Astrology and Impermanence: The Pisces Curse – Episode 2

I was talking to my Pisces pal again today. She got off to a bad start this morning, but by early evening she’d gotten some good news.

“All right!” I said. “You got some water in your pool, girl!”


“About a foot, anyway. You have water up to your knees.” I laughed. “Not so good, but better than yesterday.”

“If my butt weren’t so big, I could sit down in my floaty and float away. But it is big so I’ll just hit the bottom.”

“Yeah. It’s not quite enough water to go floating. You’re going to have to wait for more. And then there are and X and Y.” I named two people in her life, currently threatening. “They’re like storm clouds. They are black clouds, circling.”

“Yep. And they say, look! She’s standing in water. Let’s send lightning!” she chirped.

I roared.

We laughed long and hard.

“My life is a cartoon,” she said. “This could be a cartoon strip.”

I didn’t answer that because she’s right.

Is your life a cartoon?

10 thoughts on “Astrology and Impermanence: The Pisces Curse – Episode 2”

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    Strawberry Fields

    No, I have to say, I am blessed. I have one Big Issue and one Medium Issue but other than that, my life is remarkably ‘charmed’ and peaceful and orderly and rather on the serious side. Nothing cartoonesque about it.

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    Uncle Hannah Celeste Slattery-Quintanilla

    If I get lucky tonight my cartoon might be X or R rated, but if not, it may read like a sort of modern-art inspired cartoon that most people either don’t get or don’t care to read–or on a duller day, like a Peanuts Cartoon or (if I was still 15 and existentialist) a Daria cartoon.

    What about a silent film?


  3. I wish it was like Kiki the Witch…oh but not so simple. More like I’m the biker in The Triplets of Belleville….just going. going.

    I’d rather be flying.

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    Uncle Hannah Celeste Slattery-Quintanilla

    ooo those are good ones, Gem…are you a Gemini (air) or is that too literal of an interpretation I’m making

  5. My life’s more like a novel or play (says Leo) than a cartoon.

    I did have a co-worker, though, who would’ve made a great cartoon character! Very animated (hehe) and enthusiastic, a bouncy, happy Aries. I miss her sometimes. 🙁

  6. lol, yes sometimes the water just leaves…and then floods you…and then leaves, in and out all the time. My life is like a cartoon too, very much Peanuts, and I play Charlie Brown. Every time he gets ready to kick that football, Lucy pulls it away, lol

  7. I’m so Opus. so Opus the penquin. but at least I’m Opus in a sun hat with my floatie and the POOL IS FULL TODAY!

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