Venus Conjunct Uranus In Taurus Opposite Moon In Scorpio

Taurus bull blue backgroundThere’s been a huge upswing in interest in digital currencies and the stock market since Uranus hit Taurus. Legions of people watch these markets on a daily basis.

Your attention is currency. It’s shocking how much currency aka energy flows into these things at this time.  I remind myself, it’s transitory!

Venus will conjunct Uranus in Taurus on June 11th, 2022 and you know the drill. Unpredictable? Volatility? Or is everything run by algorithms (Uranus)?

This may be the case, but if so can an algorithm run amok? Yes.

Venus will conjunct Uranus in Taurus once a year, so long as Uranus is in the sign.  But this particular conjunction stands out because it will oppose the moon in Scorpio, the sign of it’s fall.

This seems notable to me. What do you think? What unexpected thing do you expect ’round June 11th?

23 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Uranus In Taurus Opposite Moon In Scorpio”

  1. I have a dental appointment on the 10th. They’re implants. Not sure what to expect but this will be in my 8th house.

    I am trying out a potential job opportunity and I’m not really feeling like it’s for me but we’ll see.

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      dianablackastrology .com

      Be sure that the materials used aren’t toxic for your body and blood type. My dad got these and I want to try them, but they can make you ill and can be painful if you don’t take into account the metals/ resin used.

      God bless and keep being beuatiful the world needs it

  2. This is in the last degrees of my 6th House and the Moon in my 12th. I am trying to figure out a health plan where I moved so I can have access to medical care. There are not many doctors in my choice of plans so it’s been difficult to figure it out. Trying to just stay healthy in the meantime but hopefully by the Full Moon, it will be straightened out.

  3. I’ve heard that data processing for Bitcoin alone uses as much electricity daily as all the solar facilities in the U.S. put out. Unsure if other cryptos are similar. Uranus rules electricity and we love that convenience. Extreme heat at the same time might stress the grid.

  4. My two cents (hahah)…I don’t think the financial aspect is the star of the show here but it is very present…that’s not what i am seeing/feeling anyways.

    I am seeing food, earth, growing, feeding one-self (all Taurus and Venus, Moon themes) at the for-front right now. Perhaps it’s undermined and being fully swung back up to hit people right where it counts in someway or another perhaps not- just a big mish mash. BUT…something is clearly happening in this landscape.

    Emotions of loss of power and control – hence trying to overpower and gain control over many agriculture food themes – flying around, both in the macro (countries) and the micro (neighbor and everyday peeps)

    What was the original currency? – energy, food, metals or fiat and digital ‘hardly tangible’ currencies?????

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    anthony matzat

    the scary thing is that the houston astro’s used algorithms to cheat in baseball,and i guess uranus came around and shocked them but this doesn’t seem to stop houston from winning,plus some groups say to get to next of uranus as far as our electric grid goes,we might have to seriously tax our ultra rich,maybe this why guys like elon,and jeff are turning against biden,cause if they need a billion to ride uranus into our future,venus might ask for more tribute,meaning at somepoint our society is going have to decide if uranus,and venus need to be in a relationship,since to rebuild cities here in might take alot of shock from uranus to get venus to really act,since the darkside of venus in some views is war,and i imagine when uranus gets venus wound up,will see some serious fireworks,maybe uranus is aware venus is coming to his house,and want to break out before she opens the door to conjunct,meaning i feel alot of our relationships are getting shocked,but its not necessarily uranus’s fault,sometimes venus especially around uranus,can do alot of crazy stuff,and with inflation,and death doing a tango lately,it seems uranus is driving some of our venus’s crazy,but i guess will have to see the last time uranus,and venus came together to see how most of us dealt with this stuff,especially when both were disgused as bulls in seasonal taurus.

  6. As I have the Moon South node and Jupiter conjunct transiting Uranus, i do hope Venus could bring me something beautiful or extra income … I am in painful turmoil and I do not see anything “obviously good” right now…

  7. This conjunction exactly opposes my natal Mars and Uranus in my 5th house. I don’t have any earthly idea what this could trigger!

  8. I have a Cancerian coming ova to do shelf installations in my office. I’m a Sagittarian and have been seriously lusting over this man for months. But he could care less (and he’s married. NOT my usual fanfare).

    Yet every day I’m wet down to the knees; at night, soaking the sheets.

    Am I crazy? (asks me and Elsa’s grace-filled client)

    Recently, I’ve thought a few time about calling Elsa … but what can an astrologer do? Even Elsa, Elsa.

  9. So this conjunction was in my 5th house, and it was surprisingly good! I spent time having fun with my 19 year old son – he even got me styling his hair! And I won some money on the Lottery! Textbook!!

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