Hard Times Lead Us To Think Deeply

wellWhen times are good, it’s easy to live on the surface.  There are lots of fun distractions. Anyone who cares to look beneath the surface to see what’s lurking there is considered a wet blanket.  I can’t count how many times I have been tagged as “morose”.

The longer the good times roll the more people find themselves on the joyful bandwagon, believing everything desirable and denying other possibilities.  This pattern is evident throughout history and it’s exploited by people who wish to do harm.

I don’t want to get political but this remark stunned me, in real time:

“You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.”
― George W. Bush


As years of happy times pass, people see no need to dive down or look behind the curtain as pleasure is readily assessible. Over time, true knowledge and understanding of every single thing you can think of, erodes until it eventually disappears.

This includes self-understanding and necessary insight into others.  These things don’t seem important when the veneer-crack cocaine is right there. Just look at the phone in your hand!  We even have a phrase for this phenomena at this time: “Let’s not go there!”

Now times are changing and it’s undeniable. The last bit of Pluto in Capricorn doesn’t look too hot to me. Saturn in Pisces will be no picnic, either.

I’m bringing this up because it’s fascinating. I also want to offer this for the moment (assuming it comes), that you find yourself standing in the middle of your life; realizing you are missing something you really, really need.

That thing will be found in the swamp, most likely.  The swamp of life, I mean.

Is the way you think and what you think about changing at this time?

12 thoughts on “Hard Times Lead Us To Think Deeply”

  1. I’ve been thinking about the mind-body connection as it relates to chronic pain (migraines in my case) and came across Nicole Sachs. She recommends journaling about what you’re really feeling to release all the built up gunk of anger, shame, guilt whatever. I’ve been doing it this week and feel so much better. I have always turned anger in on myself to avoid confrontations with people, which has only made things worse. Not sure if this is fits what you’re talking about, but it immediately came to mind.

    1. I’ve done that all my life since childhood, though I didn’t call it journaling then. A way of conversing with, raging at, analyzing, lecturing, or consoling myself, organizing my thoughts about past, present, life. It became popular back in the 90s to do “Morning Pages” every morning as recommended in “The Artist’s Way” — recording one’s first thoughts of the day to increase creativity. It’s very centering and clarifying to “write it out” when stressed or overwhelmed with any emotion.

      1. I kept journals when I was young but mostly to document what was going on my life. Now, I write for about 20 minutes about past or present things I’m angry about and then throw the pages away, so it’s more of a releasing ritual I guess.

  2. yes, completely agree. and this is exactly what I’ve reminded myself amid the blocks, that they’ve helped me get real and clear about what I really want on a deeper level

  3. You reckon Goerge W. stopped you in you your tracks. You stopped me in mine, Elsa.

    The truth of ageing is here and is real for me. Saturn Pisces will go over my asc. and oppose Pluto. I feel it now.

    Great choice of pic. too!

    And l agree with you too, Mielle,there are tools to help. Denial doesn’t.

  4. That Picture could be tunnel vision or staring into the abyss ~ great picture!!
    I personally think many are in tunnel vision mode…off and away in ‘distraction land’ ;-0
    What a disservice to all including oneself. We either face this challenging change strong, solid & together or weak, unfoundational (is that even a word) & fragmented.

  5. A resounding YES, to your question…and you nailed it on where it’s at, the swamp of life🥸
    TY ELSA FOR CLARIFYING ✌🏻💜🙏🏻🤭🤷🏻‍♀️🥸💩🌅😇🌄🤯

  6. I do seem to be at a “happy to be me moment” I mean I wish in all honesty happy to be us !!,but ,that’s just isn’t the case, right now ,I have no intention to lowering the bar and yes Patience is my first name, I’m OK .I look around and I think of how many f “ up relationships I see, something I can skip , and I’m gonna wait for the right stuff right time, I Have been really busy lately the weeds are killing me, but “in da gadda da vida” is coming around the corner

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