Gemini Hell – Part Two – The Interaction

The Interaction

Why doomed? Well, I may have a Leo Venus, but it’s just a streak in my personality. The meat lies elsewhere. I am an intense piece of work! Venus gets her due. She may have a little fun, promenade around a few times but the rest of me wasn’t going to set up shop with Billy, no way no how.

Not that I was thinking this at the time. I was thinking about how good we looked. Then later, I’d realize he was dating my hair and boy would that piss me off.

So let me tell you something: There are a couple ground rules for dating a Leo / Leo rising man and one of them is that you cannot cut your hair. Unless he has Venus in Aquarius in which case you can cut one side of your hair. Don’t believe me? If you have a Leo man at home, try this:

Put your hair up. He will kiss you and reach behind you to take it down. Now if you have Venus in Leo, you’ll realize that the “camera” is trained on you, so you’ll shake your head so that your long hair drops. They can dub the music later and you will have the angle just right too. Chin up to catch the camera.

If you have Venus in Aquarius, and your Leo man pulls this stunt, well you might punch the son of a bitch. I will spare you the technicals, but I have what passes for both of those. This means go ahead and do the hair thing but don’t count on tonight’s reaction being the same as last nights. Some people call that volatile but consider it a regular human condition.

So anyway, Billy and I were going along for awhile. A couple of months or so which is a pure eternity in a case like this. He was living three lives. Well actually, he was living four or five lives, but this is a short story. Three of them came together on Gemini Hell night.

I had some awareness of these lives but I was having fun and I liked the sex and this provided all the motivation I needed to ignore them.

Yeah. I’m copping to being his partner in deception, courtesy, my Venus Neptune square. I’m only going to assimilate that which fits in my preferred reality and obscure and erase whatever does not. Because come on! I was trying to make a love movie and let’s face it. Reality, if not filtered will really muck it up.

Like this:

His dapper retro clothing crossed with my long hair and fashion forward Nicole Miller pumps? In

Lusty sex? In

Where does this guy disappear to on Tuesdays, Sundays, and sometimes Thursday? Out

Artist / Architect? In

His wholly ridiculous night job in the bowels of the city? Out.

This is easy enough to do and I want to be clear that typical for Sagittarius rising, Billy was often very candid. It was not like he lying all the time. He was lying some of the time (Gemini) and telling the truth some of the time (Sadge). Yeah, that’s what he was doing.

Meanwhile, I was processing some of what he said and denying the rest so you can imagine how happy we were.

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10 thoughts on “Gemini Hell – Part Two – The Interaction”

  1. ” Then later, I’d realize he was dating my hair, and this would really piss me off.”

    one of my favorite elsa quotes right there. πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, I feel like I am reading a very exciting and fun novel; knowing it is autobiographical makes it even more fun. Reads like a memoir. Those are selling very well lately.

    Funny, I had short hair when I met the last Leo guy, but it did not stay short for long! Somehow, I don’t know how, he enticed me to grow it out.

  3. LMAO! I love that quote too. I just couldn’t date a Leo man, I’d bust out laughing at the wrong time! I know a Leo man who likes to be really serious and that happens and it makes him really mad.

  4. This is like the funniest thing I ever read. Oh. My. God.

    Love this, Elsa. LOVE IT!

    So glad there’s more πŸ™‚

    P.S. This line is fantastic: “Because come on! I was trying to make a love movie and let’s face it. Reality, if not filtered will really muck it up.”

  5. Haha i’ve got leo sun and venus in leo… not to mention venusvenusvenus everywhere and four planets sitting BOOM in my 8th house. ah love.

    lol it’s so funny reading this and relating to both sides.

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