Women Expressing Their Mars

“What did you do today, P?” the soldier asked last night.

“Oh, well I am writing about tying down those air conditioners,” I said.

“You are? What do people think about that?”

“I don’t know. I suppose they think it’s strange. Foreign. Most women don’t want to work like that. I don’t think it occurs to them. So when they read this they problem wonder, what the hell? But after awhile… well fact is this energy may be overt in me but it is in them as well. Everyone has Mars in their chart. Everyone is interested in having some prowess so I do think this kind of writing has an effect.”

“Agree with that,” he said.

“It’s like how that Martial music gets you going. It rouses something in you. And I think I am Martial music myself, just walking around. My blog is Martial music, particularly for women. And I am glad about it because as far as I am concerned, women who are not aware of their Mars function cause horrible problems in this world so we ought to get them going.”

“I see.”

“Yeah, so this is what I’m writing about. And it’s not popular because it’s not easily understood. People think this kind of thing has nothing to do with them but it has everything to do with them so it leaks in on it’s own accord regardless of what a person may be thinking with their head. So that’s what I’m doing. I am writing unpopular stuff because it seems that I should.”

Do you feel connected to your prowess? If so, to what extent?

13 thoughts on “Women Expressing Their Mars”

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    Little Miss Hermit

    It’s on, or it’s off… Pushing the “on”-button tends to backfire something awful, so I’m working on “moderation” now:) Mars conjunct Pluto in Libra, sextile Neptune, obviously…
    Transiting Mars in Cancer is in my 7th house and squaring my entire 4 planet stellium in Libra right now! I can tell you there’s a certain someone (a woman) I wish would disappear off the face of the Earth. I just hope I’m able to contain myself and deal with the situation in a dignified manner:P But the (considering the effect of the transit on me) agonizing fact is that the prize – Mr Scorpio – obviously decides for himself…:P:P:P…LOL! (I’m a fine mess right now).

  2. Aww, I don’t think it’s strange at all. It’s unusual for a woman to do anything that’s seen as “too” masculine regardless of their capabilities, but that kind of thinking bugs me. I’d rather work hard.

  3. With Mars in Scorpio on my ASC, I’m quite mechanical and was driving big ‘ole tractors and trucks (very slowly) when I was a kid. Helped rebuild a couple of engines . . . they started!!

    In fact, physical competence is something I took for granted until just recently. It takes a lot more time and energy to maintain the equipment than even 10 yrs ago . . . ah well, the mind still works just fine. 🙂

  4. Another farm girl here, didn’t strike me strange at all that you’d be doing physical labor, I thought it was just a part of life. I’ve been building fences and barns since, well, forever.

  5. quite.
    not as much as i want to, of course.

    but i grew up an aries sun/venus back when the marines were still looking for a “few good men” and my brother the boy scout got to learn fun stuff and girls scouts had me making cookies (which i tend to burn anyway : P) i love figuring out how things work, but didn’t have much exposure to the opportunity as a kid (that i recognized, anyway.)

    i amaze my grandma, which surprises me, because looking at what her mother did to keep things going the amount of mars that woman had to carry for basic survival is far more than what i need now just to feel like i’m getting my blood pumping. but she ran a farm.

    i have to agree with you about the dangers of misapplied female mars. it’s an element of shadow, often, just like a lot of men’s moon and venus. the need to be “feminine” or “masculine” has a lot of people pretending they aren’t certain elements of themselves.

  6. Elsa wrote: >> And I think I am Martial music myself, just walking around. My blog is Martial music, particularly for women.>>

    Absolutely! And I love my daily dose. (…whistling “Colonel Bogey’s March” from _Bridge over the River Kwai_)

  7. Not sure about this one. I have natal Mars in Scorpio,5th house, and it’s conjunct the vertex.

    I’m not mechanically minded in any way – the opposite in fact. I’m not good at what are considered “masculine tasks”, but I’m not a wimp either – it’s just that I’m not very well co-ordinated – useless at sport too.

    I think Mars expresses itself in my personality mentally rather than physically – when I get angry I get VERY angry – not often though. And if I feel someone has betrayed my trust or my friendship – that it – the end. No negotiating, no second thoughts. The end.

    Can’t think of any other Mars-ish traits.

  8. What tunes me to that “powress” and its Mars energy is undoubtedly the rock music. Right now in this moment I listen Billy Idol “Flesh for fantasy ” and LA WOMEN (wow) Billy has Mars in Scorpio conjunt Neptune – That is my martial music ha ah ha!

  9. I think the last thing needed is more Mars-y women in America. It’s boring. And exhausting. People – men and women – are starved for a restful, kind, restorative energy and that energy is harder to find than women being Mars-y.

  10. *shrug* I carry both a tire gauge and a screwdriver in my purse, what does that say about ME? lol! But, my purse is pretty small–no room for a roll of duct tape, darn it… Mars in Gemini, if it breaks I’ll fix it, ain’t *nothing* gonna slow me down! 😀

  11. Who are these “people” that the assumptions are made about? And why would they matter?
    So strange how I keep hearing this “people will/won’t/ etc. bla bla”.
    The nebulous very possibly non existent. And again who the f cares?!
    Mars in Gemini

  12. Mars in aries. Living in the countryside, I had to lighten the fire to warm the house since I was eight and used to chop woods when needed. The barbecue fire is also obedient.

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