Who Did The Good Thing? Neptune In Scorpio

Today I got tip from a client because she pulled a big coup in her life.  She credited me with doing the good thing. I laughed because I have done this same thing.

Some months ago I had an uptick in business and I told HQ and the Mechanic that it was because one of the readers here. I gave this gal total credit and had not a thought otherwise. I was stunned when the Mechanic wrote back to say very politely  that I may be overstating her contribution. Huh?

I realized he had a point.  The 8000 posts on this blog probably have a lot to do with why people hire me but that does not mean I did not get an energetic push from this gal because I believe I did.

For the record, both women I mention here have Scorpio Moons.  I have an easy exchange with the Moon in Scorpio but outside of that there are a couple of points I want to make.

Plutonians tend to feel themselves repulsive at least part of the time so you can see how this can manifest in this way.  The gal with the coup was on the national radio today (BBC) up against a “very important person” aka “an erudite cock” (her words) and she kicked his ass all over the place (my words).  She credited me but the fact is she is super smart, well spoken and tops in her field had much to do with her performance.

That said, I probably did help her.  She said I removed her fear and she is in a position to know which is my second point:

Most people helped by a Plutonian deny it. They hid you under the rug or in the closet. Anything in the world but admit they came up on your energy… and then there are the exceptions.

The exceptions are very sensitive types, compassionate and grateful. These are qualities you don’t often see associated with the Moon in Scorpio but I see this all the time.

We know what the fertilizer does for you. What do you do for the fertilizer?

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11 thoughts on “Who Did The Good Thing? Neptune In Scorpio”

  1. I love to hear a story about a woman kicking ass and taking names.

    I have no idea what I would do without the Plutonians. It’s beyond me to think who would *not* be grateful for the people who support them. I know I don’t have the same energy. I can do light, bright, and cheerful, and I can do sacrificial a la Neptune. I hope those things help the Plutonians in my life, because I am indeed grateful for having my back watched.

  2. try to return the favor.
    i have little to no awareness of my actual effect on people, though. so it’s like throwing glitter off the edge of a mountain and seeing if any of it sticks to the world and makes it sparkle…. far far downwind from me….

  3. yes, elsa. thank you. so much thankless work on here… you tell it like it is and straight 🙂 No bullshit. Just the way it should be. (((Love)))

  4. First comment was eaten. The spam filter reeeeaaaaalllly hates (likes?) me lately.

    I like the way you put it! 🙂 As a fellow Libran Pluto, I can only say:
    *fist bump*

  5. “In any case… do you receive enough gratitude, Elsa? ”

    Sometimes I feel I do, other times I feel as if I am being consumed which is horrible. Thanks

  6. I do not reject them. I am thiniking very specifically of how fertilizer smells. my mum is a rabid gardener 🙂
    loving my own puns today, ha ha

  7. actually, horse manure is a kind of comforting smell to me. maybe i’m weird that way…. probably ;/

    chicken, though… eww….
    (on to less stinky topics)

    how awesome to get such feedback about your effect on people, though! i find it can be hard to know if all the energy tossed out there actually means anything.

  8. Personally Jessica your ability to do ” sacrificial a la Neptune” is god send. Cos’ when a Plutonian is utterly consumed and ready to com-bust, there is nothing like a stream of cheerfulness laced with flowing psychic waters to help heal and rebuild.

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