Uranus Square Pluto – Death By Beheading

death-of-ellenai-1883.jpg!BlogWhen beheadings become everyday news, it’s hard to ignore the evidence of the violent, shocking, depraved transformation of what most of feel represents a normal society.

Did you know that Aries rules the head…and knives?

Pluto rules death and Capricorn makes it real.

Monday’s newsletter offers a solid idea around how to progress under the intense pressure we all feel. It’s possible. But if you’re like me, with planets in the mid-degrees of the Cardinal signs, I am sure you’re in a period of great upheaval.

I was telling a client, no. The change or progress in your life at this time is not linear. It’s exponential. And when you enjoy (or endure) change of this kind, you’re going to take some knocks along the way.

You can see this play out, all around. You can see it in the news. You can see it in your life and you can see it mine.

I am in middle of fixing my house to sell, in the middle of a health crisis, with my blog, sketchy. It sometimes appears to be circling the drain…just like me.

The house fixer, the blog fixer, the body fixer – they’re all busy with problems of their own.  But together, we clang and clack along.

The man working on this site, is an expert. The client who called me today, consulted an expert. The  man working on the house is an expert.

The doctor who checked out my brain has been in practice for 38 years, He’s an expert. I will see another doctor next week, and guess what? He’s an expert as well.

So there is an upside here, isn’t there? Does it matter if the process is clunky, if in the end, you wind up with the person who has the key to your personal crazy- lock? Of course not!

Well, you may think it does, but I disagree.  The trick is realizing that this road has bumps. Some of the bumps will really throw you. That doesn’t mean you won’t get where you’re going, Matter of fact, you’re likely to get there, sooner then you think.

How is Uranus square Pluto affecting you?

22 thoughts on “Uranus Square Pluto – Death By Beheading”

      1. Thanks, Elsa. Last night I read a note he wrote me nearly 20 years ago, and broke down. Pastors and priests don’t always know how far-reaching their words and actions can be.
        As far as I know, he was at peace with God and ready to go at any moment, when his time came. He left behind a wife and children.

  1. Uranus is in my Seventh House, Conjunct my Vesta (Aries, 7H), Opposite Ceres (Libra, 2H), still Opposite my Mercury (barely) (Libra, 1H), Trine my Juno (Sagittarius, 3H), Trine my Uranus (Sagittarius, 3H), Trine Orcus (Leo, 11H), Square Mars (Capricorn, 4H), Sextile Chiron (Gemini, 10H).

    I’ve had difficulty while Uranus has been Transiting my Seventh House in honing in on a fictional character with which to partner my self-based character, hurting my writing (Mercury, and 3H). Thankfully, the Transit is in it’s end, with only somewhere from 3-5 degrees left before I’ll get to see what the Eighth House transited by Uranus awaits for me.
    And, my diet (Ceres) is unstable. I don’t always eat enough. And, I broke my diet once by choice, and have been forced repeatedly to face a threat of being forced to change my diet. As a Buddhist, I’m vegan. People don’t care for it much. That includes the other person (Libra) buying (2H) my food (Ceres), which is the problem.
    The other stuff… No change. Nothing I recognize as a change. I’ve been alone since before this transit started, and I am still alone.

    Pluto is… In my 4H, Conjunct my Neptune (Capricorn, 4H), and my Mars (Capricorn, 4H); Square my Mercury (Libra, 1H), Ceres (Libra, 2H), and Vesta (Aries, 7H); Sextile my Pluto & Venus Conjunction (Scorpio, 2H), and my Jupiter (Pisces, 6H).

    I think I have a different father, or maybe even was adopted. But, I can’t really get into it, because I’m a disabled dependent depending on the very person who would rather I die in the streets than it be proven whether or not her ex-husband is really my father.

    Despite there’s been good transits for years for my love life, and for friendship, it never results in anything.
    It’s rare for such transits to really be anything but a desire/energy manifested in writing, and/or daydreams while nothing happens in reality.
    Meanwhile, negative transits are much more common to trigger something.
    I guess there’s just too many negative people with ill intentions who readily manifest negative transits, while they obviously can’t manifest positive ones.
    I do believe my location is the biggest problem in this. I don’t belong here. But, I also can’t move.

    And, there’s a lot more to those transits, of other transiting Planets. Some of which is very positive, though going to waste.

    1. Maybe what Saturn, and Juno Conjunct in the Third House means… is that I’ll never get married in reality, only ever in fiction, and daydreams, because I’m too different Sagittarius – foreign)…
      And, maybe the Vesta in my Seventh House in Aries is that I must devote to myself, because no one else will come into my life for it.
      And, maybe Uranus in the Eighth, in Aries… Will be suicide.

    2. In my writing, I am torn between my self (Aries) & the sort of partner I really want, and my inhibited background & the restrictions that exist in reality that hurt the odds (Capricorn).
      And, I am torn between creating something fun (Uranus), and something more reality-based, and dramatic (Pluto).
      I really want the first ones… But, I am bound to the latter in reality, and I wish to incorporate this, but I don’t want the drama of it, because it’s too much, and I need and desire to escape it, and it doesn’t make for a story I want to read, or write, even when I make a good story of it.
      So, this also makes it difficult to write.
      Between all of this, I’ve considered giving up writing. And, then what? Suicide. No writing means suicide.
      I cannot live without writing.
      And, now… Saturn in Scorpio has entered my Third House.
      There’s censorship.
      There’s sabotage.
      There’s difficulty picking between the horrors of reality, which is just too depressing… We are in a dystopia. And, something better but that leaves a lacking feeling, and a longing to represent reality. I mean… Not much in fiction reflects reality of today. We’ve got propaganda painting things as dandy when it’s not for people with their heads in the sand who don’t see the axes headed for their exposed neck backs. Good fiction that’s detached largely from reality. And, good fiction that reflects past realities, whether it’s ten years ago, or thousands of years ago, either way not matching today, and how dark it is today.

      I rose above a bad background.
      Now, that’s the whole of our country, and even better countries suffer greatly, and the whole world is this dark, dystopic future getting only ever darker.
      And, it needs to be represented, but I really don’t want to be the one who has to do it. Because I really want, and need a break. It’s like the Great Depression, what we really need is comedy, happy songs, innocent kids, etc. Because reality is too dark, and we need some light in the dark.
      So, I’m torn.
      And, I’m suicidal.
      My life is going nowhere.
      And, I’m making no success in picking my next writing project.
      And, to top it off are efforts to prevent me writing.

      I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.
      I can ride this out, and see if I survive… I can commit suicide over my life being wasted if I never get to have a marriage, and children, and over that 28 is too frykkyn old expect a miracle, and while the odds only continue to decrease into greater, and greater extremes.
      And, I don’t even know if I’ll figure out the dilemma with my writing.

      1. I’ve noticed that Pluto is preventing Uranus from happening most of the time. Uranus is repressed.
        Likewise, Uranus is fighting Pluto.
        Well, Pluto’s winning.
        And, that’s bad for everyone.

        I am tired of all of these corrupt control freaks blocking anyone from doing, or having anything good out of envy, instead of just making changes to improve themselves to no longer envy their victims, and instead of just embracing the reality that there are people on this Earth who are better than them.
        Control freaks of all kinds are what’s winning, to the detriment of everyone, because control freaks are the slimiest, sleeziest, ugliest, dumbest trash on the face of Earth whom hate themselves, and think they have to do all this lying, cheating, stealing, etc. to have good lives when they don’t, who ruin everything for everyone.
        Kleptocrats, control freaks, Imperialists… I want to be done with it. I want to wash my hands of it. But, they’re the majority, and they rule the planet we live upon, because they have drugged, and lied most people into submission.

        This society is done. It’s over. This is it’s death.
        And, it’s killing, literally, everyone it can as it dies, and trying to take us out into extinction.
        There are real risks right now, many of them, of all of humanity going extinct.

        Uranus needs to break out of it’s shackles, and punch Pluto in the nose! (Punch Saturn while you’re at it!)

        My understanding of Saturn was that it gives you a reality check.
        Well, why does my reality check seem to be that most people hate my guts out of envy, and just see me as a body to use, and abuse who should keep her pretty, little mouth shut?
        What kind of reality check is that?
        That wasn’t reality when I was a kid, and the propaganda claims it’s not reality now.
        I think it’s Capricorn/Saturn that needs a reality check, with a busted nose, a black eye, and some missing teeth for how it’s treating people!
        I no longer see it as a reality check of our true limitations, I see it as abuse straight-out, and inhibitions by abusers flat-out.

  2. Curious about the role of Algol here. Could Algol have resonances with Pluto even though these are not the traditional associations? I know it is associated with the head of medusa.

    1. Recently someone here mentioned Saturn moving into opposition with Algol, so that could tie into this. When Jupiter conjuncted Algol a few years ago, a rash of new stories came out about people chewing other people’ faces off (if I remember correctly). The most memorable story was the guy being shot dead by the police because he would not stop eating his victim’s face. Ewwww.

  3. Avatar
    Sylvia Jean Smith

    I am 80, and have lived these 80 years with Uranus square Pluto… in fact, add Jupiter opposed to Uranus to complete the T-square (Feb 6, 1934).
    It has never been a quiet peaceful life, but it has never been dull….. I guess you could say, that I am living proof one can survive it. (BTW, Uranus is in my 1st house!)
    Enjoy you Elsa! Hang in there!

  4. Wow- that is quite a coincidence!

    I just (hopefully) resolved a problem about encroachment on our rural property line. I wouldn’t have cared, but the neighbor wants to junk up the view with boats, machinery etc. He’s a hoarder Capricorn. Another Capricorn a few houses down the street is instigating whatever, wherever he can. They tried to bullshit me about this measuring from the other Capricorn’s stake for a reference point. But I know the Virgo daughter has bitched about his encroachment on her property for years.

    I got to intimidate them with my natural landscaping that they hate. We’re all adjacent to acreage left to grow wild. The natural looking fields encompass about twenty acres. I think it’s pretty. Blue and golden flowers. . .grasses that sway in the wind. To me it’s inharmonious to do the manicured, golf greens look.

    That’s how I forced a truce. My midheaven is in Capricorn b.t.w. All of this fits. I threatened to put one of these natural gardens right in their view, and I won.

    I hope you have a good report when you go to the next doctor appointment. It’s worrisome, Elsa. Why do these bad things happen to good people? I’m glad you’re getting a different doctor opinion – and that it’s one who isn’t too worried about making his yacht payment. Hey-see if you can find out their birthdays . . . so you’ll know who to trust.

  5. Hello Elsa. I receive several astrological newsletters and blogs. Yours and Sky-writer are two I read regularly. (I would read the others but I have not been able to order my life so as to be able to devote time to correspondence like I need to. Anyway concerning the Uranus-Pluto T-square. My daughter who will be 44 on the 28th of this month passed out at work Saturday (luckily she works as an ST&A at Cleveland Metro-hospital) She was diagnosed with hypertension. The tests done on her found nothing physiological wrong with her and as a consequence I believe a lot of this is psycho-somatic in her case. She is and has been under a great deal of stress in the past few years and the fact she has a five planet stellium in Scorpio and having just endured the transiting Saturn conjunct her natal Venus I believe is what has contributed to her problems. One of the things she has complained about throughout this ordeal has been a head-ache which the doctors cannot seem to find a cause for. Besides the 5 planet stellium in Scorpio, she has a 3 planet stellium in Libra one of the planets being Uranus, while her natal Saturn is in opposition to transiting Saturn. My daughter handles stressful anxiety issues very well at least outwardly. But I just thought I would share this given your posting concerning the beheading which have been in the news a s of late. Ashe!

  6. Hi Elsa,

    I love your writing as well as your work in astrology. As I’ve said before, much of it goes over my head, so I appreciate the way you simplify for the simple minded. You had a great reminder today. We can choose to react, or we can choose to respond. Two different things. You’re dealing with a lot of fires on a lot of ground, but you are responding. Thanks for clanging and clanking around with the rest of us.

  7. Update to March 2019:

    Holy hell, this thread got dark!! Does anyone else miss Uranus square Pluto? I don’t.

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