Handling The Double Agents in Your Life

question markI’m just off the phone with an Aquarian client who I’ve worked with for many years. He made an offhand remark about the “double agents” in his life, as far as how he handles them. He’s got a rule in this regard.

This was interesting to me on a number of levels.  First, I don’t have a rule!

This may be explained by the fact I’m mutable and he’s fixed. I’d be more likely to look at things like this on a case to case basis. But it may also be that he’s smarter than I am.

If this is the case, I’m okay with it. He’s deranged!  As in, derangedly intelligent.

So tell me. How do you deal with the double agents in your life?

15 thoughts on “Handling The Double Agents in Your Life”

  1. I keep everything neutral when I talk to people like this and if they ask leading questions, especially in regards to a third party, I just say ‘oh, I don’t know, you’d have to ask them’. I don’t like the thought of being used, especially to undermine somebody.

  2. Cardinal sun- cardinal moon- oh how they handle me! And when they’re done I’m turned inside out , like a well worn glove!

  3. i also had to google that. yikes! anything that sounds a bit criminal, going into the grey area, however its stil bad; but i guess in their case, they do it for their country. wont they feel nothing for the other side? yeah no thanks lol i like to just hide away and stay away from trouble. guilt ridden and feel bad just to do it and wouldnt sleep at night. i always see both sides of the coin. id rather other people do that. i think this is likened to what maybe Navalny did in Russia. but he’s triple mutable. however i did see mars leo in 11th house. i always thought anything with rules usually has cardinal strong in chart. my mother is heavily cardinal and she is always having rules. although cardinal sun and moon and mars, she does have stellium scorpio (fixed)

    1. Yes, but he was talking about a real life foe, sending a third party in to scope what you’re doing and/or converse with you to extract information. 🙂

      1. oh and yeah its better to just let it be and stay far away lol staying away from trouble. i have 12th house moon so my enemies usually are hidden. lol stuff usually comes out later anyway if u stay away from trouble and try not to cause trouble at least in my experience.

  4. What is his rule? I am learning how to shut people down. Did not come natural. I guess you can do cat and mouse – disinformation.

    1. I’d like to tell you, because I like his idea. But I don’t know about revealing his tactics! He reads here so he can tell you himself, or let me know it’s okay to mention. 🙂

  5. I was a naive about double agents when it came to jobs (freelance work). What was more debilitating was someone (two incidents, years apart ) trying to get close to me to decide how to lure away my partner at the time. That may not be exactly the same as a double agent, but it felt like it was. Unfortunately, it just made me become more isolated and mistrustful.

  6. The older I get, the more I can see my own tools of manipulating. And although I would prefer to be a consistently honest and present person with endless amounts of empathy. I am not…and at least now it’s conscious and not something adaptive that is unintentionally vile towards people left and right. I avoid them , but if I’m *forced to endure someone with this type of agenda I just play along with my cards close, and maybe I deflect and give them more space to occupy out of the intent ( this only makes sense in my own head) I’m fixed and trust is an issue for me always, so there isn’t a recipe for me, but I would not really experiment either…( although tempted) .

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    Clifton Greene

    During the Modoc campaign in 19th century CA, young Modoc women would sneak into the enemy camp most every night. American soldiers would have sex with them and give them rounds of ammunition which would then be given to Modoc warriors so that their people would not be exterminated.

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