Sun, Moon & Rising In The Same Sign Effects

triple Capricorn“I am Sagittarius moon, sun and rising. I heard it called triple placement. Thanks for any insight you can share…”

We embody the energy described by out natal chart. If your sun, moon and rising are in the same sign, you’re an anomaly. You have a strong presence, everywhere you go.  Whether this is good or bad is variable on many levels.

There are two things to consider. Your experience and how others experience you.  How others experience you affects your experience so understanding it should help.  Let’s hit that first!

A triple Sagittarius walks into a bar.  I look up because this shot of Sadge hits my chart, hard. All this energy activates X house in my chart. I feel infused!

So is it good or bad? Do I like you? Or do you make me uncomfortable?

Depending on my nature, if your planets land in my 8th house, I may be unnerved or even horny at the sight of you. Of your sun moon and rising him my Mars somehow, I will definitely activate. Whether I like this or not depends on other factors. Am I trying to be on a date with my husband but my head keeps turning?

Or maybe I’m single and your Sadge planets land in my 7th house. In this case, you look like a great partner to me. Want to get married?!?

You get the idea. People see and react to you because you’re a strong representation of a specific type of energy which triggers people.

For the individual, if your sun, moon and rising are in the same sign, you’re likely to be a specialist.  When transits come along, they’re powerful for good or ill.

Use the chart pictured and consider Pluto transiting Capricorn. You life, your ego, your desires and methods of operation, your family and your feelings would all be significantly transformed. The transit over your ascendant would impact you physical body and the entire structure of your life.

If you’re a “triple”, you’re a walking, stiff drink. If you have a particular problem with someone, understanding you’re slamming their chart, hard, can help.  Astrology can provide insight into what’s going on, because the “other” is likely to be the one having the problem. You feel fine, but why?

It’s because you’re pretty much WYSIWYG.  The outside matches the inside. You’re not having to deal with a bunch of inner conflict.

This status can be appreciated by others in many cases. It’s the purity. It’s not a Leo wearing Capricorn face concealing a raging moon!

Last, if you’re a triple, the ruler of the sign of your sun, moon and rising is likely to be the most important point in your chat.

What do others think? Have you ever met someone like this? How did you experience them?



29 thoughts on “Sun, Moon & Rising In The Same Sign Effects”

  1. No, at least not to my knowledge. @Elsa, how would this differ from a Stellium? For example: my mom had a Stellium in Scorpio-Sun, Venus, Moon, Saturn – when she walked in a room heads would turn-and people either loved her or were repelled by her. Her ASC was Gemini so she could be very charming, talkative, humorous and was a great writer.

  2. This was really helpful, thanks Elsa. I’m a Capricorn sun and ascendant, with my BML, Venus, Mercury, and south node all also in Capricorn. My moon is in cancer though and of course I know that creates a push and pull. But I do feel like I cannot hide, I always feel somewhat exposed. Maybe it’s all the cardinal energy?

    You had said that to me during my consultation a few years ago and honestly I still do not 100% percent know what that means in terms of how people view me. This stuff is so interesting. Before too long everyone will be studying astrology in a similar way to psychology I imagine.

    1. I wonder if it’s because your sun in in your first house. Others’ first impression of you is going to be Capricorn and they can’t later learn you are something else (as in, first impression is one way, then people learn you are different when they get to know you). Have you found this to be the case ever?

      I’m a Virgo rising with a Virgo stellium there. I think I can come off as quiet, deferential, sometimes like a librarian, as a first impression. But I’m an Aqua sun, so you might talk to me more and learn other things about me.

      1. Interesting thought Allie! I think you’re onto something there. But here it gets even more complicated because I only recently realized that my birth time was wrong so instead of a 29° Sagittarius ascendant, I have a Capricorn ascendant at 14 degrees and my sun is at 8 Cap so after almost 20 years of thinking I was a Sun in the first house gal, it’s actually in the 12th house.

        But since my ASC is in Cap and that’s my first impression and I have so many placements in Cap (including my Sun) maybe that’s a big part of it. My north node is in Cancer, along with my moon, and as I’ve grown I’ve embraced that energy so much more, but I’m really not sure if that comes through to other people.

        I definitely get what you’re saying about your chart, there are always more layers. That’s what I love about this stuff! A good friend of mine puts out major Libra energy (her ASC), but she says she feels mostly like an Aries as that’s where here moon is. Guess that’s why it’s so important to get to know one another. 😉 I love Aquarians’ quirkiness btw, maybe it’s my Mars in Aquarius

        1. The layers are fascinating! When I began learning more than just the sun signs, I then understood how people can be so different, not “pigeonholed”.

          And I’m glad you found your true birth time. It makes a difference! I’m a 0 Aqua sun, so until I had my chart done, I never knew if I was Capricorn or Aquarius. The Cap sometimes made sense, but that’s because I have two planets in Cap, but I have a ton of earth. I love seeing how all of it plays out in people, the energy and vibes 😃

          1. Oh yeah. It’s crazy that pop astrology just completely ignores the other 2 most important placements, those provide important depth.

            Oh wow, a 0° sun! Very cool! My friend is on the cusp of libra and Scorpio yet she’s 100% Libra IMO haha. But like you said, as you dig deeper you get some really interesting glimpses into what makes people tick and their potential – she has no placements in Scorpio so it makes sense

    2. I’m not surprised you can’t hide. Someone told me once, I walked into a room and I was in it like a dirt clod. Not very flattering but I guess she meant I wasn’t slipping in and out of anywhere, even if I believed this was the case!

      1. Raven, yes friends think I’m quirky. I have a remote day job. I’m usually the lone female in my tech department.

  3. My mom is a triple Sadge. She 100% embodies it, everywhere she goes she is LARGE. People have very visceral reactions to her presence, her honesty and buoyancy. She can tell you stories.

  4. Avatar
    Deborah Strifler

    Moon, asc, and sun in leo.
    I also have a stellium in leo with mercury, pluto, and even the south node.
    The asc, sun, mercury, pluto, and south node are in my 1st house.
    But my moon is in leo in the 12th house.
    I have a t-square with mars in the 4H, and jupiter in the 10H. I have to balance it all out with putting energy into my 7H. I’ve felt the most success when I was involved in large groups.

  5. Yes! This is me! Triple Pisces in the 12th house!! Some people hate me for zero reasons, even though I’ve not done anything to them. I have all 3 placements conjunct too so it can get interesting. And they all conjunct Jupiter. It was more difficult in my youth because I am either over the top or completely reserved.

  6. My sun, moon, venus, and ascendant are all Gemini. With my sun and moon conjunct my ascendant, my moon being smack dab on top of it. Then I have Jupiter, mars, and Saturn in Virgo. Lol, I guess I’m pretty mercurial. Most people seem to like to talk to me but I’m actually very introverted most of the time, lost in my own world.

    1. Avatar
      Cherie Stephenson

      Hello Nicholle, Wow!
      Mercurial for sure. Nice to meet you.
      My sun 28°59′ Mercury 19°58’sag 9H.Moon Venus Chiron in Aquarius11H Uranus in leo 5H opposing Chiron.Ascendant Aries . Mars Rx in cancer opposing Jupiter Saturn conjunct in capricorn 10H.North node virgo conjunct pluto in th 6H
      A yod on my Venus Mars and pluto. Im a cardnial cross.
      Still learning. Having my first reading with Robert Phoenix Excited to learn more. Still learning the language. My first speaking out loud. Having fun! Have a Happy New Year Everyone and nice to meet you all!🔥🕯💜

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