What Happened To You, When Saturn Was In Sagittarius In The 1980’s?

riding highSaturn will enter Sagittarius, Christmas Eve, 2014. It’s a bit premature to think about this, but Sagittarius is focused on the future, so lets think about it anyway. I don’t know anyone who wants to extend Saturn’s stay in Scorpio, that’s for sure.

The last time that Saturn was in Sagittarius was in the 80’s. Approximately, November, 1985 through February 13, 1988.  If you were alive at that time, thinking back to what was going go will give you some insight into what to expect this time.

Personally, I got a real (Saturn) opportunity (Sagittarius) back then. I worked tremendously hard  for my freedom…and I got that freedom that I wanted so badly.

I was happy, working outdoors, for the most part. I traveled every chance I got. Saturn was transiting my 11th house. I had real (Saturn) friends (11th), who were lots of fun (Sagittarius).

I remember this as the time in my life when I really hit my stride. I also bought a house in the country, where I could be free. I didn’t want to bother anyone, nor be bothered by anyone.

I am planning to do the same thing early next year!  Coincidence? I don’t think so!

What happened to you the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius?


79 thoughts on “What Happened To You, When Saturn Was In Sagittarius In The 1980’s?”

  1. Much of what I read above does not sound like saturn in sagg. Just a coincidence that other things were going on astrologically as saturn was in sagg. Wrong attribution??

    But for myself TSHF. And it would as saturn T-squared a big opposition. And Saturn is the bad boy with no exceptions.

    1. Interesting …. My moving to go to college was pretty much it for me, as I posted above. Perhaps the most Saturnian thing, the most drastic thing, would be that I made a permanent break from home. So I’m thankful that there was nothing earth-shattering about the transit through my 4H in Sagittarius. Nothing at all compared to my Saturn return! ACKKK!

      1. Saturn return – that’s just it, my point precisely. Its only the aspects that matter, not that a planet is going through a sign. Its only when there is an aspect that things happen.

  2. I was around 11 going through puberty and being rebellious as usual. Sag. is my 9th house. I am an Aries/Aries so when these strong planets transit it affects me directly. I was in my own little world (natal neptune in Sag.) I had to rebel against my parents beliefs and stopped going to church. I also had minor surgeries and missed school a lot. this will be a very interesting year. Uranus in aries (1st house)/Jupiter in Leo(5th house)/Saturn in Sag(9th house)/Pluto in Cap(10th house)/Neptune Pisces (12th House)… Saturn in Libra was tough for me and I had many romantic disappointments; however saturn in scorpio has been very gentle and even when i think I am broke, money shows up. I have been able to pay bills etc. Also Sag. is my north node and I have natal saturn in gemini which will be opposing Transiting saturn…. Scary or interesting…

  3. hi i earnt a lot of money very busy own business/
    went to Australia at end of period
    so restrictions through work no enough time to play 5th house

  4. Oh hell. I was a repressed loner teenager. Parents made me go to church three times a week. My mommy controlled me. I escaped into Sweet Valley High books. Envied Jessica freakin’ Wakefield. Babysat. This time around I plan to join a boxing gym, find my third and final husband and make millions of dollars selling my books. Ready to rock out with my cock out.

  5. In 1985-1988 I finished community college and worked as a teaching aid. Found out that Micro Soft made my job as a word processing supervisor obsolete… I moved in with my to be husband… I should have saw the warning signals because he was so possessive, but we were musicians at least I was. I practiced daily but he was so lazy and jealous of my guitar… Love is so blind. He hated his job and partied all the time. We were about to join a band and everybody wanted him? but he said we came as a packaged deal… yikes… What were their alter motives? Plenty 😐 I was hired at a new company and they went belly up in months. We stayed together all this time… Now I finally graduated with a bachelors degree and the jobs suck just as bad as they did then. He on the other hand has turned over a new leaf and acting all grown up working at a church? Who would of seen that coming? Not me! We lost the band and I lost interest in just about everything, still don’t know what I want to do and no one is hiring? We are in heavy debt and I feel like running away and joining the circus or ashram–maybe doing nothing is my new career? Meditation yes – nearly manifested Buddha in my living room I am so bored. I wish I had a real challenge for work, saved the world, make a difference… How could an honor student become so doubtful of their future? I have all these songs on I-tunes, all this equipment, and all this talent just wasting away… I became yoga teacher and got cancer so just recovering seems like forever and maybe never be able to teach yoga because everything I try goes no where… and here he is the only one left that will barely say a few words to me. At least, I get a boob job out of this mess and I hope it happens soon. Maybe I should start the oldest profession? Stop fighting the flirts and start charging–dam. I cannot take much more, things have to turn around…just have to Leo Sun in the 8th house of suffering with sage rising travel and adventure and sage moon beaming off the dark ocean- my dreams are better than reality 😐 I need a revolution for my solution–who wants to join this genius? Maybe I should run for president?

  6. Hmm. I have Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Sag, and the last time Saturn was there was 9th-11th grade. I have no idea what that means but it seems scary. Is there a report for this?

    1. I’m sorry, but none of the reports will address this specifically. I am going to have a Saturn in Sagittarius workshop in the spring. I’d get on that for sure. 🙂

  7. My father had seven strokes when In August of 1987 then that situation made me end the relationship with my first love. I then broke free and got a job and took over all the bills and had my first apt. It was a very difficult and lonely time.

  8. Oh man! Just remembering that time frame depresses me. I was in high school and in November of 1985, my great grandmother passed away. This was the first person that I was very close to die. Before then, others had passed, but I was not so close to them so it did not really leave an emotional scar. My Mother nearly died from gallstones and in November of 1987, my step dad died from a heart attack. That one was a shock for all of us and it definitely left emotional scars. It was one of the worst times of my life. Everything changed after that time frame. And I am not looking forward to this upcoming transit. I know that Saturn squaring the Sun equals blows to the heart. And it will oppose my Moon as well. Right now, my Mother is wanting to give up on life. She is a Capricorn who is only 65. After breaking her hip, her progressed Mars is opposite Saturn and Mars is squaring Uranus. Sudden accidents and broken bones. Mom just wants to lay in the bed and be left alone. And Saturn heads into Sag on Sept 18th, three days before my birthday on the 21st. Ugh. I am doing my best not to panic.

  9. I came out of training in August ’85 and started a job driving 40 ft. city busses, mostly drove long-distance routes(how Sag). Left a part-time job at a religious philosophical organization and resigned my membership in November of ’85. Terminated with the bus company in August of ’86 and re-entered school to get my Masters degree in September; graduated with an M.A. in psychology in Spring ’88 … with a lot of other transformational events taking place during that time period. During the current Saturn in Sag I’m expanding as a teacher in community education, and organizing information I’ve gathered over the last 30+ years for publication. Since Pluto is crossing back and forth over my ascendant trining my Mercury, Mars, Sun it looks promising.

  10. Wow Elsa. I had/have Saturn transiting my 11th house as well. So glad to hear that good things happened to you, I felt the same way but am nervous this time around! Thanks for the article – it made me feel a bit better.

  11. I have a Sag 27 Sun in the 1ST Sag ascendant plus Mars Jupiter Pallas and in the 1ST all conjuct plus Mercury in the 12th on my ascendant at 7 degrees. 1987 I had a major breakdown 🙁 at present Saturn is hovering over my Mars I cant say this is not giving me flashbacks!! But to wise to put myself in that place again so very grateful I took the journey to learn Astrology.

  12. After separating from a partner my parents came to visit me and to save them any grief I stayed with him andthem in hi shome as mine was in the middle of disruptive renovations. After 2 weeks I asked them to stay with me for a few weeks before theymoved to visit other friends in my adopted country. Their treatment of me echoed the ‘silent treatment ” I had grown up with if I did something they did not approve of. Fortunately I had previous lhad tranists of neptune and uranus over my MC and had been doing much soul searching plus my moon opposes my MC natally so lots oof emotional stuff. It took along time and was never spoken about but caused a non speaking rift from my parent to me for five years when my mother finally called me – after my many calls home which were not accepted. I dont know if she had any premonition but she died in a tragic fall 3 weeks later and for distance and financial hardship I could not return home. I found out about her death 3 days later when Ic alled to wish my parents a happy anniversary. Took me a long time to grieve this loss. My inner strength and acceptance of myself developed greatly in this time along with love and forgiveness.

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