Venus In Leo For Four Months: June-October, 2023 – Effects By House

kids funVenus will ingress into Leo on June 5th, 2023.  This placement is a lot of  fun! Typically, Venus spends about thirty days in a sign. In this case, the planet will run most the way through the sign, then turn retrograde and run back to 12 degrees, before turning direct in September.

Venus will leave Leo for Virgo, early in October.  Here are your dates and degrees:

June 5, 2023: Venus -> Leo
July 22, 2023 – Venus turns retrograde in Leo @ 28 degrees
September 3, 2023 –  Venus turns direct in Leo @ 12 degrees
October 8, 2023 – Venus -> Virgo

This transit will benefit Leo and all the Fire signs.  Gemini and Libra should also enjoy it.

Leo opposes Aquarius so this is a little iffy.  Some Aquarians view Leo with disdain.  If this is your way, you might not like seeing the other, all shiny hair and dripping with gold!  But if you like to play off such a thing, or enjoy being entertained, you’ll have a front row seat.

Taurus and Scorpio can both be irked by Leo; acting the eternal golden child. If you’re like this; expect to be exasperated by the incessant hair-flipping. But if you like the show; well there will be one, so all good!

Be sure to note the house in your chart where Venus will post up.  Here are some ideas what you can expect.

Venus transiting your first house:  You’re looking good out there.  Not, just physical.  Expect to favored as people will find you pleasing.
Venus transiting your second house:  This placement is good for money and stuff, especially luxury goods or even fine foods. It’s possible to go overboard though.
Venus transiting your third house: Talking and flirting. Love letters and/or texts.  Also favorable for interacting with siblings or neighbors.
Venus transiting your fourth house: Beautify the home!
Venus transiting your five house: Super fun and creative. Playful and may involve children. Drama!
Venus transiting your six house: Love interest on the job. Also, looking good on you daily walk, at the gym etc.
Venus transiting your seven house: Attractive and very favorable for interacting with others.  Warm and generous in both directions. Relationships of all kinds, flourish.
Venus transiting your eight house: Inheritance or other types of beneficial energy, coming from other people.  This also good for any kind of therapy. Possible love obsession… which you will enjoy.
Venus transiting your ninth house: Get out there and find love.
Venus transiting your tenth house:  Favored by the boss (or parent). Possible promotion.
Venus transiting your eleventh house: It’s easy to get along in groups of people.  This transit will also be favorable for making friends and manifesting your wishes, hopes and dreams.
Venus transiting your twelfth house: Blessed by God.  Gifts from the Holy Spirit. ANGEL ON YOUR SHOULDER.

Which house or houses will Venus in Leo visit in your chart?

41 thoughts on “Venus In Leo For Four Months: June-October, 2023 – Effects By House”

  1. Finally some good times coming.

    I’m just ✨inJoy✨ing today’s 🦁Leo♌️ 🌔Moon with ☄️Mars in 🦀Cancer♋️, having fun at the ☀️👙⛱beach🏊🏼‍♂️☀️ and really felt the careless carefree ☀️Summer☀️ vibes that typically come only in August 😳🙀😺

    So yeah, bring it on, all Libras♎️ in da house let’s parteyyy 🤩🤩🤩🤣🤣🤣

    Thank you for the heads up ✨Elsa✨

  2. I have this is the eleventh house and once the retrograde is complete, it’s go into the twelfth. This sounds really nice. I look forward to it! This happens right after my birthday on June 3.

      1. Natal 12th/sun,moon,venus it feels like I’m in the realm of a
        ‘SAVING GRACE’. Progressed 1st house has Pluto/Sun/Uranus conj.

  3. 1st & 2nd, also conjunct my Progressed Sun on my Bday. This sounds interesting, will have to look more into it 🙂

  4. Avatar
    James Slattery

    I have a 12′(approx.) stellium of Leo (Ve Mar Ur) in the 6th! Maybe I’ll have to get back to the gym, after all this Covid closedown is now over so.. I do need to get back to healthier eating as well. I’m in a very self indulgent state as we speak.

    1. I can relate. Between pandemic and self soothing, I seriously need a good strategy to burn more calories and be more mindful of meals.
      Good luck!

  5. Venus will transit 7th & 8th houses. It will also conjunct natal Jupiter in early Leo.
    I look forward to some beneficial personal & professional relationships.
    This upcoming Scorpio lunar eclipse seems intense and I am trying to prepare myself for it.

    1. Not just about work. It can be about what kind of image you portray to the outside world, in a more formal sense though.

      Usually upon meeting others, people see the MC first more than the Asc, as it’s where you put your BEST face on (think like, a job interview, a first date, or meeting your partner’s family for the first time, going to a conference, etc). I like to call it the Handshake House 😁

      10th house factors in relationships too (as we are talking about Venus here), it’s where you make the relationship official, whether by being exclusive, to getting engaged, and so forth. It’s the official definition of a relationship.

      Lastly, 10th house can be what your calling is, your vocation, what you are here to do on this 3rd rock from the sun 🙂

  6. To quote an infamous Christmas character …. “bah, Humbug!”

    Seriously! Despite having a well placed natal Venus in my chart, nearly EVERY Venus retrograde has not been kind to me, especially in relationships 😞 I ask myself, what may make this upcoming one any different/better?

    The last Venus retrograde specifically in Leo (June-Sept 2015) was very messy, volatile, and chaotic. In my 8th house. Sure I had my Node return at the same time, and sure that particular relationship at the time was a major turning point (making decisions to CHANGE things in relationships, for MY benefit and worth), probably a highly karmic one too.

    But Venus RULES my North Node so the retrograde was really emphasised. There were no roses, just a bouquet of misery!

    So, this upcoming one? 8th house again, conjunct natal Saturn this time, and reversed nodes. I’m not expecting a bended knee and sparkly rock anytime soon 🤦😂 lol

    1. I remember that period of the 2015. I’d forgetten there was a Venus rx in Leo. I recall more that Saturn had dipped back into Scorpio. Yes, it was hellish! Hopefully the Saturn placement was a crucial factor!

      1. I was reminded of that energy today, and was associating it with the transitting SN being in Scorpio. Feels similar to Saturn in Scorp at times. With this Venus rx the nodes will shift from SN Mars-Pluto NN Venus (rulership) to SN Venus NN Mars, just before Venus goes rx at the end of Leo, so Venus will go from ruling the NN to the SN midway. Weird. (As you mentioned in 2015 it was trans. NN in Libra, SN in Aries, so reversed).

      2. Tu for this! In hindsight, think I had Pluto at work opposing my venus,so hopefully that was a factor for me! will defin check back!

    2. Yikes! Gotta admit my 1st thought was the retrograde!😱 🤣 … Here’s wishing you a spiral up in this 8H venture!

  7. 10th and 11th houses and will roll over my natal Uranus at 21 Leo, 3 times., also opposing my Chiron in the 5th, 22 Aquarius…surprizes/changes in work/friendships/creativity/Love?

  8. Venus will be stationing on my South Node in 8th house before it goes Retrograde. Is this going to be negative since it’s on the South Node? I never can understand either the nodes or 8th house well. Does this mean stuff from the past might crop up? Venus will retrograde back to my 7th house and then square my Venus in 10th when it goes direct.

  9. Venus in Leo does sound amazing!

    She will be all in my 12H. This sounds unbelievably beautiful, as your description states. I think I will put an alert in my calendar so I can get a reminder, hopefully to keep this in mind and revisit.

    1. I like Leo for their ability to shine themselves and to help others shine (for whatever reason, yeah, even if it’s to catch some of the reflection 😂). So, as an Aquarius, it’s 👍.

  10. Avatar
    James Slattery

    In the 6th house. I hope to be healthy and looking good now that I’ve peeled off the Covid excess weight and have a new hairstyle. A stellium in Leo is at 12′ with Mars/Venus/Uranus. Fingers crossed for a smooth routine and workplace. Back to health.

      1. Thank you!
        Now how do I get a chart like that with housenumbers and degrees and all?
        It’s not a part of the package I bought in the shop?

  11. Yay! Venus will be in my 7th! Not too sure about other specifics on where it hits, but with the helpful tip of how to locate it in my chart 😉 I can totally use this in my 7th!

    It’s been a trialing year and half for me in the love department. Hopefully it can shine some positivity through on it👍

  12. Avatar
    Constance Walsh

    I love Elsa’s intelligence and wit! in addition to erudition with the planets and aspects. Thank you Elsa and all cool astro-loving commentators.

  13. Excellent Timing! I’m a Leo, and she starts off in my 10th house with this long transit and ends in my 11th. I started hunting a new job in earnest last week, when Jupiter was conjunct the NN.

  14. Venus will go into my 4th house. As it enters it will meet up with my natal Pluto at 2 degrees Leo. Then move along to meet up with my Sun at 12 degrees Leo and finally meet up with Mars 20 degrees Leo. Also at the entry point transiting Pluto in Aquarius will be opposing Venus. My progressed Pluto is at 4 degrees Leo and my ASC at 7 degrees Leo. Of late, I am now feeling the energy of Pluto. Have been on a path of taking deep dives so feel the dives might just go deeper. This energy has a very famaliar feeling to it.

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