majored while working and being a new father. Then, typical to him. Got his diplomas in the mail, and had ZERO interest in his cap/gown ceremonies. Then, his diploma sat stored in a box until I got it framed several years later. He could care less. It’s poised (where I originally placed it) on the top of his desk at home, with YEARS of dust now! Classic.

  5. Saturn inconjunct Neptune; I’ll have to think about this. (Computer is probably going to go out on me *again*. It goes computer, computer, computer, computer, browser crash, computer crash, computer, computer…)

  6. I didn’t go to my own prom, but I went with a Senior to his (he bought my dress too). At the prom, he was crowned King and another girl was crowned Queen. I spent the whole miserable night at a table with his proud parents as they took pictures of him with this other girl.

    I hadn’t related it to my Saturn in Pisces, square my Neptune/Moon at the time… I thought it was because my name was Carrie (like the movie). 😉

    Another prom I went to (also not my own) was a lot more fun, but that guy is now in a mental institution. gah!

  7. Well, the senior prom at my school I somehow inexplicably ended up organizing and planning almost completely on my own. I was so frazzled, busy and harassed (tying hundreds and hundreds of bows on tiny bottles of bubbles) the entire time I forgot to remember no one wanted to go with me.

    It’s none of the markers you mentioned but I have Saturn squaring my Pisces sun/Venus in 6th. Typical!

  8. Didn’t go to prom either. I realized later it was because I felt for some reason I din’t deserve to..this was part of my weird relationship with my mom, who hated to see me in the spotlight for any reason. I did not attend my high school graduation for about the same reason. My mom said she probably couldn’t go and I got the feeling high school graduation on my part was stupid because I had already ruined my life, according to her.

    Today I wwent to the clinic. One thing about me is that doctors absolutely hate me. I have never been to one who doesn’t act as if I’m showing up in his office just because I need attention.

    It really is a phenomenon.

  9. Annalisa successfully sued the living shit out of three docs for that, eva. Not that this helps you outside the validation.

  10. :). He wouldn’t see me today. He sent his assistant. I have no idea what it’s about but it’s usually apparent by the second visit. My personal theory is that I just appear too chaotic to treat. Mystifying.

  11. I have Saturn-Neptune conjunct and I don’t know if I’m innocent or not because of all the darn fog! Why Neptune why? It’s in my 10th house so I don’t know if the public hates or love me!

  12. Well good for her. They’re maniacs. Rich maniacs. My mistreatment is usually too nebulous to report. Although with my ninth house sun, when I go out of the country and get sick I get treated like a long lost relative. 🙂

  13. I have Saturn square Neptune embedded in a Grand Cross and it also involves Sun and Moon. My parents lost their authority when I was very young because we moved overseas when I was 8 and I was the only one in the family speaking the new language. So I was doing everything my parents should have been doing, and more, like writing to my school teacher and booking hotels for our family holiday on their behalf.

    My parents were not only NOT thankful for that but tried to regain authority by depriving me of all sorts of stuff, like going to friends places, and everything I felt I had the “right to do” because I tried terribly hard to have good grades at school but every time I was refused without valid explanations, “just because”. Was a horrible no-no to this Aquarian.

    Left home as soon as, when the right opportunity came along. I can rationalize that now that I’m older but in some ways I still haven’t come to terms with some restrictions which are still in my unconscious and am getting rid of them gradually.

  14. Saturn in Pisces in the 7th – yes, years of depriving myself of relationships. Now I know I just wanted to be on my own but spent all the time feeling deprived, rather than learning to love the freedom. So I would walk around feeling bad about it when I should have been reveling in it.

  15. Avatar
    curious wanderer

    I have Saturn sq. Neptune, and Saturn in the 1st house. I’ve done all my deprivation to myself, giving myself this reason or that reason why I shouldn’t have something or do something.

    I went to prom my senior year. I hadn’t done a damn thing through high school (my deprivation), and decided my senior year I was going to do it all. I didn’t have a date, didn’t care, I was going.

  16. This also was very true for my husband, who also have Saturn/Pisces in the 4th. His father left and returned to the family while he was growing up…11 times.

  17. Saturn in Pisces [ ] – (Leo)
    Neptune in Capricorn [ ] – (Saggy)
    Saturn in aspect to Neptune [X] – (sextile)
    Neptune in the 10th house [ ] – (3rd/4th)
    Neptune conjunct the MC [ ]
    Saturn in the 12th house [X]

    Neptune in the end of 3rd, start of 4th, conjunct IC… thats why most of my deprivations are related with my family, siblings, neighbors… many things have to be hidden (12th), and im never myself among some of them.

  18. Now that i read REJECTION… it says it all, rejection by father, family, siblings.

    And seeing closely…
    Saturn opposes my Moon… mom issues.
    sq my Uranus… originality block ?
    sq my Juno… commitment phobia.
    sq my Mars… anger management.

    well ive got good aspects also, but drama is drama. :p

  19. Saturn conjunct Neptune in Capricorn on the IC.

    I went to prom as a sophomore with a senior friend, but never went to my own junior or senior prom- I have no real explanation as I went to all the other dances and had a boyfriend at the time.

    I will never have a good enough answer for money or for family or for work, for other people.

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