Venus in Aries & Mars in Libra

pink gunI am working with a gal with Venus in Aries, with Mars in Libra. I know all about it. Fighting in love.

This song came to mind when writing for her but when (if) you listen to it consider a circumstance where the woman shoots the man for little or even NO reason because this happens! It begs types like this (types like me) to consider the consequences of going off on someone you love.

“Shot the only man I loved…”

Taj Mahal with masterpiece, “Frankie And Albert” – Enjoy!

Could you be Frankie? Where is your Venus and Mars?

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  1. By the way, this song dates to 1904

    From wiki

    “At least 256 different recordings of “Frankie and Johnny” have been made since the early 20th century. Singers including Lead Belly, Big Bill Broonzy, Johnny Cash, Sam Cooke, Lena Horne, Lonnie Donegan, Bob Dylan, Mississippi John Hurt, Joe and Eddie, Taj Mahal, Charlie Patton, Charlie Poole, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Jimmie Rodgers, Gene Vincent, Fats Waller, Van Morrison, Michael Pappas, Brook Benton, Stevie Wonder, Jack Johnson, Michelle Shocked, Lindsay Lohan, and Jerry Lawson. Talk of the Town have performed it in a variety of musical idioms. As a jazz standard it has also been recorded by numerous jazz bands and instrumentalists including Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Bunny Berigan, Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman. Champion Jack Dupree set his version in New Orleans on “Rampart and Dumaine”. Jerome Moross’ ballet score “The Scandalous Life of Frankie and Johnny” has also been recorded.”

  2. My Venus is also in Aries, but my Mars is in Pisces. When I first met my current husband, I was still married to my previous husband. We both fought fiercly against our attraction to eachother for months and months (heck, 5 years)- but then my marriage for it’s own seperate reasons began to crumble and I found the barriers I had planted firmly between me and my (current) husband crumble as well. He still held me at arms length… until one night. He had patiently been telling me ‘why’ we couldn’t be together, when he suddenly started crying (first time I had ever seen his tears), I knelt in front of him and asked him why he was crying. He looked at me, and I saw the face of a lost little boy, and he said, “I wish I could talk to my Mom- she would know what I should do.” His Mother had passed more than 10 years earlier. Although I had fallen in love with him at first sight (Venus in Aries), I fell in love with him all over again at that moment (Mars in Pisces), and we’ve now been married for 9 years and counting!

  3. If I were Frankie… I would hurt him, but it wouldn’t be through any action of mine. I would revert to inaction, and retreat into myself and my house. That would be the last they see of me, and if it hurts them, so be it. I wouldn’t be able to maintain my own conviction otherwise, I know I’m way too easy to sway in any direction. Disappearing is sort of my breakup M.O, I’m shy to admit.

    My venus is in Pisces (conjunct sun) in the 2nd house, and my mars is in taurus (square venus, square mercury, 4th house). It’s taken me a while to find someone who I don’t completely confuse and/or frustrate. Usually in my relationships, the sex is great for them but sorta blah for me. I didn’t really mind so much, but my Leo guy is a venus-virgo / mars-capricorn, and I know what I was missing now haha. Finally! Someone who doesn’t give up or get selfish when I can’t really explain what it is I need. He goes the distance and feels great about himself afterwards hahahah 🙂

  4. My boyfriend has Venus Aries Mars Libra. He does fight in love, fight for love. Also fights to get out of love, and provokes fights just because. Weirdo. I’m still trying to figure that out.

  5. Ha! The good thing about Venus in Aries is that they are always willing to start again. They burn their bridges fast, but they do rebuild them. And they don’t have any of that Scorpio resentment.

    They are too fast for me though, I have Venus in Taurus!

    Love that song btw.. sooo Venus in Airies.

  6. (((CArRiE))) Loved that story!! I too have Venus in Aries, Mars (and Mercury conjunct) in Pisces.
    Get mad, make them suffer (not critically!) by some sort of confrontation – or an “in your face” passive-aggressive situation – let them know (Mercury) you’re pissed…then burn the bridge and don’t look back.
    There are other “fish in the sea”…

  7. Venus is back in Aries again, now, and conjunct Uranus. 🙂

    I have Venus at Aries point (0° cardinal signs) in Cancer. It’s my chart ruler, and aspects most of my chart. Neither Uranus (10th House) nor Mars though. I have a lot of empathy for Frankie, both in the heat of the moment & her second thoughts, after shooting the man she loved. Seems to me, Taj Mahal did too, when he recorded the song.
    I’ve shot my (unedited) words out, to my later regret some of those times, but no bodily harm resulted.
    Thank you for introducing me to Taj Mahal’s music, Elsa! Though I listened to Mississippi John Hurt, and several others in the list above who sang this song, I never heard this great musician before hearing him here, at ElsaElsa. <3

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