Venus And Mars In Scorpio: Evil Dead II

Evil Dead 2My son has Scorpio rising with Pluto conjunct which touches nearly everything in his chart. This kid is deep as a desert well. Halloween is his favorite holiday and every fall about this time he treats me to an extended horror movie marathon. Today marked the first of these movies, and with Venus and Mars beginning their joint transit through Scorpio it’s perfect timing.

I’m not a fan of hack-em-up horror, not at all, so initially I wasn’t thrilled by his first choice: Evil Dead II. I was so wrong; it is perfection, campy and perfectly timed, without being cheesy at all. Sam Raimi directed this mid-eighties “classic.” Sam Raimi is best known for the Spiderman series of films. He has a Libra Sun and a Cancer Moon, so I would’ve thought classic romance films for watching wrapped up with your sweetie at home, not director of one of the top cult horror hits. But Raimi has a Scorpio Mars, and coincidentally had his Mars return just hours prior to my watching Bruce Campbell wielding a chainsaw as a right hand prosthesis.

Part of what makes this movie a tremendous success is its unpretentious sense of humor. It’s hilarious, but clever. The movie is better than its genre, doesn’t take itself overly seriously, and is laugh-out-loud funny over the top of its creepy subject-matter.

The other reason this movie is such a cult-success is its star, Bruce Campbell. With Mars in Aries, Venus in Taurus and classic leading-man looks he seems the perfect candidate for wider success as an action hero. While he’s a well-known face as a character actor, he never surpassed his B-Movie fame. Perhaps hard aspects between his Mars and his Pluto-Moon conjunction figured into that, perhaps it was his Venus-Saturn contact. But you know, it could be something as simple as it not being the path he wanted or chose.

In any case I’m now publicly staking my claim to Bruce Campbell as my imaginary Hollywood boyfriend.

Are you feeling the depth (or the creepy) as Venus and Mars tour Scorpio?

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19 thoughts on “Venus And Mars In Scorpio: Evil Dead II”

  1. Several years ago I went to midnight showing of all three Evil Deads at this dive-y patio bar in Deep Ellum.
    This one guy had a little too much to drink and as they were dragging him out, he kept shouting “Now who’s laughing…burp, I mean who’s now laughing…”

    I’m totally feeling the creepies right now.

  2. I’m totally not a horror show fan, but since Mr. Campbell is a Libra and you, Satori, are a Pisces, my libra sun, pisces moon tells me I’d find it hilarious also. Think I’ll look for it next time at the video store. 🙂

  3. Absolutely! And love that movie series! Yes that Bruce Campbell is a hottie!! But back to the creepy depth charge. I have been feeling extremely intense on all fronts. More serious than usual and my anger is coming out about latent issues. I am feeling the sting of things said in the past, feeling more jealous than usual and generally feeling my Scorpio armor.

  4. I wasn’t a fan of horror/zombie until I was cast as an extra in a zombie film recently. When the editing was all said and done, I sat down to watch it – I liked it!!! Not cause I was in it – which wasn’t but 5% – but the campy dialogue, props, storyline, etc. Turned me into a fan!

    Slasher films – not so much…reminds me of nursing school anatomy class…

  5. I am feeling the depth and the creepy…I had an unspeakably disturbing nightmare and woke up crying, and too scared to move. =/ I haven’t had one of those since I was a kid.

  6. Yeah Metro Detroit represent! (raimi campbell etc)

    Raimi was also involved with TV shows Xena, Hercules, in the 90s and the Adventures of Briscoe County, Jr which Campbell starred in – it was a sci fi western.

    Big fan of raimi and his weird camera angle but I don’t like slasher movies unless they are funny – basket case, student bodies, etc. I don’t think I could watch any of the new torture porn movies like saw, etc.

    (shop smart, shop S mart)

  7. My brother is a huge Bruce Campbell fan, he even got his picture taken with him at a comic convention 🙂 He’s not much into horror movies, but he is definitely drawn to the camp and the sense of humor- he has 3 planets in Sagittarius.

  8. I totes less than three the Bruce! =P I always really wonder why he never made it past the B category, oh well I’m more of a fan of the ‘underdog’ anyway (maybe cause struggle creates character?). Kathy Griffin anyone? I know she can come off annoying or whatever but seriously, balls of steel.

    Anyways mars and venus are about smacking my natal pluto…and I love it!

  9. I’m feeling my power coming back. My Mars return happened at around noon today, and I’m feeling energized like I haven’t been in ages. Yes, there’s a darkness to it, but that’s my comfort zone anyway. Bruce Campbell, nice choice. You have seen Bubba Ho-Tep, right?

  10. Bubba Ho-Tep was good times in that odd sort-of way. And that’s sayin’ something from me. 😉

    Bruce Campbell is currently on the USA series “Burn Notice” and still as awesome as ever, if you ever get the chance to watch. I gave up on the show after a season, but he is/was the high point IMO. 🙂

    @Jilly: You beat me to the Raimi trivia. You’re a baaaaaad girl. 😛

  11. I love horror movies. The original The Hills Have Eyes is my favourite I think, but also those freaky B movies with mutant animals – killer bats, rats, dogs, frogs. There’s a zillion of ’em.

  12. I’ve not seen Bubba Ho-tep but it sounds like I should. I watch Burn Notice and, indeed, he is the best character. he and the mom.

    I’m a huge fan of religious/possession horror movies, particularly if they’re crap, you know, like Constantine.

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