Uranus Square Pluto – Unexpected Personal Chaos (And Progress)

zodiac key hangerThis Uranus Pluto square has been something for many people. I’m one of them!

When I went to orthopedic doctor for carpel tunnel type stuff, I never expected to be screened for cancer, sent to a neurologist, my MD, a radiologist and ultimately a rheumatologist…all within about three weeks.

As soon as I got my diagnosis and started treatment, I got an email from an attorney. I was using his client’s picture on the site, without permission or compensation. It was a demand for payment…very threatening.

I thought about it (for an hour). I searched around and decided that I didn’t have a leg to stand on. I also decided I should teach myself a lesson with this (rather than be taught one by a judge). I responded with an apology, no excuse, and I man an offer to settle.

My offer was accepted. I took this as a sign.

I’ve spent the last three weeks deleting thousands of images from this site. I have also been uploading pictures I do have the rights to, and tagging them properly.

You probably don’t know this, but google can now recognize photos and tag them for you. So if you have a copyrighted pic on your site, it is a matter of time before it’s discovered. Google for more info – it’s out there.

Anyway, after deleting all these photos, I had a mess on my hands. I’ve spend the last few weeks, cleaning it up, and I mean I’ve been spending eight hours a day on this, easy.

First, I have sped up the site, dramatically. I did this myself. I just decided to take things into my own hands, and learn something new.  I have focused particularly on making the site mobile-friendly. I do have Mars conjunct Mercury and I can’t stand waiting for something to load!

I’ve also gone back and fixed 80% of the old advice posts, which were corrupted when we changed the site over.  You were able to read the advice but not the question.  I will fix the rest of these in the next couple weeks.

I just wanted to fill people in. I will probably spend the rest of the year working on the back end of the site.  Taking charge of the hidden cesspool (Saturn in Scorpio), so the site will be on a firm foundation in the future (Saturn in Sagittarius).

One more thing…I’m using a new plugin that finds “related posts”.  It throws a much wider net then the old one did. It’s keeping things interesting around here.

I expect all this work to really start to pay off over the next few months.  I definitely like the 2015 Solar Return of this blog!

Health and blog aside, I am still fixing the house to sell, and coordinating repairs to windows and paint, damaged in a hail storm.  I have a new storm door for the front and new closet doors coming in this week…and then I’ll move on to the next thing!

While this has not been easy, it’s undeniable that all the changes are good. I am hurtling towards my future, basically. And I can see the grand design. Because check this…
If not for the rhematologist, there is no way I could have sat and typed and clicked for ten and sometimes twelve hours a day, and gotten all this done.  The pain would have been blinding.
I’m sure you can see what I see, doors are flying open, and you know me. I will put in the effort.

26 thoughts on “Uranus Square Pluto – Unexpected Personal Chaos (And Progress)”

  1. I forgot to add…I have also repaired/replaced or deleted about 2000 bad links! I am fixing 10 years of neglect right now. 🙂

  2. sooooo exciting! i think… can’t help feeling a little apprehensive. i don’t know what’s going on, just know something shifted over the last few days. i feel detached and strangely optimistic in the midst of pure chaos. transiting uranus is in my 9th house on mars. hi 🙂

    1. You cite such real work to define personal and professional train wrecks. It applies across the board, I relate to the health, blog, copyright issue, and the future thinking/planning involved in making use of the energy of the Uranus (sudden change) square (deep).

      I keep coming back to ElsaElsa for the application of real working astrology and astrologer. Uranus is in my 3rd House of communication and neighbors so your post is a great, big, mirror (with sound!) Thank you.

      1. It’s been oddly gripping. It was unpleasant, but not undeserved. I’m glad it happened and I can’t believe what it’s spurred.

        I have been working on this (besides the newsletter and the Q and A posts) for at least three weeks, maybe four. I feel driven.

        1. I understand that. Deep road blocks, or train wrecks, cause synapses(metaphoric and literal) to rewire don’t you think? The creative spark is multilateral and any volcano will tell you there’s no predicting where the lava will flow.

          This has and is happening in my neck of the woods, too. Appreciating how you literally, go with the flow, is the sort of inspiration that sparks collective synapses to connect in unexpected (that’s Uranus!) ways. Is that Over-Drive? Hmmm.

  3. GO Elsa! Wow, you are hurricane strength! I wish keeping websites up to date was something all professionals aimed for. Twice recently I’ve followed listed opening hours for museums etc to discover them closed when I got there as no-one had changed the details to show winter hours. On a personal level I feel more energised since Uranus went direct and I’m enjoying that.

    1. I may do this professionally some day. It’s become sort of meditative, if you can believe that. I wouldn’t mind it. It offers a sense of accomplishment.

  4. It’s great to know that you’re able to be so energetic, and also the results of your makeovers are positive for everyone.

    Progress through chaos is a challenge, and thanks to your example, makes it seem possible.

    Congrats for all the good stuff!!!

  5. I’ve also had to stop publishing a lot of stuff on Astro Dispatch…I am responsible there, if others are irresponsible. But truly, if you search around, this is going to be a huge issue going forward. There is no doubt…

    I am going through the images on my site and have seen a number of them with copyright info, automatically added.

    It was a picture of Bernie Madoff, by the way. Some paparazzi stalked all day, got the money shot of Madoff on his was to court, or taking a walk or whatever…and then it gets copied all over the internet.

    See what I’m saying? I had not a leg to stand on! Regardless of what you think of paparazzi, that was his image.

  6. As an artist who constantly has had work stolen from companies in China and in US – thanks for owning up to it and taking it down. Those of us who spend years of their life working on new designs to pay their bills only to see a company steal it for their products outrages us. I know people will say ” oh but its allover the internet” yes its true but that design, photograph, typography, lyrics, picture came from someone and more than likely is copyrighted. The better lesson is that now everything you post is from YOU which is much better. Also it obviously has spawned a renewed way of posts which is great!!

    1. ellen, I started out being very careful of this. Then I was advised it didn’t matter…because yadda, yadda, yadda, but honestly, I always knew I should find another way.

      So when this happened, I decided the smartest thing I could to is bite the bullet on every level.

      This site is ten years old. It’s not been easy, lol.

  7. Love those words. Doors are opening. Putting the effort in. As for the surprises. I think your doing great. Thank you! Elsa.

  8. But you can use the tom and jerry cartoon? What’s with that. You must be getting very knowlegeable about what’s usable and what’s not. Oh well. CYA. 😀

    1. I may have missed something? If you see something off, please leave a comment so I can take care of it. There are 20,000 images here.

  9. i got arrested in june because i punched my husband after he took my phone and wouldnt give it back to me. i panicked because i had been having and affair and had messages on my phone to this other guy dating back to over 2 years ago- there were thousands of them. anyway this happened outside in front of my neighbors. when i punched my husband my neighbor threatened to call the police and stupid me, more enraged that she threatened me, started shooting off my mouth. long story short, i went to jail, husband read all the messages, i felt like shit, he bailed me out, i poor out my heart with honest apologies, he forgave me and we decided to start over. for the first time, he admitted he has control issues. blah blah. over the last 6 months been to court 6 times. finally after a round of counseling my charges were dismissed. in the mean time my husband had become more controlling because he now had a good reason i guess. and i had to get rid of my smart phone. i can’t get on the internet without hi

  10. yes i know, elsa. it has all been so life changing and enlightening. super weird. i am on a tiny little pos 2 g phone. did my comment get cut off or is it just this phone the reason i can’t see all of it? did you get the part about my son going to live with my mom? its all just chaos but like i said i feel good because i learned so much from all this. thanks for this post. i still read you when i can sneak it in with my husband not monitoring. he won’t let me read astrology stuff lol

  11. what happened was mine and my husbands issues started affecting my son. so hes going to live with my mom until we either work things out, which face it, would take a miracle. or at least if i decide to leave, he will be in a stable environment. then once things are settled and i get on my feet, he will come back with me. i just can’t wait for him to see me happy and strong and independent. anyway, i don’t know if my message got cut off or not, but this is some of it. this is how uranus and pluto are playing out for me

  12. Elsa, thanks for sharing, I’m impressed. I have lots of respect and admiration for how you handled everything. It’s inspirational.

  13. Avatar

    This gives me hope because the situation I was handed is an absolute mess. None of it my doing as I was not the boss or in any way involved when all of the bad stuff was allowed to float, ignored, etc.

    Every day another “fire” to put out comes my way. Tearing down to the foundation of a company is a mess of a time. I have hope that we’ll get there and there will be stability available to build on once I finish cleaning house.

    I have learned one VERY valuable lesson. Just because you are afraid of conflict doesn’t mean that the problem will go away and, in fact, cleaning it up later will be even more difficult, you will have fewer resources, and the blowback will be even worse.

    I’m cleaning up for someone who, repeatedly, said “oh I don’t want conflict” so that person was either taken advantage of or serious, real, deep problems grew out of control and my available solutions are limited, very limited, and often not pleasant options.

    So far, am holding together, so far, am still cleaning. I hope I can come out with something solid and working on the other side. I hope. I certainly spend enough time thinking, researching, problem solving!!

    I am also learning, with shock, that I was chosen not just because I was convenient, but because I actually have the skills to do most of this. It comes as a real shock to me.

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