Venus And Your Attitude Towards Money In Relationship

stack of money“I don’t want to fight about money,” the soldier said over the weekend. I opened my mouth to say something and he shushed me. “Couples always wind up fighting about money, you know they do and I don’t want to do that. I hate to fight about money.”

“Well I don’t think we will,” I said. “For one thing, I am old and I have never fought about money with anyone in my life. I don’t care what you’ve done with other people, that is my history and I don’t imagine I am going to all the sudden change all that much.”

He just looked at me.

“Plus we have a personal history ourselves. You and I mixed our money for 3 years and we never fought about it once that I recall. Did we ever fight about money?”

“No, we never did.”

“Well then I doubt we’ll start. I’ll tell you why I think I have never got in any fights about money. It’s because I don’t waste people’s money. I never do so people who are worried about money always appreciate that,” I said.

“I bet they do.”

“Yeah, and the people who don’t worry about money notice this too but it’s not like it bothers them so there is no problem there either. You know money is energy and people don’t like their energy wasted whether they realize it or not. I know it pisses me off when someone wastes my time or energy. ”


“Yeah, they only get to do it once. So I could be trying to get someone’s money but I never am. And I don’t want control via money so that pretty much uses up all the reasons to fight right there.” I looked him in the eye and shrugged. “You can worry about this if you want but I’m not going to. We have no history, our Venuses are in good aspect and I think this is just how it is with us. We don’t fight about money. We may kill each other over which way the wind blows but that’s something different, isn’t it?”

Do you fight about money? Where is your Venus and how is it aspected?

14 thoughts on “Venus And Your Attitude Towards Money In Relationship”

  1. I only fight about money when someone tries to tell me what to do with mine (Taurus Sun in 4th; Venus conjunct Aries in 3rd).

    I always tell people: “When you start going to work for me and putting dollars in my pocket, then you can tell me what to do with it! Until then, piss off.”

    That’d be the Venus opposed Pluto, I guess!

  2. Money is never an issue in my relationships. I can’t imagine telling anyone how to spend their money, and no one has ever done this to me. I make my own money and pay my own way. When I’m dating, I like to pay for dinner, drinks, etc. about 40% of the time. I like to tell a guy that I’m taking him out for a nice juicy steak.

    Venus in Leo, 11th house.
    Moon/Jupiter/Mars trine Venus, Mercury sextile Venus, Venus sextile Uranus.

  3. Yes….guilty about fighting about money. My hubby is such a spender. I am too, but I am frugal and will usually get the most bang for my buck. He on the other hand, spends big $$$$. His argument is “Why do you worry? You act like I don’t take care of all our priorities first, before I buy something big for myself.” It’s true, but I worry about the ‘what if’s’.
    What if you lose your job?
    What if one of us gets cancer or something like that, something that wil cost big $$ to treat?
    And the list goes on.
    I like to sit on a BIG ‘what if’ emergency savings.
    Venus in Virgo square Neptune

  4. Dang, you keep asking the very juicy questions!

    I worry about money (venus squ saturn) and am confused about it too (venus squ neptune). I feel like money eludes me. I fight with it. I fight with myself.And when I have money, I like to count it, touch it.

    And I have Jupiter in Libra in the 2nd exactly sextiling that poor 12th house Venus in Leo….

    Are our debts merely karmic in heaven? Or will I pay paper bills there too??

  5. …Venus in Aries…
    I only argue about money in relationships, when I am living with my partner and they are failing to help support our home, instead spending it on frivilous stuff and then asking ME for money for things like gas for their car or cigarettes. If they don’t live with me, then I don’t care what they do with their money bc it doesn’t directly impact my life.

    I’m very much of the mind that bills get paid first, then fun. And moreso that fun doesn’t have to be expensive!!

    Current (and possibly outgoing) BF has Venus in Pisces. He doesn’t think about money until he can’t use his card anymore, and then he complains about not having it. *shakes head*

  6. My Venus is in Taurus. I’m very stubborn and I like luxury. My husband has Venus in Gemini. I don’t know what that means. If I’d had to have guessed without looking I would have guessed Virgo because he is very frugal. It’s worked out well for us though. From me he learned that sometimes you get what you pay for and that a person should enjoy the better things sometimes. From him I learned how to budget and save.

  7. My Venus is in Leo. I care about money but in a strange way. I am not afraid of poverty. I think there is always way to lead a happy life regardless of how much money I have. I went through wealth and poverty. And I am talking about extreme. Money wasn’t subject of my happiness. Of course money can add to happiness, but if we are not lucky we shouldn’t doom ourselves to depression. Life goes on so we better adjust and try to make our life as pleasant as possible. That is my theory.

    My husband had Venus in Libra. I went with him through the stages of wealth and poverty. We never fought about money when we were on the bottom. We wouldn’t think of it as there was no time. We were busy to bring our life on an acceptable level. This was the happiest time of my life. I didn’t realize it then.

  8. Fighting over money has been a major theme, unfortunately, in my relationships.

    It’s projection on my part, because I’m a spender, and the men I’ve been with have been frugal, some to the point of hoarders.

    Venus is conjunct Pluto in Virgo. Little wonder I always find myself in power struggles over something that I don’t think is too important at the end of the day. All I need is a nice nest egg. The rest, well, I’m not going to take it with me when I depart the planet, so why hang on to it?

  9. my venus is in Sagittarius conj DSC, no other major aspect. I spend money on travelling to go and see people. I’m not into tourism, go and see friends is the purpose of my trips.

    never fight with my husband over money, it’s always 50/50 on everything. two strong aquarians.

  10. My husband and I fight over money all the time, but now I know why….he wastes it and it’s the energy thing that gets me the most. I could never see that before…I thought it was my insecurities, but it’s the wasting my time and energy. I work my tail off, am frugal, try to make wise decisions and he just blows stuff and says it will all be okay and not to worry. I suppose things are okay, if you don’t mind huge amounts of debt and having your car repoed and such. I mind that kind of thing, so we have had our share of fights. It’s an integrity issue.

  11. only my mother.
    when i was younger.
    cured me of ever wanting to depend on anyone else for my support ever again, it did.
    though i’ve learned a thing or two since. that there are people you can trust to not screw you over if they’re supporting you.

    pooling resources still terrifies me, though.

    i’ve never done so with a SO. my best friend, yes. but i’ve never trusted a man with my money.

  12. Money was never an issue for me! Maybe because I have NN Aries in 2nd.
    Pluto in Scorpio 8th,
    Venus in Scorpio (8th or 9th — house system)
    Venus trine Jupiter,Mars,ASc

    I never fought about money with anyone!
    I grew up in an enviroment that they use money to help people. Not selfish ang greedy! I never never heard them fight about money! I got the best example from them

    p.s I dont understand people that take advandage of someone’s money!

  13. I fought about money constantly in a past relationship; I felt like I was never being met even half-way. Somewhere I read that people with Moon square Venus tend to give too much because they’re insecure. But currently, money really doesn’t come up. Perhaps because I demand respect now. Or maybe because he has Moon square Venus too. 🙂

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