Cancer Men Playing “Piss Off Mommy” Games

Now when you’re talking about Cancer men, you have to look at the Moon in the chart to see what you’re dealing with. And in Scott’s case, his Moon is in Aquarius, so he is going to want to shock his family.

But beyond that, Pluto and Mars are involved so it’s no big surprise that Scott decides to made this pronouncement: “All the women in this family are whores!” right in the middle of a holiday get together.

Now had I been there, I’d have snickered for sure. Actually, I’d have snorted loudly. He went on to elaborate…

“Every woman in this family is promiscuous! You’re more promiscuous than the men by far! My own mother doesn’t know who my father is, for chrissakes…”


You think they’d string him up but no. He’s their boy, man. He’s their baby! He’s not Scott, he’s Scotty! So he can get away with this.

Matter of fact, if you say anything bad about Scott… if you complain about him in anyway, the women in his family will burn you down! And deny!!

“Oh no. Not, Scotty. Scotty’s not like that…”

So have you ever seen this sort of phenomena with Cancer Men? What about people with their Moon in Aquarius shocking their family? Tell us your stories!


14 thoughts on “Cancer Men Playing “Piss Off Mommy” Games”

  1. Here’s the thing that I wonder about Scott, what with everything you posted, Elsa: he can obviously dish it out but can he take it? Or is he one of those dudes who loves to say provocative things but then recoils in anger when someone stings him back?

    With all these posts about saying shocking things, the person who comes to mind is my cousin Jon. He’s a Scorpio Sun, Pisces Rising. And he loves to say racist and sexist things to get a rise out of people but will insist that he’s not a racist. Well, okay, I’ve learned to make believe that what he says doesn’t faze me. But if I happen to make an observation about him that is right on the money but that touches a sore spot?! Ooh, man, does the boy jump! He’ll jump right up and leave. And that’s where I lose respect for him bc if you’re gonna go around fully loaded and begin to shoot, you can’t get all prissy when someone fires back and it hits you in the balls.

  2. Marly, I read your comment to Scott.

    “Does that have anything to do with you?” I asked.

    “I don’t think so.”

    We both roared. 🙂

  3. Har.

    Yeah, it’s my own shit that goes through my head when I read your posts about this. Bc? I have a lot a lot of people like this in my family.

  4. I have an aquarius moon, but I hate to shock my family. I hate it when others do anyway – I want to ‘protect’ them.

  5. My husband is a Cancer man….the baby of the family that can do nooooo wrong. His moon is in Libra though, so rather than shock, his job seems to be wanting to make sure all the women in his life play nice with each other. After 13 years he’s finally acknowledging the fact that his mom finds fault with everyone on the planet except him, so perhaps it’s her, not the rest of us.

  6. I have an aquarius moon, as did my mother and oldest daughter. Us, shock somebody? my mother had a mean streak, to make it worse, loved to lay into either one of us, but could not take it when she got it back.

  7. my son is 14, and he does silly things to shock us all the time….the way he acts, does these gawd awful noises, screams like a girl lol he is just a NUT!

  8. my son who is 14 and is aquarius, is a total nut, he does things all the time to shock ANYBODY…and he is well protected from Na~Na, “oh leave him alone, he’s just being Mat” and I just shake my head…..very loving kid though 🙂

  9. My mom’s moon is in Aquarius (Aries Sun)…she has definately been shocking us all as a senior. Not least her new found sexuality, which she’s happy to talk about! I think she is a great inspiration, but my other siblings think some of her behaviour is shameful. Which creates some weird BORING dramas.

  10. My brother in law is a Cancer, but I don’t know his Moon is. He’s the oldes of four children and the only boy. He’s their ‘golden boy’. That’s actually his nickname! And no he can do no wrong, no matter what he does. But he doesn’t try to shake things up or shock people, he’s actually very tactful and reserved. *shrug* I need to find out his Moon.

  11. “Now had I been there, I’d have snickered for sure. Actually, I’d have snorted loudly. He went on to elaborate…”

    I would have been rolling on the floor laughing!

    My brother Matt – Leo Sun, Mercury and Mars opposed by his Aquarius Moon. Funny, funny guy and I’m convinced Mom dropped him on his head when he was a baby. Completely whacked! Love him to death! Drives our Scorpio sister batshit crazy. On purpose. Who pisses off Scorpio’s on purpose? Only Matt 🙂 Loves fucking with her head. She gets so angry she nearly explodes but eventually forgives – only Mattie gets that break with her. Our sister is always going on about Matt being Mom’s “baby boy” and how he can get away with anything… LOL! She’s not wrong.

  12. I wonder what my mom the Aquarius has done to shock.. I have an Aquarius Rising and enjoy acting weirdly towards strangers and people I know and saying direct things. I also appear very weird and eccentric in a more genuine way. Perhaps more than I do things consciously to shock people, people think I shock them, for example, I say a lot of un-PC or blunt things and people make a point about that. Someone said something relatively racist and the friend sitting next to me responded, “For all the offensive things Dani has said…” They both know I do it in jest and in anger at the way people have replaced weaksauce humor with anything that might be offensive. I think in saying un-PC things, I do like you do when you don”t hold back your cursing on the blog because of your Mars, I don”t feel like censoring myself and wish to shake people up. I knew an Aquarian wrestler who loved to do things to shock people, it’s hard to explain. He would talk about the size of his penis or how short he was, dress up as these very demeaning characters like SpongeBob or Kermit during Halloween, all sorts of things. You had to be there. I know an Aquarian now who is a very damn loud thing everywhere, acting somewhat like a hellion and another who is, well, her own person and I don’t know how much she intends to shock by it. On a random note, I find that Aquarians require a lot of space on the dancefloor for their eccentric style of dancing.

  13. My mom set out to get an orgasm for the first time. As a senior citizen. It was a huge, huge deal for her. Some people look extremely unassuming, and only those really close to them know how incredibly “shocking” they really are.

    So what I mean by shocking is not the same kind as Dani speaks of. You cannot pigeonhole some folks, no matter how hard you try. That, I think, is what makes Aquarians (like my Mom with her Aqua moon) unique. And this shocks and upsets the people who want to claim to “really know them.”

  14. i used to do all sorts of things just because i knew they’d get a rise out of my mother. though i wouldn’t tell her. it got a little ridiculous.
    (i have an aquarius moon.)

    kiddo has cancer moon and venus. which i guess explains how uncannily sensitive he is to my emotional state.

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