What To Do Before Saturn Leaves Scorpio

scorpio boxSaturn will enter Sagittarius on December 24, 2014. He’ll revisit Scorpio, briefly, June through early September, 2015. Then that’s it.
Scorpio will stew on things.  But when planets move into Sagittarius people want to move. They want to leave the swamp behind.  Or the cesspool, if you can handle that word.  They want leave pain behind and seek greener pastures.
If you’re the one leaving, this is great. If you’re being left, it’s not so great, which is what I want to write about.

If you’re in some kind of power struggle someone, you have a very short time to work it out. If you’re unable to manage this, the person with the “leaving gene” is going to move on and you most likely not see them again.
Saturn in Scorpio represents deep commitment. Till death do we part! But it works in the other direction as well. A person turns the faucet off and walks away, permanently.     
I’ll give you an example. I spoke with a woman, fighting with her husband.  She’s concerned he might leave their long marriage.Does she want this?


 Then stop fighting the fight that can’t be won, and commit (Saturn) and moving along (together).
Easy peasy, see? Once you see the big picture and understand the stakes.       

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